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1. Title:   Fund, Timothy Drake, The Descendants of John Drake of Windsor, Connecticut (Rutland, VT: The Tuttle Co., 1933)
2. Title:   Stiles, Henry R., The History of Ancient Windsor, Vol. II (Somersworth: New Hampshire Pub. Co., 1976, reprint of 1892 edition)
3. Title:   Mills, Katie R., History of the Simon Mills Family (Privately Printed, 1974)
4. Title:   Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records for Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut

a. Note:   cut, (Rutland, VT: The Tuttle Co., 1933). Page 56. PHINEHAS DRAKE "Phinehas Drake died June 1803, aged 75. The will of Phinehas Drake, dated March 30, 1803, gave to "my good friend, Francis Drake Bouge, land and house I live in." There was also a bequest to "My good friend Lois Bouge." He gave to his brother Roger Drake and to his sisters, Prudence, Deborah, Hannah and Edey each one one dollar; to his nephew, Elijah Drake, son of his brother Roger, $33.34. The inventory amounted to $2,997.65. The will was set aside by order of the Superior Court, Nov. 1803. John Bouge's wife was paid $8.50 for attending Lieut. Drake, and Francis D. Bouge was allowed for his claim $94.00. March 27, 1805, Roger Drake of the Royal Grant, N. Y.; Joseph Fitch and Prudence, his wife, of Windsor, Conn.; John Lewis and Hannah, his wife, of Suffield, Conn.; Joseph Smith, of New Haven, Conn.; Edee Webster, of Farmington, Conn.; Benjamin Smith, of Hartford; JOHN ADAMS and Hannah, his wife, of Hambleton, N. Y.; Frederick Wilcox and Eunice, his wife, of ___, N. Y.; Polly Smith, of New Haven, Conn.; Joseph Smith, Jr., of Hanover, Vt,; Deborah Owen, of Westfield, Mass. "All of us heirs of Phinehas Drake, of Windsor, Conn," sold thirty-four acres of land in Windsor to Bildad Drake, of Windsor, Conn." (Land Records, Windsor, Conn. Vol. 22) ______________________ Note: Relationships of above. Siblings were: Roger Deborah Owen Prudence Fitch Edee Webster Nieces & nephew: Eunice Wilcox (Frederick) Polly Smith Joseph Smith Brother-in-law: Joseph Smith Unsolved: Two Hannahs: one married to John Lewis and one married to John Adams.
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