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1. Title:   Bond, Henry, History of Watertown - Genealogies of the Families & Descendants of the Early Settlers of Watertown (Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1855)
Page:   pg. 307.
2. Title:   Van Wagener Avis Stearns, Genealogy and Memoirs of Isaac Stearns and His Descendants, Vol. 1 (Syracuse, NY: Courier Printing Co., 1901).
Page:   pg. 29
3. Title:   William H. Manning, The Manning Families of New England (Salem, MA: The Salem Press Co., 1902).
Page:   pg. 120
4. Title:   Cemetery visit
5. Title:   Find A Grave, internet

a. Note:   f Febr: 1706/7. Salem marriages: LINDALL, Abigail [Mrs. int. d. Timothy and Mary (Verin). P. R. 639.], and Rev. W[illia]m Jenison, May 15, 1730. * _____________________________ WILLIAM JENNISON, A.M., b. Watertown, Feb. 9, 1706/7, son of Samuel and Mary (Stearns) Jennison; H.C. 1724, A.B., A.M.; Ord. Salem (2nd or East Chh.), May 2, 1728, sett. Salem, 1728 - 1736; dism. Dec. 27, 1736; d. Watertown, Apr. 1, !750, a. 43. (F.L. Weiss, The Colonial Clergy and Colonial Churches of New England)
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