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Marriage: Children:
  1. Moses Westover: Birth: 3 DEC 1768 in Sheffield, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts.

  2. ASA WESTOVER: Birth: 6 SEP 1770 in Sheffield, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts. Death: 22 APR 1832 in Frelighsburg, Brome-Missisquoi Regional County Municipality, Quebec, Canada

  3. Silas Westover: Birth: 30 JAN 1772 in Sheffield, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts. Death: AFT 1824 in Ontario, Canada

  4. John Westover: Birth: 22 JAN 1774 in Sheffield, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts. Death: AFT 1861 in of Sutton, Brome-Missisquoi Regional County Municipality, Quebec, Canada

  5. Amasa Westover: Birth: 15 MAY 1776 in Sheffield, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts. Death: 30 OCT 1799 in Sutton, Brome-Missisquoi Regional County Municipality, Quebec, Canada

  6. Elizabeth Westover: Birth: 18 SEP 1777 in Sheffield, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts. Death: 9 MAR 1778 in Sheffield, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts

  7. Lyman Westover: Birth: 14 MAR 1779 in Sheffield, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts. Death: AFT 8 JUL 1810 in Dunham, New York

  8. Clarry Westover: Birth: 28 NOV 1780 in Sheffield, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts. Death: 24 AUG 1781 in Sheffield, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts

  9. Elizabeth Westover: Birth: 10 SEP 1782 in Sheffield, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts.

  10. Stephen Westover: Birth: 11 OCT 1786 in Caldwell Manor, Brome-Missisquoi Regional County Municipality, Quebec, Canada. Death: 5 OCT 1825 in Sutton, Brome-Missisquoi Regional County Municipality, Quebec, Canada

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a. Note:   ada-1764-1841/Pages/list.aspx?Surname=westover&p_ID=0&PagedPrev=TRUE From: Massachusetts Soldiers & Sailors of the Revolutionary War, Vol. 16, Boston, 1907. Page 922 "WESTOVER, MOSES Private, Capt. Enoch Noble's co., Col. John Ashley's (Berkshire Co.) regt: entered service Aug. 1, 1777; discharged Aug. 20, 1777; service, 20 days; company marched to Bennington by order of Brig. Gen. Fellows and Committee of Safety at request of Gen. Stark. Roll certified at Sheffield." Moses Westover Event:Living Year:1801 Place:Stanbridge Province of record source:Québec County of record source:Mississquoi Comments: Land record. Source: Land Grants: Quebec 1800's, Archives of Ontario, Ottawa. Volume/Page(s): 1908 Event:Living Year:1802 Place:Sutton Province of record source:Québec County of record source:Brome Comments: Land record. Source: Land Grants: Quebec 1800's, Archives of Ontario, Ottawa. Volume/Page(s): 1900 Year:1825 Place: Stanbridge Township Province of record source: Québec Source: Extracts from the 1825 Census of Stanbridge Township, Missisquoi County, Microfilm #C717. Volume/Page(s): 2 Transcription of Ratification by Elizabeth Holmes, Widow of Moses Westover From files of Notary Leon Lalanne, St. Armand, Quebec Copy in possession of: Barbara Poole 87 Rockingham Avenue Lowell, Massachusetts 01851 Obtained by researcher: Penny Redmile Transcribed by: James W. Johnson 222 E. 34th St. #1102 New York, New York 10016 [First page of this transcription is of Pennie Redmile's notes only, in italics:] Notary Leon Lalanne 5 Mar 1827 Film #500.62 Note: This document says Moses made a will before notary Louis Barbeau in 1809. All of Barbeau's documents were burned in a fire - so the only way you will find a will will be if some family member still has an original copy. Before Notary E. Gray (no date) John Westover deposited a document for lot #9 Caldwell Manor - Missisquoi Bay By Henry Caldwell (E. Gray stopped work in 1798) 5 March 1827 Ratification By Elizabeth Holmes Widow of Moses Westover Exhs.[?] Be it known and remembered that on the Fifth day of March, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Eight Hundred & Twenty Seven; Before this Subscribing Notary Public, residing in St. Armand in the District of Montreal, in the Province of Lower Canada, personally appeared Elizabeth Holmes, of the Township of Sutton, in the said District, widow of Moses Westover, late of Sutton aforesaid, Gentleman, deceased, which said Elizabeth exhibited to the said Notary an authentic Copy of the Last Will & Testament of the said late Moses, dated the Twenty Second day of July AD One Thousand Eight Hundred & Nine executed before [crossed out: "the"] Louis Barbeau, Notary Public, & certain Witnesses, which said Will the undersigned Notary, in the presence of the Witnesses hereinafter named read to the said Elizabeth, who declared to have well understood its contents and to be [crossed out: "the"] content & satisfied with every the provisions [crossed out "th"] & dispositions therefore consents & agrees that it be executed according to the intent & meaning of the Testator, and declares[d?] further that whereas Stephen Westover, her son, late of Sutton aforesaid, Esquire, hath departed this life, and was by the said late Moses, his father, constituted his residuary Devisee & Legatee, and by the said Will enjoined to fulfil & perform certain charges & conditions therein set forth, which since his decease Dorinda Ball his Widow hath undertaken & actually commenced performing the [word "the" written twice] said Elizabeth therefore doth hereby voluntarily declare that she is willing and even desirous that the said Dorinda for herself & the Children issue of her marriage with the said late Stephen avail herself of every the dispositions of the said Will which were meant for the benefit & advantage of the said late Stephen, the Same as he would have done if he had survived his said father. Moreover, by the request of the said Elizabeth, the said Notary next read to [crossed out: "the said"] her an authentic copy of a Deed executed under private Signatures, dated the 21st day of October last past and afterwards, to wit, the 23d day of the same month, deposited in the office of the said Notary, by which the said late Moses Westover hath transferred to & vested in the said Dorinda Ball, in trust for Roswell Westover & Stephen Egbert Westover, his sons, minors, all his the said Moses Westover's Rights, Titles & Claims whatsoever in & to the equal Southwesterly, Southeasterly & Northeasterly quarters or fourth part[s?] of Lot Number fifteen in the tenth Range of Lots in the Township of Sutton aforesaid, which said Deed the said Elizabeth declared she had also well understood the contents of and forthwith did & doth hereby approve ratify & confirm. In testimony of all which the said Elizabeth hath requested this act and after it being duly read, hath there under set her usual mark, a cross ……………………….. in the presence of Michael Preston[?] & John Porter [?or Foster?] Esqs the said Witnesses [crossed out: "and"], who with me the said Notary have also set their names there under the day & year aforewritten. her [signature:] John Foster[?]Elizabeth X Holmes mark [signature:] Michael Preston [illegible word] ____________________ Morgan, Lynn A., Loyalist Lineages of Canada 1783-1983, (Generation Press, 1984). Page 746. "WESTOVER 1. Moses Westover, b 26 May 1744 Sheffield MA, d. Pettes Cem Sutton Tp QU; res: Caldwell Manor and Sutton QU. m 2 Dec 1767 Sheffield Berkshire Co MA, Elizabeth HOLMES, b 14 Aug 1751 Sheffield MA, d Pettes Cem Sutton Tp QU. Issue: Moses, Asa, Silas, John, Amasa, Lyman, Elizabeth, Clarissa, Stephen." _________________________________________________ History of the Eastern Townships by C. M. Day; Page 305 "township named Stanbridge, September 1st of the same year (1801), granted to Hugh Finlay and his associates, viz, John Cutting, Hannah Kellar, Clark Reynolds, Edward Martindale, Solomon Dunham, Adam Schoolcraft, John Bockus, Willard Smith, David Partolo, Calab Tree, James Martindale, Mathew Kemble, John Bomhower, Luke Hitchcock, Jacob Bomhower, Griffin Reynolds, Benjamin Reynolds, Frederick Whaler, Thomas Wrightman, Mathew Saxe, Joseph Smith, John Ruiter the younger, Stephen Lampman, Adam Clapper the elder, Moses Westover the elder, Peter Cutler, Peter Rosenburgh, Adam Clapper the younger, Henry Clapper, Peter Krans, Michael Lampman, Christopher Cartright, John Hogel the elder, Philip Kruller, John Ferguson the younger, Fredrick Kemmerman, Almond Cartright and Thos. Douglas." _________ ____________ __________________ Jacky Gamble <> to Sun, Mar 28, 2010 subject Moses Westover Hi Barbara, Thanks for responding to me on your blog. My Westover line runs as follows: 1) Moses Westover 2) John Westover who m. Ruth (unsure of her last name) 3) Lewis Westover who m. Hannah Stone 4) Hannah Maria Westover who m. Jean-Baptiste "John" Metevier 5) Esther Metevier who m. Abraham Bonneau (also can be found under Abraham Brown) 6) Marie Eva Bonneau (later changed her name to Eva Mary Burnham) who m. Carlton Kennison 7) Mildred Kennison who married John Gamble 8) My dad 9) Me Like I said, I don't have a lot on this line since I just started on them. There is certainly a lot of information out there (which is a nice change in pace since every other line on my dad's side is very difficult to trace). _______________ From Wayne Westover: March 2011, email: "Leon LaLane Notorial Records from 0/9/1799-1845.” Only the Grantor Index is available and it is listed in the Appendix at #18. These transactions show that there was a lively real estate market in the area over and above the original royal grants. Of interest is the English method of showing a persons social status in connection with the transactions. Amos and John Westover are shown as Yeomen which were small farmers who worked their own land but were a station below the Gentry who probably attained that status because of large holdings..The Yeomen were freemen as opposed to those indentured servants who worked the land of others. We see other titles attached to some of our ancestors like; Amos shown as a husbandman, Isaac as a gentleman, Daniel as Esquire and Mary as Dame Mary Westover. My memory tells me that a husbandman was a farmer with status below a Yeoman. An Esquire was a landed country gentleman..above the rank of Yeoman whose ancestors were freemen. I am puzzled by the title Dame as I recall it usually meant the wife of a Knight or Baronet. In the Colonies it may have meant a landed woman. Some of the transactions from 1800 to 1840 shown on the LaLane Records are: Asa sold land in Caldwell Manor and 200 acres in Sutton. He also conveyed acreage in Shipton and Dunham. He gave land for a school in Dunham. Amos bought and sold land in Saint Armand and Sutton Moses sold his grant of 200 acres in Stanbridge and other property in Dunham. He gave land in Sutton to his Grandson. Isaac bought 300 acres in Ely, sold land in Melbourn to Asa and conveyed acreage in Saint Armand to his son Seth. On the death of his father, John Jr, he bought up the interests of his brothers and the widow and children of his deceased brother, David. John sold 105 acres of his grant to Asa Mary Westover, a spinster of Dunham, sold land in Sutton and some acreage in Stanbridge. ----------------------- Westover, Paul Lewis, compiler, A Legacy of Faith (North Orem, Utah : P.L. Westover, 2003), pg. 10. "Despite his brief service in the fight for independence, Moses evidently remained loyall to the Crown as 'he was forced to flee for his life' from his home in Sheffield and found refuge in the Eastern Townships of the province of Quebec in Canada along with many other Loyalists. His brother, John, also had make a hasty exit from Sheffield and ended up in the Eastern Townships. In 1796, Moses settled in North Sutton of the county of Missisquoi. He was awarded two hundred acres in Sutton and one thousand acres in Stanbridge, compliments of the Crown 'on account of his loyal principles.' His sons, Stephen and Asa, also remained in Canada and became prosperous and influential in the affairs of the Eastern Townships." "Near the beginning of the War of Independence, twenty-three year old Amos also must have had his mind on other things than fighting Red Coats. Ruth Loomis, a fair damsel from Simsbury, Connecticut, entered Amos's life about this time. Their marriage date is undetermined but their first child was born in 1778. Amos's depth of allegiance to this movement for independence from the mother country was compromised by his love for this Connecticut beauty. After their marriage, Amos and Ruth continued to make their home in the frontier settlement of Sheffield, where they resided long enough for Ruth to bear four children: Abijah, Abrus (Ambrose, Ambrus), Huldah, and Levi. Interestingly, each of these offspring have precise birth dates and birth places recorded; the last of these four, Levi, had a birth date of December 17, 1783." "It is difficult to believe that Amos was not somewhat influenced by the ideologies of his Tory-learning brothers: John, Job, and Moses."
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