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Marriage: Children:
  1. Robert Rose: Birth: 1619 in Elmswell, Suffolk, England. Death: BET 1679 AND 1683 in Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut

  2. John Rose: Birth: 1619 in Elmswell, Suffolk, England. Death: BEF 18 APR 1683 in Branford, New Haven Co., Connecticut

  3. ELIZABETH ROSE: Birth: 1621 in Elmswell, Suffolk, England. Death: 22 JUL 1659 in Branford, New Haven Co., Connecticut

  4. Mary Rose: Birth: 1623 in Elmswell, Suffolk, England.

  5. Samuel Rose: Birth: 1625 in Elmswell, Suffolk, England. Death: 1698

  6. Sarah Rose: Birth: 1627 in Elmswell, Suffolk, England.

  7. DANIEL ROSE: Birth: ABT 1631 in Elmswell, Suffolk, England. Death: AFT 1711 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., Connecticut

  8. Dorcas Rose: Birth: 1632 in Elmswell, Suffolk, England. Death: 1708

  9. Hannah Rose: Birth: ABT 1636.

  10. Jonathan Rose: Birth: BET 1634 AND 1635 in New England. Death: BEF 21 AUG 1684

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a. Note:   , Connecticut, Volume 1, 1886 By Rev. Samuel Orcutt "Robert Rose was of Wethersfield in 1639. He came from Ipswich, county Suffolk, in the ship Frances in 1634, aged 40, with wife Margery, aged 40; children, John, 15; Elizabeth, 13; Mary, 11; Samuel, 9; Sarah, 7; Daniel, 3; and Dorcas, 2. He was residing in Wethersfield in 1639, and was constable in 1640; representative in 1641, '42 and '43; removed, says Savage, before 1648 to Stratford, which is probable. He, and not his son Robert, purchased a home lot and several pieces of land in Stratford, April 3, 1668, of the town, which had been John Young's. Nov. 3, 1685, Robert Rose, of Stratford, gives his son-in-law Moses Johnson, of Woodbury, "fifty or sixty acres of land granted to me by the General Court for gratification for services done by me, the said Rose, in the Pequot wars." It is probable that his son, Robert Rose, settled at East Hampton, L. I., in 1650."
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