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Mary Ann Coons: Birth: Abt 1740.
Eliza Coonts: Birth: Abt 1840.
Lee Cooper: Birth: Abt 1860.
Lethe Cooper: Birth: Abt 1885.
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Angie May Cope: Birth: Aft 1900.
Anna M. Cope: Birth: 15 Jul 1871 in Kansas. Death: 27 Dec 1874 in Kansas
Aquilla M. Cope: Birth: 24 Apr 1848 in Elliotts Cross Roads, Morgan, Ohio. Death: 13 Sep 1938 in Kansas
David Nathan Cope: Birth: 9 Aug 1878.
Jay Cope: Birth: Aft 1900.
Lucinda Cope: Birth: 5 May 1876 in Kansas. Death: Abt 1876
Nathan Piggot Cope: Birth: 21 Jun 1820 in Belmont Co., Ohio. Death: 21 Dec 1897 in Toledo, Chase, Kansas
Oscar D. Cope: Birth: 14 Jul 1877 in Kansas. Death: 1877
Sarah E. Cope: Birth: 12 Mar 1870 in Kansas. Death: Apr 1870
William Arthur Cope: Birth: 10 Mar 1874 in Kansas.
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Sarah Copenhaver: Birth: Abt 1845.
Sarah Copley: Birth: Abt 1785.
Myrtle Corey: Birth: Abt 1875.
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Cornelius Cormany: Birth: Abt 1845.
Harry Cormany: Birth: 1871 in Union Twp, Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania.
Coyt Cornelius: Birth: Abt 1899.
George Cornelius: Birth: May 1867.
Infant Cornelius: Birth: Abt 1892.
Lloyd Cornelius: Birth: Abt 1900.
Pearly Cornelius: Birth: Abt 1894.
Sophia Cornelius: Birth: Abt 1897.
Stanton Cornelius: Birth: Abt 1890.
Walter Cornelius: Birth: Abt 1895.
John C. Cornell: Birth: Abt 1830.
Cindarella Cornwell: Birth: 27 Jun 1832. Death: 23 Jan 1878 in Claypool, Warren, Kentucky
Alfred Corrinder: Birth: Abt 1815.
Eliza Jane Corrinder: Birth: 29 Jun 1837.
Emily E. Corrinder: Birth: 19 Jul 1843.
George W. Corrinder: Birth: 28 Jun 1839.
James M. Corrinder: Birth: 18 Nov 1852.
John J. Corrinder: Birth: 1851.
Martha A. Corrinder: Birth: 21 Nov 1848.
Mary L. Corrinder: Birth: 18 Nov 1856.
Sarah A. Corrinder: Birth: 25 Jun 1841.
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Cotterman: Birth: Abt 1840.
David Cotterman: Birth: Abt 1815.
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Mabel Coverdill: Birth: Abt 1895. Death: Abt 1975
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Florence B. Cowgill: Birth: 16 Sep 1867.
Mary M. Cowgill: Birth: Abt 1870.
Alpheus M Cox: Birth: 26 Apr 1857 in Randolph Co., Indiana.
Alva G Cox: Birth: 1884 in Haviland, Kiowa, Kansas.
Alvin Addison Cox: Birth: Abt 1875.
Ambrose Cox: Birth: Abt 1865.
Anna Eliza Cox: Birth: 6 Jun 1876.
Arthur Cox: Birth: 10 Sep 1861.
Claude E Cox: Birth: 6 Sep 1890 in Maquoketa, Jackson, Iowa.
Dillon Cox: Birth: Abt 1840.
Dora B Cox: Birth: 1887 in Haviland, Kiowa, Kansas.
Edna May Cox: Birth: 4 May 1903 in Noblesville, Hamilton, Indiana.
Elizabeth Cox: Birth: Abt 1840.
Ella Cox: Birth: Aft 1855 in LaPorte Co., Indiana.
Ella Cox: Birth: 22 Oct 1873.
Ellen Cox: Birth: 1831-1833 in Whitley Co., Kentucky.
Enoch Cox: Birth: Abt 1800 in Virginia. Death: 1850-1860 in Whitley Co., Kentucky
Flora E Cox: Birth: 1898 in Haviland, Kiowa, Kansas.
George L Cox: Birth: 20 Mar 1892 in Whitley Co., Kentucky. Death: 18 Aug 1893 in Jellico Creek, Whitley, Kentucky
H. F. Cox: Birth: Abt 1868 in Whitley Co., Kentucky.
Ira Alpheus Cox: Birth: 1902 in Haviland, Kiowa, Kansas.
Isaac Darrel Cox: Birth: 7 Jan 1897 in Noblesville, Hamilton, Indiana.
Jane Cox: Birth: Abt 1822. Death: 24 Feb 1856 in Indiana
Jesse Walter Cox: Birth: 18 Oct 1899 in Noble Co., Indiana.
John W. Cox: Birth: Abt 1829 in Kentucky. Death: Bef 1870 in Whitley Co., Kentucky
John Cox: Birth: Abt 1785.
Jonathan Cox: Birth: Abt 1835.
Laura Cox: Birth: 14 May 1854.
Maria Cox: Birth: Abt 1825.
Martha M. Cox: Birth: 30 Sep 1856 in Whitley Co., Kentucky.
Mary Cox: Birth: 4 Nov 1868.
Melva R Cox: Birth: 1889 in Haviland, Kiowa, Kansas.
Naomi Cox: Birth: 14 Nov 1816 in North Carolina. Death: 10 Oct 1905 in North Platte, Lincoln, Nebraska
Nina G Cox: Birth: 1894 in Haviland, Kiowa, Kansas.
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