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Karen Iversdatter: Birth: 14 Oct 1764 in Revning. Death: Dec 1764 in Revning
Karen Iversdatter: Birth: 8 Jan 1775 in Revning. Death: Aft 1801
Karen Iversdatter: Birth: 20 Jun 1763 in Revning. Death: 28 Dec 1763 in Revning
Karen Iversdatter: Birth: 1804 in Holt, Aulum, Ringk�bing amt. Death: 16 Nov 1872 in Klejnstruphus, Vinding
Mariane Iversdatter: Birth: 1819 in Balling. Death: 7 Nov 1906 in Nyskivehusvej, Skive Landsogn
Mette Iversdatter: Birth: 1657. Death: Apr 1699 in Harrestrup
Rebecca Iversdatter: Birth: Jan 1766 in Pederstrup, S�rl�se. Death: 29 Nov 1837 in Snekkerup
Zidsel Iversdatter: Birth: ansl 1650 in Sognstrup. Death: May 1712 in Lindholt, Tvis
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Poul Iversen Kirkegaard: Birth: 3 Jul 1837 in Villerslev, Thisted. Death: 9 Nov 1918 in Woburn, Massachusetts, USA
J rgen Henrik Iversen Rasmussen: Birth: 7 Jan 1816 in Assens. Death: 19 May 1823 in Assens
Christen Iversen Sognstrup: Birth: 1612 in Sognstrup. Death: Jan 1704 in Sognstrup
Iversen: Birth: 12 Jan 1766 in Revning. Death: 12 Jan 1766 in Revning
Iversen: Birth: 18 Jun 1769 in Revning. Death: 18 Jun 1769 in Revning
Iversen: Birth: 24 May 1772 in Revning. Death: 24 May 1772 in Revning
Abelone Iversen: Birth: 12 Apr 1845 in Tvis.
Adolf Frederik Iversen: Birth: 20 Apr 1852 in Assens.
Adolphine Frederike Iversen: Birth: 1857 in Aarhus.
Anders Frederich Iversen: Birth: 7 Jul 1828 in Assens.
Anders Kristian Iversen: Birth: 1799.
Anders Refning Iversen: Birth: 9 Dec 1840 in Tvis. Death: 6 Jun 1860 in Stokvad, Tvis
Ane Elisabeth Iversen: Birth: 2 Nov 1812 in Assens.
Anne Margrethe Iversen: Birth: 30 Mar 1841 in D�lby (Hvidberg). Death: Aft 1897 in Balling
Bodil Kathrine Iversen: Birth: 17 Jun 1902 in �ster Skautrup, Tvis sogn.
Carl Adolph Iversen: Birth: 10 Jun 1811 in Assens.
Carl Peter Christian Iversen: Birth: 7 Nov 1853 in Assens.
Christen Iversen: Birth: Abt 1643 in Sognstrup, N�rre Felding. Death: Dec 1706 in Sognstrup
Christen Iversen: Birth: ansl 1673 in Mellem Hedegaard, Idum. Death: 1726 in Mellem Hedegaard, Idum
Christen Iversen: Birth: 1738.
Christen Iversen: Birth: Mar 1779 in Harrestrup.
Christiane Iversen: Birth: 19 Jul 1826 in Assens.
Christiane Iversen: Birth: 4 Mar 1845 in D�lby.
Hans Peter Iversen: Birth: 18 Aug 1819 in Assens.
Iver Jersild Iversen: Birth: in Neder Skautrup.
Iver Iversen: Birth: 25 Oct 1817 in Assens. Death: Bef 1880
Jens Christian Iversen: Birth: 29 Apr 1847 in Tvis.
Jens Iversen: Birth: 1732 in Harrestrup. Death: Dec 1804 in Harrestrup
Jens Iversen: Birth: May 1768 in Revning. Death: 25 Sep 1834 in Kleinstrup
Jens Iversen: Birth: 1767.
J rgen Henrich Iversen: Birth: 15 Aug 1823 in Assens. Death: 1894 in Aarhus
Karen Iversen: Birth: 1 Dec 1773 in Refning. Death: Aft 1805
Kirstine Iversen: Birth: 23 Oct 1835 in Kv�rrede.
Marie Iversen: Birth: 1859.
Mette Maria Rasmusdatter Iversen: Birth: 15 Jul 1814 in Assens.
Mette Marie Iversen: Birth: 26 Jun 1850 in Stokvad, Tvis, Ringk�bing.
Niels Christian Iversen: Birth: 8 Aug 1821 in Assens.
Niels Stokvad Iversen: Birth: 1843 in Tvis.
Nina Marie Iversen: Birth: 18 May 1897. Death: 14 Jul 1984 in Glostrup
Rasmus Carl Iversen: Birth: 1859 in Aarhus.
Rasmus Iversen: Birth: 1 Jul 1781 in Svanninge s. amt. Death: 5 Apr 1849 in Assens
Valdemar Iversen: Birth: 1868 in Aarhus.
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