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Marriage: Children:
  1. Catherine London: Birth: Dec 05 1843 in Kurrajong NSW. Death: Oct 09 1905 in Richmond NSW

  2. William John London: Birth: Mar 01 1846 in Parramatta NSW. Death: Jan 01 1932 in Richmond NSW

  3. Robert London: Birth: Oct 21 1848 in Kurrajong NSW. Death: Nov 22 1879 in Richmond NSW

  4. Sarah London: Birth: Oct 20 1850. Death: 1908

  5. Albert London: Birth: Jan 01 1853 in Richmond NSW. Death: Oct 13 1898 in Kurrajong NSW

  6. Henry London: Birth: Aug 14 1855 in Kurrajong NSW. Death: Sep 14 1928 in Richmond NSW

  7. Hannah London: Birth: 1857. Death: Apr 12 1946 in Richmond NSW

  8. Diana London: Birth: 1858. Death: May 05 1935 in Richmond NSW

  9. Elizabeth London: Birth: 1860. Death: 1926

  10. Emily Jane London: Birth: 1862.

  11. John Edward London: Birth: Jun 14 1865 in Kurrajong NSW. Death: Jan 16 1947 in Bankstown NSW

a. Note:   arah on the 27th February 1810, at the time he was just 8 months old ,Records show that in 1814 Sarah and William lived at Aplin in the company of one Maurice Halligan, Not long after this William was in care of the Liverpool Male Orphanage, In 1818 Maurice Halligan was listed as Williams guardian with parents Sarah and Patrick listed as deceased,
 William was to attend the first male orphan school ,which opened in Sydney on the 1st January 1819 . ,Orphanage records for 1822 reveal William to be flogged for absconding from the orphanage , this being his third offence .No further records of William appear again until he married DIANA RILEY eldest daughter of John and Catherine Riley in 1841, It is probable that William had long been working on John Riley's property at Kurrajong where he met Dianna , William and Dianna raised a family of eleven children all are recorded on this family tree
 William and Dianna are buried in an unmarked Grave at St Peters in Richmond ,
Note:   William arrived in Australia onboard the convict ship the ÄNN" with his mother S is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.