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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Baldwin: Birth: ABT 2 APR 1643. Death: ABT 3 AUG 1680

  2. HANNAH BALDWIN: Birth: ABT AUG 1644. Death: 7 AUG 1706 in Milford, New Haven Co., Connecticut

  3. Sarah Baldwin: Birth: ABT 1645 in Milford, New Haven Co., Connecticut. Death: AFT 1700

Marriage: Children:
  1. Abigail Baldwin: Birth: ABT 29 DEC 1650 in Milford, New Haven Co., Connecticut. Death: 1660

  2. Anne Baldwin: Birth: 1 JUL 1655. Death: 21 JUL 1655

  3. Timothy Baldwin: Birth: 12 JUN 1658 in Milford, New Haven Co., Connecticut. Death: 8 DEC 1703 in Milford, New Haven Co., Connecticut

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a. Continued:   Generation No. 3 3. JOHN3 WELLES (GOVERNORTHOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born 1616 in England, and died Aug 1659 in Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut. He married ELIZABETH BOURNE. Children of JOHN WELLES and ELIZABETH BOURNE are: i. JOHN4 WELLES, b. 1648; d. 24 Mar 1712/13; m. MARY HOLLISTER. ii. THOMAS WELLES, b. 1651; d. 7 Jan 1719/20; m. ELIZABETH. iii. ROBERT WELLES, b. 1651; d. 22 Jun 1714; m. (1) ELIZABETH GOODRICH; m. (2) MARY STODDARD. iv. TEMPERANCE WELLES, b. 1654; d. Aft. 1728; m. JONATHAN PITMAN. v. SAMUEL WELLES, b. 1656; d. 1729; m. (1) ABIGAIL; m. (2) ABIGAIL. vi. SARAH WELLES, b. Abt. 1658; d. 23 Mar 1729/30; m. AMBROSE THOMPSON. 4. MARY3 WELLES (GOVERNORTHOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born 1618 in Norhamptonshire, England ?, and died 31 Jul 1647 in Milford, Connecticut ?. She married TIMOTHY BALDWIN, son of RICHARD BALDWIN and ISABELL HARDING. He was born Abt. 1605 in Cholesbury, Buckinghamshire, England, and died 17 Jan 1684/85 in Milford, Connecticut. Notes for MARY WELLES: Mary (Welles) Baldwin and her husband Timothy Baldwin joined church at Milford, Connecticut in 1643. After Mary's death in 1647, Timothy then married Mary Mepham, widow of John Mepham of Guilford, Connecticut, and related to Governor Fenwick. They lived in Guilford for a time, and then in 1651 or 1652, they moved back to Milford. Timothy died the night following January 17, 1665. Mary was the mother of three children, and her husband had three more children in his second marriage [Abigail Baldwin, bpt 29 Dec 1650, d 1660; Anne Baldwin, b 1 Jul 1655, d 21 Jul 1655; Timothy Baldwin, b 12 Jun 1658, d 8 Dec 1703 and m Mary Beard, daughter of John and Anna [or Hannah] (Hawley) Beard. Hannah was a sister of our ancestor Joseph Hawley.] Children of Mary (Welles) and Timothy Baldwin: 1 Mary Baldwin, bapt 2 Apr 1643; m 21 Oct 1660 Benjamin Smith. She was buried 3 Aug 1680. They had seven children. 2 HANNAH BALDWIN, bapt Aug 1644; m 12 Dec 1667 Elnathan Botsford. They had ten children. 3 Sarah Baldwin, bapt Aug 1645; m 14 Dec 1663 Samuel Buckingham. They had ten children. Notes for TIMOTHY BALDWIN: TIMOTHY BALDWIN, eldest son of Richard of Cholesbury, is first reported in Milford, Connecticut in 1639. He and his wife Mary Welles joined church there in 1643. Mary was the daughter of Thomas and Alice (Tomes) Welles, Thomas Welles becoming governor of Connecticut a few years after Mary (Welles) Baldwin's death. Thomas Welles m (2) Elizabeth (Deming) Foote--one of our ancestors. Mary (Welles) Baldwin died 31 Jul 1647. Timothy then married Mary Mepham, widow of John Mepham of Guilford, Connecticut. She was related to Governor Fenwick. They lived in Guilford for a time, and then in 1651 or 1652, they moved back to Milford. Timothy died the night following January 17, 1665. Timothy was the father of six children, three from his first marriage and three from his second. Our descent from TIMOTHY BALDWIN and MARY WELLES is through daughter HANNAH BALDWIN who married Elnathan Botsford. The LDS Ancestral File includes a pedigree of Timothy Baldwin. The following chart based on that differs from the pedigree of Timothy' brother Joseph. Richard Aylesbury had a daughter Jane Aylesbury b 1443. She m William Baldwin, b 1441. They had a son: John Baldwin, 1470-1545 who married Agnes Dormer, b ca 1482. Agnes was the daughter of William Dormer, b ca 1438 and Jane or Agnes Launcelyn b ca 1460. William Dormer was the son of Geoffrey 'Dormer and Urssula or Ethyld Collinridge. Jane or Agnes Launcelyn was the daughter of John and Margaret Launcelyn. TIMOTHY BALDWIN 1605- m (1) Mary Welles, 1618-1647 m (2) Mary Mepham, widow of John Mepham The name Aylesbury looks dubious as a family name. Aylesbury is the name of a town in Buckinghamshire, not far north of Cholesbury. The name appears in the Domesday Book of 1174, but it goes back at least to 571 A.D. Perhaps the LDS researcher confused the place name with a family name. Jane Aylesbury is listed as born in 1443 at Oterarsfee, Buckinghamshire. No such place name exists today. Jane's husband, William Baldwin, is said to have been born at Aylesbury in 1441. William and Jane Baldwin's son John Baldwin was born 11 Aug 1470 at Aylesbury, and he died 24 Oct 1545. His wife Agnes Dormer was born in 1482 and came from Wycombe in Buckinghamshire. Agnes Dormer's father, William Dormer, was born in about 1438 at Wycombe. Her mother, Jane or Agnes Launcelyn was born in about 1460 at Launcelynbury in Hampshire. Launcelynbury appears in no map index available, though a detailed search of a map of Hampshire might show it as a very small place. The similarity of the place name with the family name does raise a question about the authenticity of one or both. John and Agnes (Dormer) Baldwin's son Richard was born in 1503 and died in 1552 or 1553. He married at Aston Clinton, there in the heart of Baldwin country, Ellen Apuke, and he died at Dundridge Parish. This is, then the same Richard Baldwin that C. C. Baldwin wrote about in his Baldwin genealogy. According to the Timothy Baldwin pedigree, Richard and Ellen were the parents of the Richard Baldwin who married Isabell Harding, and Richard and Isabell were the parents of Timothy. That pedigree also indicates that Richard, father of Timothy, died 18 Feb 1632, and that date is several months earlier than the date given in Joseph Baldwin's pedigree data. Further, from other sources we know that the Richard who married Ellen Apuke lived at Dundridge Manor--at least a large farmhouse--and it seems unlikely that their son would be a weaver at Cholesbury. Children of MARY WELLES and TIMOTHY BALDWIN are: 9. i. MARY4 BALDWIN, b. Abt. 1643; d. 1680. 10. ii. HANNAH BALDWIN, b. Abt. 1644, Connecticut. 11. iii. SARAH BALDWIN, b. Abt. 1645. 5. ANNE3 WELLES (GOVERNORTHOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born 1619. She married (1) THOMAS THOMSON 14 Apr 1646. She married (2) ANTHONY HAWKINS. Children of ANNE WELLES and THOMAS THOMSON are: i. BEATRICE4 THOMSON, b. 1647; m. PARKER. ii. JOHN THOMSON, m. MARY STEELE. iii. THOMAS THOMSON, m. ELIZABETH SMITH. 12. iv. MARY THOMSON, b. 1653. v. ESTHER THOMSON, b. 17 Jun 1655; m. SAMUEL GRIDLEY. Children of ANNE WELLES and ANTHONY HAWKINS are: vi. SARAH4 HAWKINS, b. 1657; d. Bef. 5 Dec 1678. vii. ELIZABETH HAWKINS, b. 1659; m. PAUL BRINSMEAD. viii. HANNAH HAWKINS, b. 1661. 6. THOMAS3 WELLES (GOVERNORTHOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born 1625, and died 1668 in Hartford, Connecticut. He married HANNAH TUTTLE 23 Jun 1654, daughter of RICHARD TUTTLE. Children of THOMAS WELLES and HANNAH TUTTLE are: 13. i. REBECCA4 WELLES, b. 1655; d. 3 Nov 1717. ii. THOMAS WELLES, b. 1657; d. Bef. 8 Feb 1716/17; m. NAME UNKNOWN. iii. SARAH WELLES, b. 1659; m. JOHN BIDWELL. iv. ICHABOD WELLES, b. Nov 1660; m. SARAH WAY. v. SAMUEL WELLES, b. Oct 1662; m. NAME UNKNOWN. vi. JONATHAN WELLES, b. Sep 1664; d. 31 Oct 1687. Notes for JONATHAN WELLES: Never married. vii. JOSEPH WELLES, b. 1667; d. Bef. 13 Jun 1698; m. ELIZABETH. 7. SARAH3 WELLES (GOVERNORTHOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born 1631, and died 16 Dec 1698. She married JOHN CHESTER Feb 1653/54, son of LEONARD CHESTER and MARY. He was born 3 Aug 1635 in Watertown, Mass., and died 1688. Children of SARAH WELLES and JOHN CHESTER are: i. MARY4 CHESTER, b. 23 Dec 1654; m. JOHN WOLCOTT; b. 28 Feb 1644/45; d. 3 Jan 1712/13. ii. JOHN CHESTER, b. 10 Jun 1656; d. 14 Dec 1711; m. HANNAH TALCOTT. 14. iii. SARAH CHESTER, b. 11 Nov 1657; d. 8 Aug 1723. iv. STEPHEN CHESTER, b. 26 May 1659, Wethersfield, Connecticut; d. 9 Feb 1697/98, Wethersfield, Connecticut; m. JEMIMA TREAT; b. 15 Mar 1667/68, Wethersfield, Connecticut; d. Wethersfield, Connecticut. v. THOMAS CHESTER, b. 23 Mar 1661/62; d. 4 Dec 1712; m. MARY TREAT. vi. SAMUEL CHESTER, b. 23 May 1664; d. 12 May 1689. vii. PRUDENCE CHESTER, b. 10 Dec 1666, Wethersfield, Connecticut; d. 2 May 1727, Wethersfield, Connecticut; m. JAMES TREAT, 17 Dec 1691; b. 1 Apr 1666; d. 18 Feb 1741/42, Wethersfield, Connecticut. viii. EUNICE CHESTER, b. 17 May 1668; d. 16 Jun 1698; m. TIMOTHY STEVENS. 8. SAMUEL3 WELLES (GOVERNORTHOMAS2, THOMAS1) died 15 Jul 1675. He married (1) ELIZABETH HOLLISTER, daughter of JOHN HOLLISTER. He married (2) HANNAH LAMBERTON, daughter of GEORGE LAMBERTON and MARGARET LEWEN. She was born Abt. 1634. Children of SAMUEL WELLES and ELIZABETH HOLLISTER are: i. MARY4 WELLES, b. 23 Nov 1666; d. 18 Feb 1714/15; m. SAMUEL HALE. Notes for MARY WELLES: She was Samuel Hale's second wife. ii. ANN WELLES, b. 1668; d. 25 Feb 1720/21; m. (1) JAMES STEELE, 19 Jul 1687; d. 25 Feb 1720/21; m. (2) JAMES JUDSON, 20 Nov 1718; b. 24 Apr 1650; d. 25 Feb 1720/21. iii. SAMUEL WELLES, b. 13 Apr 1660; d. 28 Aug 1731; m. RUTH RICE. iv. THOMAS WELLES, b. 29 Jul 1662; d. 7 Dec 1711; m. (1) THANKFUL ROOT; m. (2) JERUSHA TREAT, 17 May 1705; b. Abt. 1678, Wethersfield, Connecticut; d. 15 Jan 1754. 15. v. SARAH WELLES, b. 29 Sep 1664; d. 29 Jun 1694. vi. ELIZABETH WELLES, b. 1670; d. Bef. 6 May 1746; m. DANIEL SHELTON, 4 Apr 1692. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.