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Marriage: Children:
  1. Joseph Henry Beard: Birth: ABT 1835 in Cambridge ,England.

  2. Fredrick Beard: Birth: Mar 07 1839 in Histon Cambridgeshire England. Death: 1863 in Morpeth

  3. Ridgwell Beard: Birth: Nov 28 1841 in Histon Cnty England. Death: Oct 02 1914 in Bundurra NSW

  4. James Beard: Birth: ABT Oct 12 1843 in Histon Cambridgeshire ,England. Death: 1929 in Inverell ,NSW

  5. John Beard: Birth: ABT 1846 in Cambridgeshire ,England.

  6. Hannah Beard: Birth: Jun 14 1847 in Impington,Cambridgshire, England. Death: 1939 in Basin Creek ,Bundarra NSW

  7. Richard Beard: Birth: ABT 1850 in England.

Marriage: Children:
  1. William Thomas Beard: Birth: 1855 in Armidale. Death: 1932 in Armidale NSW

  2. Jane Beard: Birth: 1858 in Bundurra NSW.

  3. Harriet Beard: Birth: 1860 in Bundurra NSW.

  4. Eliza Beard: Birth: 1862 in Bundurra NSW.

  5. Mary Beard: Birth: 1869 in Bundurra NSW.

a. Note:   br>a property north west of the village of Uralla. Under the boundy system,the family were
 being "imported" by the then owners of the station.
  The Beards , William and Mary,fron Cambridge,with six children ,the youngest girl Hannah (later
 known as Annie)not quite four years old,were waiting in Southampton to board ship for New South
 Wales , when Mary died giving birth to her seventh child.
 William, realising that he would need a woman to care for the children on board ship,went to a
 nearby 'poor house' and found a young woman named Mary,who by chance was also from his home town
 of Cambridge, He married her there and then. The new born girl was given away to a couple in
 England, and on the 8th of June 1854 ,the Beards took passage on the immigrant ship'Tantivy', a
 three masted fully rigged ship of 1041 tons,for there new home in New South Wales,a voyage of
 three months, arriving in Australia on 3rd September 1854, They travelled to Abington by bullock
 wagon and moved into a small house already built for them.
 It has been recorded that Mary the stepmother , was considered "not very kind" by one of the sons,
 Ridgewell,who soughta home with a kinder family living nearby and never went back. Another son
 James , was horse whipped by Mr Morse, the owner of the station ,for killing one of the rabbits
 which he ,Morse had brought out from England as pets, and believed to be the first of their kind
 in the James also ran away from home.
 When Annie was six years old ,a frail and extremely small child , she was sent to live with a
 family on a small selection near Bundarra where she was taught to take care of the cows ,her
 duties included doing the milking and taking care of the cattle through the day , to prevent the
 dingoes killing the young calves. It was a responsible job for such a small child as she herself
 was not as tall as the calves. She was not treated kindly by her fosterparents.As they gave her no
 shoes , she would wrap her little legs and feet in rags to keep them warm and protect them from
 prickles and scratches . She spread the rags out in the sun to dry during the day as she watched
 her charges
  Annie returned home to Abington in her late teens ,but as a fully grown woman she was only 4 feet
 tall and never grew ant taller , she remained at home until her marriage to John George Little he
 was the son of Thomas and Sophia Little long time residents of Abington, John was a man almost 6
 feet in height .However, he offered the love and affection which the young girls family had denied
 her and the ill assorted couple ran away to be married in Yetman in the late 1860s
 John took a job on Wiscombe Station and later settled on a small farm at Tingha. They are believed
 to have raised a large family of 15 children ,descendants of whom spread all over Sandon County
 and are well respected in the district to this day...
 footnote ..John George Little is site author's Great Great Great Uncle his whole family can be
 see in the Family Tree
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