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Marriage: Children:
  1. Hannah Norton: Birth: ABT 1771. Death: 1808

  2. Ezra Norton: Birth: ABT 21 SEP 1776. Death: 21 SEP 1812

  3. Huldah Norton: Birth: 1778 in Poss. Otsego Co., New York. Death: 25 NOV 1840 in Honeoye Falls, Meriden, Monroe Co., New York

  4. Susan Norton: Birth: ABT 1786 in New York. Death: BET 1850 AND 1860

  5. Person Not Viewable

1. Title:   Young, Clifford M., The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley, 1710-1946 (Albany, NY: Pub. by Clifford Young, 1947)
2. Title:   Yates, Anah B., The Pioneers of Mendon: Early History of the Town and its Settlers (1925, from the Honeoye Falls Times, May 12, 1921
Page:   Page 22.
3. Title:   Correspondence.
4. Title:   Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records
5. Title:   Yates, Anah B., The Pioneers of Mendon: Early History of the Town and its Settlers (1925, from the Honeoye Falls Times, May 12, 1921
6. Title:   Marriage Record

a. Note:   Historical and Statistical Gazetteer of New York State by J. H. French (1860) "The first settlement was made at Honeoye Falls, by Zebulon Norton, from Vt., in 1790. The first church (Bap.) was organized in 1809, Rev. Jesse Brayman was the first settled minister." NORTON Alfred W.; 1853 - 1911 Ezra; d Sept. 21, 1812 æ 36y Julia; d Oct. 18, 1800 æ 3y Naomi, relict of Zebulon; d Feb. 1833 æ 95y [erected by her descendants 1849] Nellie L.; 1854 - 1903 Sarah, wife of Ezra; d Dec. 27, 1863 æ 89y ________________ Reply from Joyce Elaine Luscomb <[email protected]> to Barbara Poole <[email protected]> date Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 11:21 AM subject Fw: The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley/reply from Shirley Hartert "cousin hide details Feb 27 Dear Barb, Here's some info. from a gal who asked me for Scranling's info I sent her what I had, and asked her for the Young info. and what she found on her trip to Honeoye Falls NY. I never heard from her or Karen Wheaten again. Till now . Cheers Joyce PS how is the Blog doing? ----- Original Message ----- From: Shirley Hartert To: 'Joyce Elaine Luscomb' Cc: [email protected] Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2011 4:30 PM Subject: RE: The Young (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley/reply from Shirley Hartert "cousin Hi Joyce, I just today found your email of long ago. Sorry I did not find it sooner as I am very bad for not checking my email for days or weeks at a time. My, My how interesting...some of the information about the Mohawk valley Scramlings I found at the Burton historic library downtown Detroit. Most of it collaborates what you sent. However, I would call your attention to item " 3-4 Jacob Young, no further record"...etc due to Jacob marrying Hannah Norton, daughter of Zebulon Norton recorded as "Anna Jordan, daughter of Seblon Jordan" in your text. They moved to Honeoye Falls, NY. "rich old Mr. Norton" is mentioned in the text of the local history book and "moved west". Jacob Young was married at least 3x and died at 103 and is buried in the Pioneer Section of the Honeoye Falls Cemetery. Also, I would call your attention to the bottom of page 2 where John Scrambling is mentioned: he may have indeed married Anna, her second cousin. Perhaps she and her baby died in childbirth, because John is mentioned in the same text I found as Marrying a daughter of "rich old Mr. Norton and moved west to the Genesee country with him". John D. Scrambling and Huldah Norton Scrambling are also buried side by side in the Pioneer Section the Honeoye Falls Cemetery. John Scramling is also mentioned in Zebulon Norton's probated will dated 1815. John D. Scramling names his daughter Mary (Scramling) Young in his will. They are my lineage that moved west to Michigan in 1837 to Washtenaw County. I previously did not know how the Mohawk families were connected to John D. as the book I found stated, " the author did not know how his was linked to the other Scramblings". Did you know that Scramling could be spelled 10 different ways? Also, it was unknown that the Young's were related to the Scramblings. The Henry Young (veteran of 1812 War) who came to Honeoye Falls and married Mary/May Scramling was from Bergen Co, NJ and was a tailor who apprenticed in NY before moving west to Mich. His father, Abraham, is a Rev. War vet in Bergen Co. Did you know that Jacob Young was captured by Indians as a youth and was able to escape and ran into Capt. Zebulon Norton, his son and two lovely daughters.....ahhh...a love story, I am sure! I also found that the Scramlings and Capt. Norton were from a long line of millers. I am sure Zeb was looking for the ultimate place to build his last and final mill. He had moved the family so many times his wife, Naomi Booth, put her foot down. I can hear it now: "enough of this wilderness and Indians". Jacob Young is said to have been fluent in the natives language and was a good translator that they had no troubles with the Indians in the area. My grandfather, Zebulon Norton, is my DAR patriot. I was able to finally get his grave marked at Honeoye by the Veterans Admin. 2 years ago. Did you know that he and his family were founders of "Norton's Mills" later, Honeoye Falls, Mendon, NY? The grist mill and the saw mills still stand today. They had to be rebuilt due a fire in the 1800's but the foundation they built is the original. The Mayor took us cousins down into the "basement" and showed us the original workings that Zeb and his son had made. Totally awesome!!! I truly hope this email finds you still in good health. You had mentioned health issues in our last phone call. God Bless keep in touch Cousin, Shirley Hartert 313-882-6107 _________________ Zebulon Norton first built a grist mill here in 1791 and later a sawmill which became the hub for commerce for what was once called the village of Norton's Mill. The area has a rich history of mills and small-town commerce. The mended town hall occupies a former buckwheat flour mill (circa 1951) and sits on the bank opposite the Red Sawmill, now a private residence, which is built on the foundation the original sawmill, destroyed in 1885 by fire. ________________________________________ Shirley Hartert [email protected] to Barbara Poole <[email protected]> date Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 4:56 PM subject RE: Scrambling and Young lines/reply from Shirley Hartert mailed-by hide details Mar 22 Hi Barbara, Thank you for your kind note of 19 March 2011. I am indeed of the John D. Scramling & Huldah Norton line. If you ARE TOO THEN YOU MUST BE RELATED TO Capt. Zebulon Norton of Honeoye Falls, NY. I would like to " prove" John D. Scramling as a Rev. War Veteran for the DAR as was indicated in the Honeoye Falls Town Historian article many years ago. If he was a bit too young then, his father likely served. I am looking also for which Scramling from Mohawk Valley his is linked too. There are about 10 different ways to spell his last name. There were several Scramlings who served for NY...but which one? One book I read states that John D. was there and "married one of rich old Mr. Norton's daughters and moved West to the Genesee. It is not known how he is related to the rest of the Schramblings". So, I am gathering that we are shirt tail cousins. My grandmother, Mary (MAY) Scramling married Henry Young (of Bergen Co, NJ), left Honeoye Falls with him via the Erie Barge canal when it opened and the settled in Washtenaw Co, MI. Their daughter, Amelia Young, married William H. Bogardus of Pittsfield/Milan, MI. They are my direct line. I understand that there were some of the Scramlings who settled in Macomb Co. The Honeoye Town Historian, whom I have meet with, gave me the names of Amos and Lucy/ Lany, but had no further info on them after they left HF. There are no Nortons or Scramlings in NY area, presently. I am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and proved Capt. Zebulon Norton as a "new patriot" who served in Massachusetts (born in Guilford, CT ) in the Amer. Revolution. Their mother, Naomi Booth( Norton) wife of Zebulon was also a daughter of a patriot and is pending as a supplemental application at this time. I would like to correspond with you, if you are agreeable regarding this family. Regards, Shirley Hartert [email protected] 313-882-6107 From: Barbara Poole [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Saturday, March 19, 2011 4:03 PM To: [email protected] Subject: Scrambling and Young lines Hi Shirley, I just wrote Joyce Luscomb to see if I should/could write you. Last month she forwarded your message to me, however I was having a computer problem, hard drive crashed, but things are fine now. She and I have known each other, via internet and phone, for probably ten years. I have these people in my line as well. Please check out my blog (look on right side for Surname: Scrambling and Young for some information . And, my RootsWeb site at: Prior to my problems, I had 40,000 people in my tree, I have no idea why RootsWeb states 78,528! Anyway, I am interested in your line. Are you through John D. Scrambling and Huldah Norton? Many thanks. Barbara -- Barbara Poole to Shirley Mar 22 Hi Shirley, I'm dashing the attached report to you, it is rather long, and has sources, which are a mess. My computer crashed last month, and I had to use a GEDCOM to put in another genealogy software program. Let me send this, and you can look over your line. Maybe make corrections. I have a lot I can share on Scrambling, just everything. I just don't have time now. So very nice to hear from you. Cousin, Barbara is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.