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a. Note:   ​from: C.S.Miller <> to: date: Sat, Mar 18, 2017 My question: Has anyone yet unscrambled all of the descendants of Lemuel Stannard? Hi Charles, I've spent quite a bit of time on this, mostly because I thought it would be something easy to solve, and then what do I do? Discover a new Seth who led me on a trail of his life. I could just delete everything, so I copied the information to this email and it will be in my genealogy data file. So, in other words, I didn't find anything for you, because that's too tough for me to solve.​ Seth Stannard BIRTH 10 DEC 1760 • Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut, USA DEATH 12 MAR 1803 • West Springfield, Massachusetts ​I started with: This site doesn't list any children, but has Seth's burial as West Springfield, and nothing for wife. On by NEHGS, For West Springfield​, a vital records listing​, I find Seth Stannard's death as Mar. 12, 1803 (born in 35th year...born abt. 1768) There were three children, Betsey (born abt. 1779, died Nov. 26, 1796), Eunice (born 1790 died, Jan. 1, 1795), Rufus (born 1792, died Oct. 3, 1793), all of Seth and Pamela, all were deaths.,614,286,642;481,614,547,645;255,681,319,709;247,715,312,741;89,747,151,773 The will and probate shown on NEHGS has an administration order, mentioning widow Pamela Stannard, and she is "nominated and allowed to be Guardian unto Abigail, Seth, Marietta and William Stannard all minors under the years of age children __ of Seth Stannard." The below link is a fee based site​ for the will and probate. I believe Pamelia Stannard remarried. "Porter, Elijah and Permelia Stanard [int. Pamelia Stannard], Nov. 18, 1813." Per West Springfield, MA VR Marriages, pg. 136. Since I don't know this Seth's parents, I'm just placing him as a 2nd son of Lemuel...this will drive people nuts, but so be it. This new Seth clearly was from W. Springfield, MA, and is listed in the VR, as shown above, with his death and those of his children and Parmelia. I have the will/probate/administration stating Seth's death and several minor children, and again, Parmelia is the widow.​ (Already showed you.)​ So, who is he? Clearly, he had more children, and one was a Seth! ​.... ​Well, I found Seth, Name:Seth Stannard (his 3rd marriage) Birth Year:abt 1801 Birth Place:Springfield Marriage Date:27 Apr 1854 Marriage Place:Westfield, Massachusetts, USA Age at Marriage:53 Father:Seth Mother:Parmelia Spouse:Aurilla Foster (her 1st marriage) Spouse Age at Marriage:41 ​then I located ​marriage record for ​his ​wife #2, Olive Name:Seth Stannard Spouse:Olive S. Johnson Marriage Date:4 Jul 1843 Marriage Place:Middlefield Source:Vital Records of Middlefield Full text:STANNARD, Seth of Westfield, and Olive S. Johnson, July 4, 1843. 1850 census Name:​ ​Seth Stannard​ ​Age:​ ​52​ ​Birth Year:abt 1798​ ​Birthplace:Massachusetts​ ​Home in 1850:Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USAGender:MaleFamily Number:657Household Members: Name​ ​Age Seth Stannard​ ​52 Olive Stannard​ ​42 John Stannard​ ​83 1860 census Name:Seth Stanard Age:62 Birth Year:abt 1798 Gender:Male Birth Place:Massachusetts Home in 1860:Westfield, Hampden, Massachusetts Post Office:Westfield Family Number:927 Household Members: NameAge Seth Stanard62 Orvilla Stanard46 This Seth left a will, had two children, William and Julia. Will on Ancestry.,%2520USA%26msypn%3D24%26msypn_PInfo%3D5-%257C0%257C1652393%257C0%257C2%257C0%257C24%257C0%257C0%257C0%257C0%257C0%257C%26MSAV%3D1%26cp%3D0%26catbucket%3Drstp%26uidh%3D653%26msypn__ftp_x%3D1%26msypn_x%3DXO%26pcat%3D36%26fh%3D1%26h%3D6757592%26recoff%3D%26ml_rpos%3D2&usePUB=true&_phsrc=vvn941&_phstart=successSource&usePUBJs=true#?imageId=007705697_00922 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.