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Marriage: Children:
  1. Helen J. Young: Birth: 13 NOV 1818.

  2. Franklin B. Young: Birth: 28 AUG 1824 in New York. Death: 15 AUG 1887 in of Saginaw Co., Michigan

  3. Amelia Young: Birth: 1828 in New York. Death: 7 DEC 1880 in Milan, Monroe Co., Michigan

  4. Rachael Janet Young: Birth: 11 DEC 1830 in Honeoye Falls, Meriden, Monroe Co., New York. Death: 20 FEB 1899 in London Twp., Monroe Co., Michigan

  5. Caroline Young: Birth: 12 APR 1835 in Michigan.

  6. Francis Youngs: Birth: 28 DEC 1838 in Michigan. Death: 30 NOV 1906 in Homer, Midland Co., Michigan

  7. Ardella V. Young: Birth: 3 APR 1840 in Washtenaw Co., Michigan. Death: AFT 1880

  8. Minerva Young: Birth: 1842 in Michigan. Death: 7 AUG 1845 in Michigan

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Page:   Page 108.
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a. Note:   n & Co., 1881). Page 1436. Henry Young (deceased) was born Jan. 16, 1794, in New Jersey. He learned the tailor's trade in the city of New York, from which place he went to his native place. Afterward he went to West Meriden, Monroe Co., N. Y. He joined the war of 1812 just before its close, being in the service only three months. He married Miss Mary Scramlin Dec. 21, 1817, who was born Feb. 20,1802, near the Honeoye Falls, in Meriden, Monroe Co., N. Y. He came to Michigan in the spring of 1833, bought some land in sec. 36, town of York, this county, where he lived until his death, Dec. 28, 1863. He built a log house and chopped the timber on four acres. Then he went East for his family. Aug 19, the same year, they started again for Michigan. At Rochester he took passage on a canal boat for Buffalo, whence he sailed for Detroit on the Shelllon T'hompso.n, They had a very rough voyage. The boat sprung a leak which put the fire out, and every man had to) take his turn at the pumps to save the boat from sinking. They managed to run into Cleveland for repairs; then went on to Detroit. There was a very sick time on the boat, scarcely well ones enough to care for the sick. They came from Detroit to Saline with a team, taking four days to accomplish the journey. In about two weeks from the time of starting from their home in the East they reached their home in the West. After getting his goods they went to housekeeping in the wilderness. There was no family except a bachelor brother, whose land joined within two miles. After a year or two the country was settled very rapidly. He raised a large family of children, 6 of whom are now living-Franklin was born Aug. 28, 1824, and now lives in Saginaw county; Francis, born Dec. 28, 1838, who lives on a part of the old homestead; Helen J. was born Nov. 13, 1818, married James Lawrence, Nov. 14, 1850, and lives in the town of York, this county; Janet was born Dec. 11, 1830, and married Nathan Stewart, of London, Monroe county, where they now reside; Caroline, was born April 12, 1835, and married Jonathan Atkinson, of Raisinville, Monroe county, where they now reside; Ardella was born April 3, 1840, and married Andrew Braman; they live in Milan, this county. Mrs. Young died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. James Lawrence, Nov. 25, 1876."
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