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a. Note:   Chapman Lay Age: 50 Birth Year: abt 1800 Birthplace: Vermont Home in 1850: Washington, Erie, Pennsylvania Gender: Male Family Number: 216 Household Members: Name Age Chapman Lay 50 Louisa Lay 47 Dorothy Otis 68 M A Stancliff 14 Name: Chatham Lay Age in 1860: 60 Birth Year: abt 1800 Birthplace: Connecticut Home in 1860: Monterey, Allegan, Michigan Gender: Male Post Office: Monterey Value of real estate: View image Household Members: Name Age George Lay 34 Mary Lay 34 Ellen Lay 6 Alta Lay 5 Frank Lay 4 Ida Lay 2 Nelson Harper 14 Chatham Lay 60 Charles Russell 23 Martha Fritz 11 _____________________________________________________________ Susan Stuart Mar 11, 2012 to Barbara.trees4u Hello Barbara, I have poured over your wonderful blog about the Lay family ( a number of times in the last week and have decided that I need to write to you. I am on the most nutty wild goose chase ever and when I found your blog, I thought you were the answer to my dreams, and you still might well be! In a nutshell, I am looking for someone I call Abigail No Maiden Name Hammond, b. abt 1788 in Connecticut. She married Ira Hammond, b. abt. 1792 in Monroe County, New York and they ended up in Pontiac, Oakland County, MI. Ira & Abigail had 3 daughters and I have the Death Certificate for one of them, Mary Ann Hammond Sherman. It shows Mary Ann's father as Ira and her mother's name looks like Abigass or Abigarr, but it has to be Abigail. The problem is that the last name is illegible, but friends and family all agree that it looks like Lay. The plot thickens and this is why I'm writing to you, but I must warn you, it's crazy and slightly convoluted: Ira Hammond had a brother named David. David's son, D. J. (David Judson) married Josephine Harper, b. 1847. Josephine had a brother named Nelson Harper, b. 1846. Nelson Harper is listed on the 1860 census (age 14) living with a family in Michigan named Lay. Head of household is George Lay, b:1822. Also in this household is Chatham Lay, age 60, birthdate about 1800. We assume that Abigail was born about 1788. That makes Abigail and Chatham about 12 years apart (I am 15 years older than my brother.) So you can understand that when I read your blog and found George Lay and that his parents were Abner Lay and Mehitable Talbot I thought I was home free. Then, however, there was no Abigail that matches mine, Abner was born in 1788 with no twin sister named Abigail, and Chatham is non-existent. I have been doing genealogy for a very long time and I also subscribe to Ancestry, and I am at a complete dead end with Ms. Abigail No Maiden Name Hammond. Have you any updates to your Lay family? Do you have a Chatham Lay? Could I have missed something in your blog? I apologize for the length of this message, and thank you for your lovely blog even if we cannot solve my problem! Best, Susan ________________ Susan Stuart Mar 13 to me Hi Barb, Thanks so much for writing back to me! I'm not kidding about your blog. It is really well done, from the opening photo to the layout and the way everything is presented . . . very impressive! I was worried when I didn't hear back from you that I might have overwhelmed you with this crazy story, but the thread from Abigail to your Lay family is intriguing. Abigail would have been D. J. Hammond's Aunt and for some reason, D. J. must have needed to send his wife's 14 year old brother somewhere. My theory is that Abigail said, "well, send him to live with my family". I have spent hours and hours on this, including chasing around for Chatham Lay, and didn't come up with anything that looked even reasonably close. I also failed to mention that Ira and Abigail are my 3rd g-grandparents. I was born and raised in Pontiac, but moved to California in 1968 and have been here ever since. Thanks again for your note. I understand about being away from home and needing to catch up and I'll look forward to hearing from you when it's convenient for you. I'm very excited about this. Best, Susan __________________________ Susan Stuart Mar 14 (13 days ago) to me Hi Barb, Thanks for your message and information. "Chatham" is written so clearly on the 1860 Census I didn't think to look for alternative spellings. At that point, it was also such a reach, I didn't want to spend a lot of time on it. Interesting about Chapman being his mother's maiden name. I found a very elusive member of my tree by guessing that his middle name was his mother's maiden name and I turned out to be right! I actually didn't expect you to do any looking for me, other than to check about Chatham/Chapman and "my" Abigail. I want to make sure you know that I'm good with Ira Hammond. I have him on the 1830, 40, 50, & 60 Census records, as well as the MI Census for 1860, and "stories" from two different histories of Oakland County, MI. I also have a land patent record for his service in the NY Militia, although I haven't proved he was in the Militia yet. As for Abigail, I have her as "Abigail Hammond" on the 1850 & 60 Census along with a Michigan Vital Record for her death which, of course, says maiden name unknown. All three of these documents say she is from Connecticut, and the 1860 Census which shows "Chatham" in the same household as Nelson Harper, indicates that "Chatham" is from Connecticut . . . slightly troubling. I've attached Abigail's daughter's DC so you can see why we are all thinking Abigail's last name is Lay. (I know, Ira looks like Iray but I think it's Ira J.) Thank you too for telling me Mary Lay Stephenson. I was unable to find her on Ancestry. Do you know what her tree name is, or should you send me her email address? I'd be glad to say hi for you! Lastly, I would love to follow your blog! Thanks for the invitation! Best, Susan is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.