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Marriage: Children:
  1. Pieter Young: Birth: ABT 23 NOV 1746 in (prob.) Albany, Albany Co., New York.

  2. Pieter Young: Birth: ABT 4 DEC 1748 in (prob.) Albany, Albany Co., New York.

  3. Elisabetha Young: Birth: ABT 28 APR 1751 in (prob.) Albany, Albany Co., New York.

  4. Johannes Young: Birth: ABT 20 MAY 1753 in (prob.) Albany, Albany Co., New York.

  5. Catherina Young: Birth: ABT 6 APR 1755 in (prob.) Albany, Albany Co., New York.

  6. Stephen Young: Birth: ABT 23 OCT 1757 in New York. Death: 2 JAN 1841 in Fredericksburg, Ontario, Canada

  7. Jacob Young: Birth: ABT 17 FEB 1760 in New York.

  8. Abraham Young: Birth: SEP 1762 in (prob.) Albany, Albany Co., New York.

  9. Friederich Young: Birth: ABT 15 NOV 1764 in New York.

  10. Isaac Young: Birth: 14 MAR 1767 in (prob.) Albany, Albany Co., New York.

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a. Note:   The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley 1710-1946 Compiled by Clifford M. Young & Published by The Fort Plain Standard, Fort Plain, NY 1947 Donated by Bruce Hargrove. CHILDREN OF JOHN HENDRICK YOUNG, JR. 2-3 John Hendrick Young, Jr., born Jan. 24, 1716, married Catharine Landman (Lantman). Third Generation 3-1 Pieter, born November 23, 1746 (died). 3-2 Pieter, born December 4, 1748. 3-3 Elisabeth, born April 28, 1751. 3-4 Johannes, born May 30, 1753. 3-5 Catharina, born April 6, 1755. 3-6 Stephen, born October 23, 1757. 3-7 Jacob, born February 17, 1760. 3-8 Abram, born October 29, 1762. 3-9 Fredench, born November 5, 1764; Johannes Reichert and wife Maria Catharine Young, sponsors. Note: This family apparently lived in the vicinity of Hoosick (Hooseck), then Albany county, and the family record was found in Albany "Dutch Settlers," Schoharie churches and New York. Peter Landmann, who was probably the father of our Catharine, was a son of Peter of Stockheim in the Sovereignty of Isenburg, Budingen who married Elisabetha, daughter of Johann Planck of Dansenan in the Sovereignty of Nassau. Some writers claim that the name Landman was in some instances changed to Countryman. This author has been unable to locate any further trace of thid large family. They may have moved to Canada. _____________________ [email protected] to [email protected] date Sat, Nov 5, 2011 at 8:52 PM subject YOUNG FAMILY I ran across your website and wanted to steer you in another direction regarding the Young family of Hoosick, NY. I descend from Jacob Young the son of Heinrich Young (Jung) of Hoosick and his wife Catherina Lampman. Jacob married Catherine Brust of Center Brunswick NY and later moved to Caldwell's Manor, Quebec about 1792/3 with his family. The rest of Heinrich's family with the exception of Abraham were Loyalists during the Revolution and moved to the Bay of Quinte in Ontario. The United Empire Loyalist Association has extensive information about this family and I would encourage you to contact them for further information. Arthur C.M. Kelley's records can be rather 'confused' at times in my opinion. Bernard Young Note: Bernard Young also sent the below attachment: Loyalist Gazette, Henry Young was a son of the Palatine immigrant Heinrich Jung who arrived at New York aboard the ship, Lyon of Leith, in late June 1710. Johannes Heinrich Jung, born 24 January 1716, was commonly called Henry Young and was baptized in the West Camp Lutheran Church. He married Catharina Lampman on his birthday, 24 January 1744, as recorded in the Albany Reformed (Dutch) Churchbook. Catharina was the daughter of Johannes Peter Lampman, born 5 April 1700 at Stockheim, Germany, who arrived in New York City in 1709-1710, later married Johanna Planck and moved to Hoosick, N.Y. Four of Catharina's brothers, Peter, Frederick, John and Abraham Lampman, were Loyalists receiving rations at St. Johns, Quebec between 1781 and 1784. John and Johannes Michael, another brother, owned property in Hoosick that was confiscated after their departure for Canada. Henry and Catharina were probably living in Hoosick from the time of their marriage in 1744 until they too left for Canada with their Loyalist sons sometime in 1784. Catharina was an eyewitness to the burning and destruction of Hoosick in 1754 and was called to Albany to give a deposition concerning what she saw: "Appeared before us, Cathrina Young the wife of Hendrick Young of full age & Duly Sworn on the Holy Evangelist of the Almighty God Deposeth and on her oath Doth say that she was at Hoosick when part of that place was Burnt and Destroyed by fire and that she went on a hill and saw from there Two Parties of People which she took for Indians as it was about one mile Distance from where she was so that she could not well Deserne weither it were French or Indians, and heard the fireing of Nine Guns there at that time and further this Deponent saith not." Sworn Before us this 6 September, 1754 Robt. Landers Mayor [her Catharina Young mark] Sybrant G.V. Schaik Recorder (New York State Library, NY Colonial MSS, V79, p. 24a) Henry and his son, Henry Jr., were members of Abraham Van Aernam's Militia "above the Poestenkill" as were his neighbours along the Hoosick River. He joined with the Royalist forces at the Battle of Bennington along with his sons, Peter, Henry Jr., Stephen and Isaac, and was captured along with Abraham Dafoe. They were later released to their homes after taking the Oath of Fidelity to the United States (Vermont Council of Safety, Vol. 1, 1755-1779). Henry's sons, however, were imprisoned but later escaped to join with McKay's Loyal Volunteers. Henry and Catharina settled with their sons, Peter, Stephen, Henry and Isaac, in South Fredericksburgh, Upper Canada, now Ontario, near the Bay of Quinte on Concessions of land awarded their sons for service with the King's men. The church records of Reverend Langhorn of St. Paul's Church show that Henry Sr. died and was buried on 23 August 1789 and that his wife Catharina or "Catrina" Young was buried on 28 January 1802 in Fredericksburgh, Lennox and Addington County, Ontario. Editor's Note: Henry Young and Catharina Lampman Young were the parents of ten children, including Johannes Henrich, also known as the Loyalist, Henry Young UE. Johannes Heinrich--Baptized on 20 May 1753 (Albany DRC). Sponsors were Johannes Lampman and Susannah Lietcher. All of Heinrich Young's sons, with the exception of Abraham and Jacob, were Loyalists who were settled after 1784 on grants of land around Fredericksburgh, Lennox & Addington County, Ontario. They are listed as members of McKay's Corps, James Rogers' Rangers and finally in Sir John Johnson's KRRNY, 2nd Battalion. Henry [Henry Young UE] was wounded at the Battle of Bennington and sheltered in a barn along with George Dafoe. They were tended by Henry's wife Aeltzia (Brasie) Young and George's sister. George died of his wounds but Henry recovered. Aeltzia gave birth to a daughter, Eltsje or Eleanor, the following day, 17 August 1777. (Gilead Lutheran Church records.) Editor's Note: Here's a description of this Private Henry Young UE [Johannes Henrich Jung], written by Angela's husband, Peter W. Johnson UE. Angela Johnson UE is the descendant of Private Henry Young UE [Johannes Henrich Jung], son of Henry Young [Johannes Heinrich Jung] & Catharina Lampman and grandson of the Palatine immigrant, Heinrich Jung & Anna Margaretha [probably Timmerman]. COPYRIGHT 2008 United Empire Loyalists' Association COPYRIGHT 2009 Gale, Cengage Learning ______ Nov. 15, 2011 Hi Barbara: The Young/Jung family of Schoharie and Hoosick have been a longtime project of mine, principally because of the confused and sometimes erroneous descendancies found for them. I've been researching the Heinrich Jung family for 35 years now, and feel that I've finally got a pretty good grasp of who they were and where they went. The Heinrich Jung/Young who was the son of old Heinrich and Anna was married to Catherine Lampman in 1744 as the record from the Lutheran Church at Albany shows. They had a large family in Hoosick, among whom was my ancestor, Jacob who married Catherine Brust at Center Brunswick, NY and had children baptised there starting in 1778. Arthur Kelly's compilation of the Gilead Lutheran Church at Center Brunswick shows these. Jacob's brothers were Loyalists and went to Ontario settling in Lennox and Addington County. Jacob remained in Center Brunswick until about 1793 when he, too, moved to Canada settling at Caldwell's Manor (now Noyan) Quebec. My family is from there and I grew up in Missisquoi County around Phillipsburg and St. Armand. The Rosenberger name is familiar, Jacob Rosenberger took part in the Battle of Bennington and did Henry, Jr. Both were taken prisoner but later released. The Bockus name is also familiar from the early records and from Missisquoi. If you are researching the Rosenberger family, you might want to contact the Missisquoi Historical Museum at Stanbridge East unless you have already done so. If not, their email address is: [email protected] Judy Antle is the Archivist there. You are welcome to add my name if you like and I'll try to help with whatever I can on the Young family and also Lampman, Bockus, and several others who came from Hoosick originally. With regard to Magdalena Deinhard and Jacob Young, I believe this is another Jacob entirely, both lived in Claverack, NY and had Dorothea, born in 1784. My Jacob was not married twice. Regards, Bernard Young is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. 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