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  1. ANTHONY FIELD: Birth: ABT 1638 in Rhode Island.

a. Note:   rederick Clifton Pierce Pages 85-92 (Only partial shown here.) 99. ROBERT FIELD (William, Christopher, John, Christopher, John, Richard, Thomas, Adam, Richard, Roger), bap. Halifax Parish, in Sowerby, England; March 9, 1605; m. in Halifax, Nov. 23, 1624, Ruth Fairbank of Hipperholme. She d. and he m. 2d at Bradford, May 18, 1630, Elizabeth Taylor. She d. and he m. 3d, Charity , who was living as his widow in 1673. In the reign of Charles I., in consequence of civil war and the persecutions of Protestants, during the interval between A. D. 1629 and A. D. 1640, upward of twenty thousand liberty-loving Englishmen emigrated to, and found homes, in the then new world. Among them was Robert Field, whose name we find first recorded in America at Newport and Portsmouth A. D. 1638, then co-operating with Roger Williams (who was banished A. D. 1635, and who founded an asylum in Rhode Island), in forming society and establishing civil and religious liberty A. D. 1638-41. Then, during an interval of three years, his name in public affairs is not mentioned, and does not occur again until A. D. 1644. Robert Field is at that time reported as having arrived from England—he with his family probably came in the same ship with Roger Williams, who, returning the second time to America, landed at Boston in that year. He then settled at Flushing, Long Island, A. D. 1645, and became the ancestor of the Fields of that place. He had a son, Anthony, b. in England, A. D. 1638. He d. before 1673. Res. Halifax, England; Newport, R. I. and Bayside, Flushing, Long Island. 144. i. JOHN, bap. Halifax, England, Dec. 25, 1625; m. . 145. ii. ROBERT, b. prob. in 1636, Rhode Island; m. Susannah . 1*6. iii. ANTHONY, b. prob. Rhode Island, 1638; m. Susannah . 147. iv. BENJAMIN, b. 164o; m. Sarah . Benjamin Field, of Flashing, named in patents of that town of 1665-6 and 1685, appointed ensign by Gov. Nichols, April 22, 1665. 148. v. HANNAH, b. (Savage); m. May 7, 1656, John Bowne. Thomas Bowne, of Mattock, Derbyshire, England, was b. May, 1595. John Bowne, his son, was b. at Mattock, March 9, 1627, and came to America in 1649. He m. Hannah Field, daughter of Robert, at Flushing, May 7, 1656. In the year 1661 he built the house at Flushing where for forty years were held the quarterly meeting for Friends in the Province of New York, and which has even until the present time been occupied by a descendant in the direct line. Their daughter Hannah m. Benjamin Field, son of Anthony. John Bowne, a hard shell Quaker—a very hard individual to handle; he had, however, a rough time ot it, as the annals of Long Island show. Multitudes of Englishmen left their own loved islands because they could not there, in peace, worship God according to their own convictions of right; when they placed their feet on the soil of America they at once practiced the very thing they so much disliked at home. Roger Williams was a Baptist, and for calling in question the authority of magistrates in respect of the rights of the civil power to impose faith and worship, he insisting that the civil power only extended to the bodies, goods and outward estate of men, for these principles he could not be tolerated, and was banished. So also in the case of Mr. Bowne; he seemed to have a liking for George Fox, and that was enough to cost him all the persecution he suffered. Even Mr. Williams himself put forth his best efforts to "dig George Fox out of his burrows." 149. vi. ELIZABETH, b. (Savage); m. the famous John UnderhilL Eliza beth became the second wife of the noted military commander, John Underhill . This man occupies a large space in the history ot Long Island. 1o5. CHRISTOPHER FEILD (William. Robert, John, Christopher, John, Richard, Thomas, Adam, Richard, Roger), b. :m. . Christopher, the husbandman, made his will Dec. i, 1570, describing himself in it as "Christopher Feild, of Crofton." There are legacies in it to his son, Robert Field, and to his Robert's wife and children, Christopher, Frances, Elizabeth and Alice, also to Isabel and Frances, children of his son John, to whom he leaves the residue and appoints executor. He bequeaths to each of three of the children of his son Robert "one ewe lamb," which makes its pretty evident that his calling was that of "husbandman." His will was proved March 13, 1570-1. He d. March, 1570-1. Res. Crofton, England. 150. i. ROBERT, b. ;m. Rosamond . 151. ii. JOHN, b. ;m. . 152. iii. CHRISTOPHER, b.
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