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Olga Helene Schwallbach: Birth: 1 Apr 1897 in Moskva, Rusland. Death: 1 Sep 1988 in Helsing�r
Roman Theodor Schwallbach: Birth: 29 Jul 1887 in Arensburg (Kuressaare) Estland. Death: 30 Jan 1930 in Estland
Rudolf (Ralph) Alexander Nikolai Schwallbach: Birth: 24 Feb 1902 in Moskva, Rusland. Death: 26 Dec 1958 in Pebbley Beach, Australien
Silvester Schwallbach: Birth: 31 Dec 1893 in Arensburg, Estland. Death: 1 Mar 1918 in Tyskland?
Theodor Johann Boris Schwallbach: Birth: 11 Jul 1863 in Heimar, (Haimre) M�rjamaa, Estland. Death: 6 Sep 1943 in Berlin
Trino Schwallbach: Birth: 1890 in Stein Fickel, Vigala, L��nemaa.
Werner Ferdinand Schwallbach: Birth: 20 May 1890 in Arensburg, Estland.
Woldemar Eduard Gustav Schwallbach: Birth: 5 May 1868 in Rayk�ll, Estland. Death: 21 Jan 1875 in Rapla
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Friedrich Schwartz: Death: 1912 in Kiev
Yuri Schwartz: Birth: 27 Oct 1937 in Kiev, Ukraine. Death: 22 Jan 2007 in Kiev
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Carl Joseph Schwenn: Birth: 7 Jan 1888 in Aarhus. Death: 3 Apr 1973 in K�benhavn
Peter Rudolph Heinrich Theodor Schwenn: Birth: 15 Dec 1846 in K�benhavn. Death: 21 May 1902 in Hamborg, Tyskland
Johanne Christine Sch ch: Birth: 23 Jun 1879 in Hostruphus.
Elisabeth Sch ler: Birth: 1841.
Anna Margaretha Sch mann: Birth: 21 Aug 1883 in N�chel.
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Anna Pauline Gertrud Sch nwetter: Birth: 16 Mar 1863 in Hamborg.
Anna Sch nwetter: Birth: 3 Nov 1898.
August Friedrich Wilhelm Sch nwetter: Birth: 8 Mar 1878 in Hamburg, Tyskland.
Carl Wilhelm Sch nwetter: Birth: 12 Mar 1837 in Soldin. Death: 5 Nov 1895 in Hamburg
Carl Sch nwetter: Birth: 12 Nov 1868 in Soldin.
Dagmar Sch nwetter: Birth: 4 Mar 1896 in Oslo.
Gertraud Sch nwetter: Birth: 16 Mar 1863 in Soldin. Death: 16 Sep 1915 in Augsburg, Bayern
Guldborg Sch nwetter: Birth: 13 Mar 1898.
Johannes Sch nwetter: Death: 1 Aug 1886 in Hamburg
Nelly Sch nwetter: Birth: 30 Jan 1895 in Oslo.
Reinhold Sch nwetter: Birth: 5 Mar 1876 in Hamburg. Death: 30 Dec 1957 in Maryland, USA
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Ane Marie Secher: Birth: 26 Feb 1809 in Kiergaard, Elsted, Aarhus amt. Death: Aft 1834
Christian Frederich Waldemar Secher: Birth: 4 Dec 1828 in Middelgade, Aarhus. Death: 28 Mar 1864 in Dybb�l
Christiane Sofie Secher: Birth: 3 Jun 1818 in Middegade, Aarhus. Death: 24 Feb 1876 in Randers
Elisa Amalie Secher: Birth: 4 Nov 1812 in Kiergaarden, Elsted, Aarhus amt. Death: 31 Jan 1876 in Randers
Hans Christian Secher: Birth: 1781. Death: 2 Feb 1833 in Middelgade, Aarhus
Knud Iver Assens Secher: Birth: 2 Aug 1883 in Smallegade 20, Frederiksberg. Death: 19 Feb 1956 in Gentofte
Laura Georgine Secher: Birth: 24 May 1816 in Middelgade, Aarhus. Death: 24 Jul 1824 in Middelgade, Aarhus
Lili Marie Elisabeth Secher: Birth: 1 Aug 1883 in Smallegade 20, Frederiksberg.
Nicoline Kirstine Maria Secher: Birth: 25 Oct 1810 in Elsted, Aarhus amt.
Ole Vilhelm Secher: Birth: 6 Mar 1918 in K�benhavn. Death: 21 Oct 1993 in K�benhavn
Vilhelm Adolf Secher: Birth: 17 Aug 1851 in St. Br�ndum, Aalborg. Death: 8 Sep 1918 in Hellerup
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Diderikke Georgia Seehusen: Birth: 1797 in Gr�shave, Maribo amt.
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Dorothy Barbara Sellmer: Birth: 4 May 1924 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Death: 16 Aug 2001 in Vista, California, USA
Gudrun Sellmer: Birth: 6 Sep 1938 in Skt Josephs hospital, K�benhavn. Death: 6 Sep 1938 in Skt Josephs hospital, K�benhavn
Julius Carl Sellmer: Birth: 13 Aug 1884 in Wisconsin, USA. Death: Bef 1947
Michael Sellmer: Birth: 19 Jan 1955 in USA. Death: 29 Jan 2003 in Long Beach, California 90814, USA
Robert Anthony Sellmer: Birth: 17 Jun 1913 in Milwaukee Health Dep., Wisconsin, USA. Death: 8 Aug 1963 in Nunez de Baboa 74, Madrid, Spanien
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Johan H ier Sengebusch: Birth: 1750. Death: 1822
Anne Marense Serkj r: Birth: 1853. Death: 23 Apr 1882
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Feiga Shulman: Birth: 9 Sep 1905 in Kiev. Death: 1995 in Kiev
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Ove Henning Sibbern: Birth: 28 Jun 1902. Death: Aug 1987 in Aups, Frankrig
Claudine Emilie Sick: Birth: 11 Jul 1828 in K�benhavn. Death: 21 Sep 1894 in Almindeligt Hospital
Joachim Sick: Birth: 9 Jul 1798 in Rendsburg, Holsten. Death: 31 Oct 1861 in Meriansgade 25
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Helena Sillermann: Birth: 23 Oct 1818 in Arensburg.
Ludvig Abraham Simon: Birth: 6 Oct 1825 in Randers. Death: 5 Jul 1883 in Randers
Regisse Simon: Birth: 26 Sep 1857 in Randers. Death: 27 Apr 1924 in K�benhavn
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Ane Sophie Simonsdatter: Birth: Aug 1810 in Levetoft, �de F�rslev. Death: Aft 1879
Anne Cathrine Simonsdatter: Birth: Abt 1650 in Norge. Death: Oct 1745
Anne Simonsdatter: Birth: 1742. Death: May 1769 in Dyrmose
Cathine Simonsdatter: Birth: 1781 in �de F�rslev. Death: 11 Oct 1865 in F�rslev
Dorthe Simonsdatter: Birth: 1798. Death: 14 Aug 1836 in Grundf�r
Else Simonsdatter: Birth: 1754.
Karen Simonsdatter: Birth: 25 May 1819 in Levetoft, �de F�rslev. Death: 12 Sep 1868 in F�rslev
Mette Simonsdatter: Birth: 1677. Death: 1755
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Anders Mathiasen Simonsen: Birth: 10 Apr 1852 in Mellerup.
Andreas Simonsen: Birth: 31 Oct 1869 in Lihme.
Anine Simonsen: Birth: 1868 in Timring.
Anne Dorthe Simonsen: Birth: 21 Feb 1848 in Vester D�lby. Death: 23 Apr 1851 in D�lby
Anne Kirstine Simonsen: Birth: 23 Oct 1846 in Lem. Death: Aft 1890
Anne Simonsen: Birth: 13 Jun 1843 in Vester D�lby.
Caroline Mathiasdatter Simonsen: Birth: 9 Oct 1842 in Mellerup.
Eskild Simonsen: Birth: 13 Aug 1837 in Hem, Hindborg, Viborg. Death: 11 Apr 1919 in Aalborg, Vor Frelsers sogn
Hans Christian Simonsen: Birth: 16 Aug 1929 in Strandgaarden, Hesselager Mark. Death: 7 Jun 2014
Helene Nicoline Simonsen: Birth: 17 Oct 1846 in Hundborg, Thisted amt.
Hulda Ceciie Simonsen: Birth: 1876 in Rynkeby, Revninge, Odense amt.
Jens Christian Gundorph Simonsen: Birth: 1870 in Odense.
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