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Marriage: Children:
  1. Harriet Little: Birth: Jul 20 1862 in Bundarra NSW. Death: Aug 24 1946 in Tingha NSW

  2. Caroline Little: Birth: Feb 18 1865 in Tingha NSW. Death: May 08 1962 in Glen Innis NSW

  3. William Little: Birth: 1866 in Tingha NSW. Death: Jun 03 1867 in Paradise Creek NSW

  4. Maria Emily Mary Little: Birth: Jan 28 1868 in Moredum, Tingha ,NSW. Death: Aug 16 1957 in Tingha NSW

  5. Thomas Stephen Little: Birth: May 26 1869 in Tingha NSW. Death: Jan 31 1949 in Tingha NSW

  6. Henry Little: Birth: Feb 18 1871 in Kangaroo Camp, Happy Valley (new england tablelands). Death: Oct 05 1957 in Tingha

  7. John Little: Birth: Feb 18 1872 in Tingha NSW. Death: Nov 19 1945 in Armidale NSW

  8. Samuel Little: Birth: 1874 in Tingha NSW. Death: 1874

  9. George Little: Birth: Sep 29 1875 in Guyra NSW. Death: Sep 06 1913 in Tingha NSW

  10. Fredrick Little: Birth: Sep 29 1875 in Guyra NSW. Death: Jan 05 1956 in Tingha NSW

  11. Christopher William Little: Birth: Nov 17 1877 in Guyra NSW. Death: Oct 16 1958 in Bingara NSW

  12. Arthur Edward Little: Birth: May 29 1879 in Tingha NSW. Death: Oct 10 1963 in Tingha NSW

  13. James Little: Birth: Feb 18 1881 in Tingha NSW. Death: Mar 01 1957 in Tingha NSW

  14. Emily Mary Little: Birth: Sep 02 1882 in Tingha NSW. Death: Mar 21 1931 in Tingha NSW

  15. Alfred Pendry Little: Birth: Jun 01 1884 in Tingha NSW. Death: Nov 04 1973 in Tingha NSW

  16. Samuel Herbert Little: Birth: Feb 27 1887 in Guyra NSW. Death: May 15 1955 in Castle Hill NSW

a. Note:   br>
 be born in Australia ,His parents Thomas and Sophia were born in England .Christopher
 was the one of 9 children born to Thomas and Sophia He was born 6th June 1841 at

 Wyoming in New South Wales baptised on the 11 July 1841 by Edward Rogers of the
 Gosford Church of England Parish ,in the district of Brisbane Waters.
  East Gosford is shown as his birth place on his death certificate. Christopher

 spent his early childhood in the Wyoming ditrict before travelling with the family to

 Toryburn in the New England area,where his father had secured work as a Shepherd.
 When Christopher was 20 years old he married Maria Orchard in Armidale New South Wales
  Maria had arrived in Australia with her parents and brothers in
 1857 .up until this time Christopher lived with his family in the cloistered and
 segrated station properties of Toryburn and Abington..
  Christopher and Maria had 16 children, all can be found on the family tree all

 were regular church people and many were members of the Salvation Army,

  On numerous documents Christopher's occupation is shown as Shepherd, Tin

 Miner,and Grazier, It is known that he ran a Half Way House at Kangaroo Camp between
 Guyra and Tingha and it was during this time he built a Schoolhouse, and a "ticket of

 leave" man was employed in the education of his children..
  I have stood where the buildings once were about 20k out of Tingha
 Unfortunatley there are no pictures of the schoolhouse that have been found
  Christopher William Little spoke with a North County English Accent and did so
 until the day he died .
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