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Marriage: Children:
  1. JOHANN WILHELM NELLIS: Birth: 5 JAN 1694 in Obermoschel, Pfalz, Germany. Death: ABT 14 JAN 1778 in Stone Arabia, Montgomery Co., New York

  2. Christian Nellis: Birth: 1697 in Obermoschel, Pfalz, Germany. Death: 1771 in Mohawk Valley, New York

  3. Johannes Laurentius Nellis: Birth: 12 SEP 1699 in Germany. Death: 13 DEC 1699 in Schiersfeld Reformed Church, Germany

  4. Johannes Henricus Nellis: Birth: ABT 26 MAR 1704 in Obermoschel, Pfalz, Germany. Death: 23 MAY 1706 in Sitters, Obermoschel, Germany

  5. Catharina Elizabetha Nellis: Birth: ABT 26 NOV 1706 in Sitters, Obermoschel, Germany. Death: 30 MAR 1754 in Albany County, New York

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a. Note:   From the Internet (July 2003): (1) Maria Elizabeth Nellesin, born by or before about 1677, probably in Germany, made her initial appearance on the Hunter Lists on 30 June 1710 with three persons over 10 years of age and one person under 10 years of age in her household. More information is forthcoming in 1999. Children included: 1.JOHANN WILHELM, mentioned below (Note: see in his notes section.) 2.Christian, born about 1697, naturalized in Albany, New York, as "Christian Nelles" on 31 January 1715/1716, died 1771 aged 74 in the Mohawk Valley of New York, buried in Klock Cemetery, near St. Johnsville, Herkimer Co., New York. He married 29 February 1718 Barvalis Klock, born 1697 in Germany. He was a freeholder at Canajoharrie in 1763. Parents of: 1.Robert, was a sponsor to his sister Catherine and her husband Adam Zimmerman in 1743 at Stone Arabia Church. Robert was in Soverinus Deyger's Company at German Flats in 1763. He married Anna. His will, filed in Albany Co., New York, is dated 21 December 1809. 2.Christian, Jr., born 1734, died 6 November 1807, a Revolutionary War hero; married Christiana Keyser. his will was dated 28 November 1807 and probated 11 January 1808. 3.Catharine, died 20 August 1805, aged 81 yrs 7 mos. 2/28 days (tombstone record difficult to read); married first Adam Zimmerman; married second Leonard Helmer; married third Col. Jacob Klock, her uncle. 4.Adam; married Dorothea 5.George; married Maria Elisabetha, died 21 April 1806, aged 79 years and 8 months according to Herkimer Reformed Church records. George's will was dated 8 September 1791 and was proved 11 June 1792. 6.Theobald, also called Dewalt; married Anna 7.Henry/Heinrich 8.Hannah (Anna); married Jacob G. Klock is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.