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Marriage: Children:
  1. Arthur Aurt: Birth: 1717. Death: in Cranbury, Middlesex Co., New Jersey

  2. Cornelius Wyckoff: Birth: ABT 7 AUG 1720.

  3. Petrus Wyckoff: Birth: ABT 30 JAN 1726. Death: 1777 in Near Six-Mile Run, New Jersey

  4. Geertje Wyckoff: Birth: ABT 4 FEB 1728. Death: BET 10 AUG 1800 AND 18 MAR 1802 in of Franklin Twp., Somerset Co., New Jersey

  5. Elizabeth Wyckoff: Birth: ABT 28 FEB 1728.

  6. Simon Wyckoff: Birth: ABT 19 APR 1730. Death: 22 OCT 1802 in of Middlebush, Somerset Co., New Jersey

  7. Neeltye Wyckoff

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  9. Person Not Viewable

  10. Jacob Wyckoff: Death: BEF NOV 1776

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