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Marriage: Children:
  1. ELIZABETH ADAMS: Birth: ABT 1624 in Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts. Death: 4 MAY 1718 in Andover, Essex Co., Massachusetts

  2. Joanna Adams: Birth: ABT 1634 in England. Death: BET 1689 AND 1701 in Suffield, Hartford Co., Connecticut

  3. Abraham Adams: Birth: 1639 in Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts. Death: 14 JUN 1714 in Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts

  4. Mary Adams: Birth: ABT 1643 in Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts.

  5. Isaac Adams: Birth: ABT 1648 in Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts. Death: AFT 1680

  6. Jacob Adams: Birth: 23 APR 1649 in Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts. Death: 12 AUG 1649 in Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts

  7. Hannah Adams: Birth: 25 JUN 1650 in Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts.

  8. Jacob Adams: Birth: 13 SEP 1651 in Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts. Death: NOV 1717 in Boston, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts

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a. Note:   ss., and His Descendants 1635–1900 [1900] This genealogy of the Robert Adams family was written by Andrew N. Adams and published in 1900. The introduction reads, in part: "Born in England in 1602, Robert Adams came first to Ipswich in Massachusetts Bay in A. D. 1635, bringing with him his wife Eleanor (Wilmot?) and his first two children. He was a tailor by trade, resided in Salem in 1638-9 and removed to Newbury in 1640, where he acquired a large farm and valuable property, and died October 12, 1682, aged 81 years. His will was made at Newbury, March 7, 1680-1, and probated Nov. 27, 1682. His wife Eleanor died June 12, 1677, and he married 2nd, Feb. 6, 1678, Sarah (Glover) Short, the widow of Henry Short. She died in Newbury, Oct. 24, 1697. "He is believed by many to have come from Devonshire, and to have been a son of Robert and Elizabeth Sharlon or Sharland, connected with the Ap Adam pedigree, and through that connection to have been a cousin of Henry Adams of Braintree (afterward Quincy, Mass.), the ancestor of the presidents, John and John Quincy Adams." He is believed by many to have come from Devonshire, and to have been a son of Robert and Elizabeth Sharlon (or Sharland), connected with the Ap Adam pedigree, and through that connection to have been a cousin of Henry Adams of Braintree--(afterward Quincy, Mass), the ancestor of the presidents, John and John Quincy Adams. This famous Welsh pedigree, beginning with Ap Adam in the time of Edward the First, about the close of the 13th Century, and changing to the name of Adams in the eighth generation, runs through thirteen generations down to Nicholas who married and had no issue. To this pedigree has been appended by a later hand, according to competent judges, a brother of Nicholas, named John, who married Margaret Squier, and had Richard, who married and had Robert, the father of Robert of Newbury. There is no evidence whatever to sustain this pleasing belief. His origin is not positively known. Dr. James Savage, in his Genealogical Dictionary of all the earliest of first-comers in New England (1860), says: "Robert Adams, a tailor, in Salem, 1638, by one tradition came from Devonshire, by another of equal value was from Holderness, County of York." According to Joshua Coffin, the historian of Newbury (1845), Robert Adams "was two or three years in Ipswich, and had before coming over, two children, John and Joanna, and at Salem, Abraham, born 1639; he removed to Newbury 1640, and had Isaac, 1648, and youngest Archelaus." He is believed to have resided within a few rods of the spot where his descendants, Col. Daniel Adams and Robert Adams, afterward lived. Mr. Coffin was mistaken in naming Archelaus among his sons. The Archelaus who has been classed as such, was a son of Lieut. John Adams, who was a son of "William of Ipswich". That he was equally mistaken in assuming that Robert Adams came from Devonshire, there is fair ground for belief. From: Genealogy and History of a Part of the Newbury Adams Family, Formerly of Devonshire, England, Being the Descendants of Robert Adams and Wife Eleanor by Smith Adams, 1895 (Genealogy Library) Pg 57 Abstract of the will of Robert Adams of Newbury: "To be buried according to the disposing of executors. Loving wife Sarah confirmed in the agreement I made with her before marriage, and having allowed her the annuity belonging to her by the will of her former husband which she hath reserved to her own proper use, I do allow it to her, and her right not to be questioned; also I give her my great chest and the highest chair in the room wherein we live; both of which she is to restore again at her death or if she shall marry again; also all the money I leave, and not to be accountable to anyone; to live and dwell in the house, enjoying the parlor wholly for one year. To eldest son John Adams (besides what has been given him) œ20 to be paid by executor within 12 months. To son Isaac Adams œ5 by the year during life in good merchantable pay, as English corn, pork, beef, and such like; also my wearing clothes, and the bed in the north garret and all the furniture belonging to it, and the least brass pot and pot-hooks, and liberty to make use of said garret during life unless he marry, then he shall leave it. To son Jacob Adams the house he lives in and the land adjoining to it as now fenced in; also all my meadow in the neck on the south side of Newbury river. To daughter Hannah Adams œ20 within a year. To Page 58 Joanna her child, the bed and furniture to it in the parlor, and the bigger brass pot, and the chest, and the chair which is formerly mentioned when returned--to have said legacy when full eighteen years of age, or be married. To daughter Elizabeth, wife of Edward Phelps, one cow. To daughter Joanna, wife of Launcelot Granger, one cow. To daughter Mary, wife of Jeremiah Goodridge, one cow. To the three sons of my son Abraham, viz: Robert, Abraham and Isaac, each a gun, and to the two elder a sword. All the rest of effects to son Abraham Adams; lands after his death to go to his eldest son Robert, also the great brass kettle, tables, andirons and spit. Son Abraham and his son Robert to be joint executors of will. Son Abraham to have full power to act alone as executor till his son Robert be of age. And though I appoint Robert Adams my heir after his father, Mary, wife of said Abraham, not to be debarred any just claim if left a widow. Further: to daughter Joanna Granger my pewter tankard and pewter bowl. To Mary, daughter of son Abraham, a box with lock and key, and six diaper knapkins. If Robert, son of Abraham, come into possession by reversion of my lands, he shall give to either of his two brothers now in being viz: Abraham and Isaac, œ20 apiece. Loving friends Mr. John Woodbridge and Mr. Nicholas Noyes both, of Newbury, to be overseers of this my will, and I give them two of the best wethers I have, to either of them one. Signed and sealed the 7th of March, 1680. ROBERT ADAMS. In presence of John Woodbridge, Nicholas Noyes. INVENTORY:--An inventory of the estate of Robert Adams of Newbury, who deceased the 12th Oct., 1682, taken the 3rd of Nov., 1682, by Tristram Coffin and Caleb Moody. Amount: œ916 17s od returned into court 29, 9 mo. '82, by Abraham Adams, executor.
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