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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jacob Young: Birth: ABT 1710. Death: 12 JUN 1794 in Fort Plain (now) Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., New York

  2. Maria Catharina Young: Birth: 28 OCT 1711 in West Camp, Ulster Co., New York.

  3. Johann Henrich Young: Birth: 24 JAN 1716 in West Camp, Ulster Co., New York. Death: in Hoosick & Albany, New York

  4. ANNA MARGARETHA YOUNG \ JUNG: Birth: 24 JAN 1716 in West Camp, Ulster Co., New York.

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a. Note:   Fort Klock Historic Restoration & Indian Castle Church The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley 1710-1946 Compiled by Clifford M. Young & Published by The Fort Plain Standard, Fort Plain, NY 1947 Donated by Bruce Hargrove. HENDRICK YOUNG (JUNG) LINE "1. Hendrick Young and Anna Margaretha (probably Timmerman) arrived in America with the Palatines in 1710 and went to the Camps on the Hudson. He was one of the Palatine volunteers in Col. Nicholson's expedition against the French in 1711, which apparently amounted to only a long march to the Canadian boarder and return. The records show that Hendrick and family migrated to Schoharie with that large group settling there about 1712. He and Theobald Young (probably brothers) are the only ones of record (Immigrants) bearing the name "Jung", who went to Schoharie. Their further migration to the Mohawk Valley is discussed elsewhere in this record. It is regretted that the parentage of Hendrick Jung and the maiden name of Anna Margaretha were not given in any of the early records. JACOB YOUNG was undoubtedly their first born (1710). Perhaps he was born on the high seas or in England before they sailed that year, as church records do not show his birth, except that at the time of his death the records of the Dutch Reformed Church of Sand Hill (Fort Plain) say he was born in 1710. MARIA CATHARINE was born to Hendrick and Margaretha October 28, 1711 (Kocherthal Record). JOHN HENDRICK and ANNA MARGARETHA (twins) were born to this couple in Schoharie January 24, 1716. (Kocherthal Record). It should be noted that the Simmendinger Register of 1717 slates that Hendrick Jung and Anna Margaretha had four children up to this time, which accounts for Jacob's birth in 1710, which was not recorded. PETER, birth date not recorded, was born to this couple probably after 1719, when Rev. Kocherthal had died. JOHN FREDERICK, birth date not found, was born to Hendrick and Anna Margaretha Young. It is probable that both Peter and Johann Frederick were born after the twins, during that period immediately following the death of Rev. Joshua. Kocherthal, when records were not so well kept; or they may have been born in the Mohawk Country and their births recorded in the early churches of either Stone Arabia or German Flats. These churches were destroyed and most of their records lost, so that few baptismal records of that period exist. CHILDREN OF SECOND GENERATION (Hendrick Young and Anna Margaretha, parents) 2-1 Jacob Young, born in 1710, married Dorothy (probably Reichert). They lived at Sand Hill (Fort Plain, then Canajoharie, Albany County, later town of Minden, Montgomery County) where he purchased several lots in the Bleecker Patent. Jacob died January 12, 1794, aged 84 years, and doubtless was buried in the Sand Hill cemetery. His will is quoted elsewhere; and church records indicate that Dorothy was still living in 1803. She might have been several years younger than Jacob or lived to a very old age. Record of her birth has not been found but it is probable that she was a daughter of Conrad Reichert. 2-2 Maria Catharine, born October 28, 1711, registered for matrimony to Johannes Reichert, son of Conradt Reichert, June 14, 1748. (Schoharie Dutch Reformed Church record, Page 289 of translation). 2-3 John Hendrick, born January 24, 1716, married Catharine Landrum or Lantman, January 24, 1744. 2-4 Anna Margaretha, born January 24, 1716 (Kocherthal Record,) married Johannes Hess, Jr. Nov. 10, 1743 (Stone Arabia L. C.) Confusion has arisen among certain genealogists with regard to the parentage of this Anna Margaretha Young, some claiming she might have been a daughter of Theobald Jung; and others believing that Frederick Young was her father. The only Anna Margaretha Young of that early date, of which we have found any record, was recorded as a daughter of Hendrick and Anna Margaretha Young. When David Hess was born to the said John Hess, Jr. and wife Anna Margaretha, it is true that the elder Theobald Young and wife Catharine were sponsors at the baptism. The records indicate that Hendrick Young and some of the family had returned to Schoharie in 1732 and therefore were not readily available to act as sponsors when their grandson David was baptized. The close relationship between the two Young families readily accounts for the presence of Theobald and wife to act as sponsors. As previously indicated, it is probable that Hendrick and Theobald were brothers, and these two families moved from Schoharie to the Mohawk Valley in about 1722. Frederick was a son of Theobald Young and of the same generation as Margaretha Young Hess, and apparently they must have been cousins. No Frederick Jung appears in the records of Palatine Immigrants arriving in 1710. The "father" theory with regard to Frederick appears to have grown out of the fact that Anna Margaretha Hess purchased from Frederick Young a lot in the Philip Livingston patent, bearing date of March 22, 1768, to which her son David fell heir. David sold the lot to one Jacob Ratnauer of Freysbush June 6, 1788, and in the description of the land as appears in this deed it is claimed that Frederick Young was mentioned as the father of the said Anna Margaretha Young Hess. A careful reading of the deed as recorded in Deed Book 8, in the Montgomery County Clerk's office at Fonda, shows that nothing in the deed tends to indicate that Frederick Young was the father of the said Anna Margaretha. As a matter of fact, no record has been found to show that Frederick Young ever married, but he owned considerable property in the Livingston patent and had otherwise received from the Crown a large land grant near Sharon. 2-5 Peter, birth not found, according to the Schoharie church record, registered for matrimony to Maritje Anderson June 14, 1748. There is no record showing That they ever did marry, and it is probable That the Peter Young noted in the Schoharie German Lutheran Church record as having married Margaretha Freymauer August 2, 1748, was this same Peter whose name appears in the record as the son of Hendrick Jung. No other Peter Jung is recorded in Schoharie that early. Further evidence that this is the same Peter is the fact that lie registered for matrimony on the same date as his sister Maria Catharine, who married Johannes Reichert. There is some evidence elsewhere stated, which tends to indicate that Hendrick and some of his family returned from the Mohawk Valley to Schoharie or vicinity, as will be observed by the church record of marriages and births of his grand children; also the fact that when Hendrick sold his land in the Palatine district the deed states as a reason "he moving." (See copy of deed dated 1732) 2-6 Johan Frederick, birth date not found, was probably born in the Mohawks country after 1722. He married Catharine Schumacher widow of Melchoir Bell, March 18, 1762. They had Dorothy, horn January 26, 1764. It is possible that this might have been a second marriage for both. It also seems quite probable that Dorothy was named for her Aunt Dorothy, wife of Jacob Young, Sr., of Fort Plain, Johan Frederick Jung was sponsor for John Frederick Hess, born May 10, 1731 to Johann Hess and Anna Margaretha (Young) Hess, his sister." From: Jones, Henry Z., Jr., The Palatine Families of New York (A Study of the German Immigrants Who Arrived in Colonial New York in 1710), Vol. 2, (Universal City, CA: 1985). Page 422. "Henrich Jung (Hunter Lists #346) Johan Henrig Jungst, his wife and 3 ch. were recorded next to Mr. Timmerman and Johan Regebag on Capt. William Newton's ship in the 5th party of Palatines in Holland in 1709 (Rotterdam Lists). Henrich Jung made his first appearance on the Hunter lists 4 Aug. 1710 with 2 pers. over 10 yrs. of age in the household. The family dwindled down to 1 pers. over 10 yrs. 4 Oct. 1710, then back up to 2 over 10 yrs. on 31 Dec. 1710, 2 over 10 and 1 under 10 yrs. on 24 June 1711, 2 over 10 yrs. on 29 Sept. 1711, and finally 2 over 10 and 1 under 10 24 Dec. 1711. Henrich Jung ov Queensbury was a soldier in 1711 (Palatine Volunteers To Canada). Henrick Jong was nat. next to Tebald Young 3 Jan. 1715/16 (Albany Nats.). Heinrich Jung and his wife Anna Margretha with 4 ch. were listed next to Dewalt Jung and his family at Neu-Heessberg ca. 1716/17 (Simmerdinger Register). Hendrick Young and Jacob Timmerman bought lot 14 of the Harrison Patent from Col. Philip Schuyler, 703 acres in what is now St. Johnsville, 13 July 1730; Hendrick Young of the Moakes Country, planter, sold 1/2 of the land to Stephanies Grooesbeck of the City of Albany 4 April 1732 (Albany Co. Deeds: Vol. 6, Page 244)." The ch. of Henrich Jung and his wife Anna Margaretha were:" Children listed with some sources. "As members of the Goeway and Hoghill families sp. both Henrich Jung and Georg Young and wife Catharina Litcher, and Hannes Hoghill and wife Sarah Young, there is a possibility that Georg and Sarah Young Hoghill belong in the family of Henrich Jung (per author Hank Jones). If Henrich Jung's daughter Anna Margaretha did not marry Johannes Hess Jr., then the Anna Margaretha Jung who did marry Hess was a d/o #350 Theobald Jung; if so, then #s 8 and 9 above (Dorothea Elisabetha and Elisabetha) should be put into the family of #350 Theobald Jung (per author Hank Jones)." Per statement above, daughters #8 & 9: "Dorothea Elisabetha, a sp. of Johannes Hess Jr. and to Anna Margaretha Jung in 1747. (Stone Arabia Luth. Family Book). She md. Michael Kaiser (per author Hank Jones). Elisabetha, also a sp. to Johannes Hess Jr. and Anna Margaretha Jung." is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.