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1. Title:   George, Henry W., New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol. 63, "The Ten Eyck Family in New York" (1932)
2. Title:   Find A Grave, internet

a. Note:   ohn J Ten Eick was found dead in a field near his home, Davenport[Delaware Co., NY] in this county. Circumstances leave no doubt but the deceased came to his death by lightning. The facts, as we have heard them, are briefly these: Late in the afternoon of that day, Mr. Ten Eick too his bridle in his hand and went into the field for the purpose of bringing a horse from the pasture. A heavy shower occurred during his abcence, and he not returning, his friends went in pursuit and found him as above stated, lying on his face, under a tree evidently shattered by lightning a few minutes before. The electric fluid had passed down the tree, through the hat of Mr. T. leaving a small hole in the corner of the hat, and down his body to the ground, tearing the sole of one of his shoes in its passage. Mr. Ten Eick had been at different time supervisor of this town in which he resided, and was highly respected and esteemed by his acquaintance. His sudden death is a source of sincere regret to his fellow citizens. [ Delaware Gazette][Antimasonic Telegraph, August 11, 1830]"
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