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Marriage: Children:
  1. DAVID YOUNG: Birth: ABT 30 DEC 1761. Death: 24 APR 1814 in Otego, Otsego Co., New York

  2. John Young: Birth: ABT 1763.

  3. Susanna Young: Birth: MAY 1766 in Oneonta, Otsego Co., New York. Death: 31 DEC 1820 in Oneonta, Otsego Co., New York

  4. Elizabeth Young: Birth: ABT 1768.

  5. Jacob Young: Birth: ABT 1770. Death: 11 MAR 1872

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a. Note:   ey, 1710-1946, Pub. by Clifford Young, 1947, Albany, NY. Page 94--A complete list of the children of Andrew Young has not been found. His will which is on the file on the Surrogate's office at Cooperstown, NY, names three of his sons--David, the oldest, John and Jacob. No daughters are mentioned but other records indicate that he had at least two--Susanna and Elizabeth." Will located in Book A, Page 85. The old Scrambling Cemetery near Oneonota, NY is on land which Andrew owned and willed to his oldest son David. Without a doubt Andrew and his wife are both buried there. The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley 1710-1946 Compiled by Clifford M. Young & Published by The Fort Plain Standard, Fort Plain, NY 1947 Donated by Bruce Hargrove. ANDREAS (ANDREW) YOUNG (Presented by Eleanor J. Stevens) 2 - 3 Andreas (Andrew) Young was evidently the third son of Theobald and Maria Catherine Young and brother of Adam, Frederick and Theobald, Jr. Due to destruction of early records by the enemy during the Revolution, his birth date has not been found. It is quite certain that he was born at Canajoharie, where the family first lived in the Mohawk Valley after leaving Schoharie in 1722. The records indicate that Theobald and sons (except Frederick) located in the German Flats-Warren area, now Herkimer County, in about 1752, where this family, with several other persons, acquired 14,000 acres of land called the Theobald Young Patent. This, section has been known for many years as "The Kyle". The partition deed on file in the office of Secretary of State, Albany, N. Y., contains a map of the Theobald Young Patent, and shows that Andreas Young drew lots numbers 1-17 and 33. Lot #1 was in the northwest corner of the patent and is probably where Andrew resided for a number of years thereafter, as did his brother Adam who drew lots near by. The major portion of the patent was sold to Jacob Timmerman in 1754. The section owned by the elder Theobald Young was shown on early maps as the southern end of the patent, near "Young's Lake", later known as Little Lakes, town of Warren. Andreas Young was also one of the patentees in the 20,000 acre land grant known as the Frederick Young Patent in Otsego and Schoharie Counties in the vicinity of Sharon. Andrew Young undoubtedly served in the Tryon County Militia before and during the Revolution, although definite proof is lacking. Between 1783 and 1787 he moved from the Mohawk Valley to Otego Twp., now in Otsego County, N. Y. Why he left his property in Herkimer County is not known, but it may have been the result of conditions growing out of the war. The trip was made by flat boat and raft, through Otsego Lake, and down the Susquehanna, probably with several other families including those of Frederick Hess and Scramblings. These families were all related and all settled near the mouth of Otego Creek where it empties into the Susquehanna River. Andrew Young's will says he bought 600 acres there from Mr. Banyer and Mr. Livingston. This land was in the Wallace Patent, and was part of the 1000 acre "Dreamland Tract" which was sold by Hugh Wallace and Gouldsbrow Banyar to Sir William Johnson between 1770 and 1773. On March 5, 1776 it was conveyed by John Johnson, Sir William's son, to George Scrambling and Adam Young, Andrew's brother-in-law and brother. A complete list of the children of Andrew Young has not been found. His will which is on file in the Surrogate's office at Cooperstown, N. Y., names three of his sons-David, the oldest, John and Jacob. No daughters are mentioned but other records indicate that he had at least two-Susanna and Elizabeth. The old Scrambling Cemetery near Oneonta, N. Y. is on land which Andrew owned and willed to his oldest son David. Without a doubt Andrew and his wife are both buried there. Andrew Young died in Otego. Twp. between Feb. 1, 1791 and Mar. 21, 1796. His wife Elizabeth was living on Feb. 1, 1791. The migration of this family, together with inadequate records, has seriously interfered with accurate tracing. Intensive study and research, however, have made possible a fairly comprehensive record of some of the branches by generations down to the present-day descendants. WILL OF ANDREW YOUNG Book A Page 85 Cooperstown, N. Y. In the name of God amen I Andrew Young of Otsago Town and Montgomery Co. State of N. Y. being weak in bodey but of perfect mind and memory, do make and ordain this my last will and testament give to my beloved wife Elizabeth all that tract of lands that I purchased from Mr. Banyer and Mr. Livingstone laying in Otsage town whereon I now live to have and to hold as long as she shall remain my widow, also I give to Elizabeth my wife all and singular all my household goods that are to be used in my house to have and to hold as long as she shall remain my widow and if she shall marry to another man I give to her one bed and bedding, also I give to my eldest son David Young the sum of sixteen ---- for his birthright, also I set David Young my son on two hundred acres of lands adjoining Schrambling which I give to him after my wifes marriage or decease also the rest of my Lands that I have I give all and singular to my Sons John Young and Jacob Young to have and to hold forever also I will that John Winn Esq. shall by an agreement made between him and me pay Mr. Banyer and Mr. Livingstone for this six hundred acres of Land that I purchased of them here in Otsaga Town and if that is not done then my executors may sell my Lands that I have in Montgomery Co. or as much of them as will pay tor their Lands here in Otsago Town and if it may be after my Land here is paid tor and their share shall remain and Lands or money I will that it be divided between my sons David and John and Jacob. 1 will that my horses and Cattle be kept together on the farm with Elizabeth my wife also my farming tools to be kept together on the farm as long as Elizabeth my wife shall remain my widow or if my wife and sons John and Jacob shall agree to divide Horses and Cattel then they can. I will that John and Jacob shall have the use of my farming tools as well as my wife. I will that my son David shall make to John and Jacob one half of a wheel plow and iron shod slay one half; and I do make and ordain Jacob Wolf of Harper Town to be executor of this my last will and testament. Feb. 1, 1791 Andrew Young his mark Witnesses: Samuel Ogden Sr., Stoughton Alger, Jacob Alter. On 21 March 1796 personally appeared before me Moss Kent Surrogate of Otsego County Stoughton Alger, Jacob Wolf executor likewise appeared before me etc. Moss Kent Surrogate CHILDREN OF ANDREW YOUNG 2-3 Andrew Young (birth and marriage date not found) died in Otego Twp. between Feb. 1, 1791 and Mar. 21, 1796. His wife Elizabeth (last name not known) was living on Feb. 1, 1791. Their children of record were as follows: Third Generation 3-1 David, Young, born Dec. 30, 1761 (Stone Arabia Dutch Reformed Church Record) died Apr. 24, 1814 in Otego Twp., Otsego Co., N. Y. The name of his first wife is unknown. They were the parents, of at least one child,- Magdalane, (Lany) born about May 31, 1784. On Nov. 3, 1788 David Young married (2) Maria Elizabeth Leib (Lipe), daughter of Joseph Lipe. (Sand Hill Dutch Reformed Church Record.) She was born about Feb. 19, 1770 and died Feb. 19, 1808 in Otego Twp. David and Maria Elizabeth (Leib) Young were the parents of at least four children-Joseph Edwin, born 1793; Elizabeth, born 1796; Margaret, born 1799, and Polly, about whom nothing is known. It is believed that Polly Young married David Hess, born 1791, son of Frederick and Catherine (Nellis) Hess. David Young married (3) Eva -------, who died in June 1815. It is believed that she was Eva Sommers, daughter of the Rev. Nicholas Sommers, and that she had previously been the wife of Daniel McDougal and second of Henry Scrambling, both Revolutionary soldiers. From his father David Young inherited 200 acres near the mouth of Otego Creek. The location of the Scrambling and Young farms there was formerly the Indian village of Wauteghe, which extended from the creek up the north shore of the Susquehanna River about a mile. This place was called "Indian Orchards", as the Indians had planted apple trees there. Upon a knoll on the David Young farm, about half way between the railroad and the river, is an old burying ground now called the Scrambling Cemetery. This is the burial place of David Young, his wife Maria Elizabeth, and probably also of his father and mother Andrew and Elizabeth. 3-2 John Young, probably born about 1763. About 1790 he married Margaret VanDerwerker, daughter of John VanDerwerker. No further record of the family has been found. John Young's farm was next to his brother David's on Oneonta Plains, and for a number of years he kept a tavern there. 3 - 3 Susanna Young, born in 1765; died Dec. 31, 1820. On June 5, 1786 (?) she married her first cousin David Scrambling, born in 1759, died in 1821, son of George and Catherine (Young) Scrambling. David and Susanna are buried in the old Scrambling Cemetery near Oneonta. They were the parents of nine children: Peter, born 1787, married Margaret Hess; Elizabeth, born 1789, married William Holmes; Catherine, born 1791; Andrew, born July 19, 1793, unmarried; George D., born Jan. 11, 1796, married Eunice Woodburn; Anna, born 1798, married John Scrambling, her second cousin; Madalin, born 1800; Daniel, born Apr. 27, 1803; and David, born 1805, married Catherine Scrambling,his second cousin. Family tradition says that George Scrambling, the father of David, was killed by Indians at his home on the Mohawk about 1775, and David and his brother George were taken prisoner to Canada for two years. Several of Susanna Young's relatives were also killed during the raid, and she and several other females were taken prisoner, but being unable to keep up with the others, they were left in the forest, and made their way back to their homes the following day. The David Scrambling farm was a part of the "Dreamland Tract" near the mouth of Otego Creek. 3 - 4 Jacob Young, birth date and no further record of his family found. The Fort Plain Dutch Reformed Church Record gives the following: "Jacob Jung, son of Andreas Jung, married Anna Jordan, daughter of Seblon Jordan, Jan. 23, 1791." 3-5 Elizabeth Young, birth date not found. She married George Scrambling, born about 1768, son of Henry and Sarah (Leonardson) Scrambling. George and Elizabeth (Young) Scrambling were the parents of at least five children: Elizabeth who married Jacob Hess, born 1787, son of Frederick and Catherine (Nellis) Hess; Daniel, born April 6, 1796; Jacob; George, baptized Apr. 27, 1803, unmarried; and Andrew, baptized Sept. 8, 1809. George and Elizabeth (Young) Scrambling moved to Canada from Oneonta, N. Y. between 1810 and 1820, and their children moved later to Iowa and Illinois.
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