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Robert London: Birth: Oct 21 1848 in Kurrajong NSW. Death: Nov 22 1879 in Richmond NSW
Sarah London: Birth: Oct 20 1850. Death: 1908
Sevilla A London: Birth: 1903 in Richmond ,NSW.
William Albert London: Birth: Jun 12 1809 in England.. Death: Dec 31 1877 in North Richmond ,NSW
William George London: Birth: 1890 in Richmond NSW. Death: May 26 1966 in NSW
William John London: Birth: Mar 01 1846 in Parramatta NSW. Death: Jan 01 1932 in Richmond NSW
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Alice Mabel Lowe: Birth: 1900 in Armidale .NSW. Death: 1971
Annie Isobel Lowe: Birth: 1910 in Glen Innes NSW. Death: 1910 in Glen Innes ,NSW
Edith Ellen Lowe: Birth: 1906 in Glen Innes NSW. Death: 2002
Edward Lowe: Birth: Jul 22 1836 in Morpeth ,NSW. Death: Nov 23 1841 in Morpeth ,NSW
Elizabeth Marianne Lowe: Birth: Feb 05 1829 in Green Hills, Maitland NSW.
Elizabeth Maude Lowe: Birth: 1893 in Walcha ,NSW. Death: 1987
Ellen F Lowe: Birth: Jul 05 1866 in NSW. Death: 1936
Emma Margaret Lowe: Birth: May 09 1864 in Bendemeer Tamworth , NSW. Death: Apr 19 1953 in Tingha NSW
Emma Lowe: Birth: 1891 in Barraba NSW. Death: 1891 in Barraba NSW
Ethel Irene Lowe: Birth: 1903 in Glen Innes NSW. Death: 1955
Harold Lowe: Birth: 1902 in Glen Innes NSW. Death: 1902 in Glen Innes ,NSW
Harriet Elizabeth Lowe: Birth: Jan 17 1860 in Tamworth , NSW. Death: Jun 02 1936 in Burwood Sydney NSW
Herbert Thomas Lowe: Birth: 1897 in Glen Innes NSW. Death: 1979 in Glen Innes ,NSW
Ivy May Lowe: Birth: 1917. Death: 1985
John Lowe: Birth: 1868 in Warialda NSW. Death: Nov 10 1949 in Bingara NSW
John Lowe: Birth: Oct 18 1833 in Morpeth ,NSW. Death: Dec 18 1884 in Glen Innes, NSW
Joseph Lowe: Birth: ABT 1798 in Nottingham England. Death: Nov 15 1845 in Millers Forest NSW
Leslie Clide Lowe: Birth: 1915. Death: 1988
Maude Charlotte Lowe: Birth: Jun 15 1895 in Warrialda ,NSW. Death: May 19 1953 in Bingara ,NSW
Myrtle Lillian Lowe: Birth: 1908 in Glen Innes NSW. Death: 1968
Olive Lowe: Birth: 1892 in Tamworth ,NSW. Death: 1892 in Tamworth ,NSW
Sarah Ann Lowe: Birth: Apr 05 1850 in Cardiff,Glamorgan Wales. Death: Oct 10 1895 in Gympie Queensland
Thomas Joseph Lowe: Birth: Apr 01 1839 in Morpeth NSW. Death: Aug 13 1905 in Glen Innes ,NSW
Thomas William Lowe: Birth: 1863 in Burdekin Springs , NSW. Death: Jan 14 1933 in Casino ,NSW
Violet Lowe: Birth: 1904. Death: 1973
William Joseph Lowe: Birth: 1895 in Glen Innes NSW. Death: 1985 in NSW
William Lowe: Birth: Sep 26 1831 in Morphet ,NSW.
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Alice May Lucas: Birth: 1885 in Manilla. Death: Jun 02 1948 in Warialda ,NSW
Lily Gertrude Lucas: Birth: 1890.
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Antonius Catharinus Lucassen: Birth: Sep 12 1916 in Almelo ,Holland. Death: Aug 13 1990 in Rocky River Uralla NSW
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Adelaide Ann Lute: Birth: Oct 27 1883 in Inverell, NSW. Death: Jan 30 1962 in Cessnock ,NSW
Alfred Arthur Lute: Birth: Nov 21 1886 in Inverell, NSW. Death: Jul 19 1949 in Tingha NSW
Cecil Mark Lute: Birth: Aug 11 1897 in Inverell , NSW. Death: Feb 02 1974 in Cessnock, NSW
Charlotte Jane Lute: Birth: Aug 21 1879 in Inverell , NSW. Death: Aug 20 1944 in Tingha NSW
Claude Percy Lute: Birth: Sep 26 1888 in Inverell, NSW. Death: 1980 in NSW
Coral June Lute: Birth: Apr 28 1931 in Inverell NSW. Death: Jan 02 2002
George Ernest Lute: Birth: Sep 13 1890 in Inverell, NSW. Death: Oct 27 1961 in Tomaree ,NSW
Grace Frances Lute: Birth: Oct 20 1907 in Tingha ,NSW. Death: Oct 20 1991 in Gilagi, NSW
Henry George Lute: Birth: Mar 27 1882 in Inverell , NSW. Death: ABT 1941 in Queensland Australia
Iris Edna Lute: Birth: Sep 08 1912 in Tingha ,NSW. Death: Jul 24 2005 in Inverell, NSW
Isaak Fredrick Lute: Birth: Apr 20 1878 in Inverell ,NSW. Death: Nov 18 1953 in Tamworth , NSW
James Walter Lute: Birth: 1880 in Inverell , NSW. Death: May 02 1982 in Inverell , NSW
John Henry Lute: Birth: Oct 10 1876 in Paterson ,NSW. Death: May 19 1953 in Tingha NSW
John Lute: Birth: Apr 12 1846 in Bath, Somerset England. Death: Feb 24 1942 in Tingha NSW
Joseph Reddett Lute: Birth: Jul 24 1885 in Swampoak NSW. Death: Nov 17 1971 in Tingha ,NSW
Loretta May Lute: Birth: May 13 1895 in Inverell ,NSW. Death: 1963 in Inverell, NSW
Lorna Jean Lute: Birth: Sep 24 1921 in Tingha NSW. Death: Jan 17 2002 in Inverell , NSW
May Cecilia Lute: Birth: Oct 28 1909 in Tingha ,NSW. Death: Sep 26 1976 in Tenterfield ,NSW
May Rebecca Lute: Birth: Mar 03 1893 in Inverell, NSW. Death: Jan 18 1988 in Byron Bay ,NSW
Norman Ernest Lute: Birth: Aug 07 1916 in Tingha ,NSW. Death: Mar 09 2013 in Inverell, NSW
Robert Allen Lute: Birth: Mar 31 1928 in Tingha NSW. Death: Apr 01 1928 in Tingha ,NSW
Stella May Lute: Birth: May 24 1919. Death: Oct 21 1998 in Inverell , NSW
William Joseph Lute: Birth: Aug 03 1916 in Tingha NSW. Death: Sep 07 1994 in Glen Innes, NSW
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Emily Luxford: Birth: 1896 in Uralla , NSW. Death: Jan 04 1893 in Tingha ,NSW
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Herbert Gordon Lyat: Birth: Jul 14 1902 in Nundle NSW. Death: Jun 18 1988 in NSW
Agnes Lynch: Birth: 1890 in Murrumbidgerie ,NSW.
Catherine Kate Lynch: Birth: 1894 in Murrumbidgie .NSW.
John J Lynch: Birth: Nov 19 1859 in Tambaroora NSW. Death: May 27 1934 in Coolah ,NSW
Martha Riley Lynch: Birth: 1898 in Murrumbidgie .NSW. Death: 1904 in Sun Top Wellington ,NSW
Maurice Edward Lynch: Birth: 1900.
Peter Joseph Lynch: Birth: 1902. Death: 1904
Thomas Andrew Lynch: Birth: 1899 in Sun Top Wellington NSW. Death: 1966 in Kelso NSW
William J Lynch: Birth: 1892 in Murrumbidgerie .NSW.
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