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Marriage: Children:
  1. Abigail Bolling Dunklin: Birth: 12 OCT 1797. Death: 4 MAR 1857 in Butler Co., AL

  2. Nancy Ann Wathen Dunklin: Birth: 28 APR 1802.

  3. Joseph H. Dunklin: Birth: 22 AUG 1804 in SC. Death: 1885 in Greenville, Butler Co., AL

  4. Lucinda Dunklin: Birth: 16 SEP 1806.

  5. Person Not Viewable

1. Title:   DAR Application
Page:   481974, Mrs. Genevieve Sligh Hanegan Briggs, descendant of James and Elizabeth Bolling Dunklin
2. Title:   Laurens Co., SC Will Bk C-1,p318, Testator: Samuel Bolling (signed 9 May 1808, pr. 5 Sep 1808)
3. Title:   Obituary in Newspaper
Page:   Indicates she died 1 Feb 1809 in 31st year of her age.
4. Title:   Laurens Co., SC Probate Court Records
Page:   Will of Thornberry Bolling, signed 13 Jun 1822
5. Title:   Obituary in Newspaper
Page:   Charleston, SC newspaper 20 Feb 1809 issue

a. Note:   . Holcomb Marriage and Death Notices from The(Charleston) Times, 1800-1821, copyright 1979   Genealogical Pub. Co. of Baltimore MD; on page 217 appears "Issue of February 20, 1809 (third item) ...Died on the 1st of Feb., in the 31st year of her age, Mrs. Elizabeth Dunklin, consort of James Dunklin, Esq. of LaurensDistrict..... left five small children."  end of quote From Melba Dingler 11/29/2005; LWT of Thornberry Bolling, Laurens Dist, SC, written 13 June 1822. "to the heirs of my Sister Elizabeth Bolling one dollar divided amongst them" (note plurals) indicating more than one child. The death notice above shows that Elizabeth was survived by five children. Melba's research indicates they are: Buried in Pioneer Cemetery, Greenville, Butler, AL, where James Dunklin and 4th wife are buried. ( Joseph & James L. based on 1850 Census Butler Co., also) Joseph Dunklin 1804-1885 Walter Edward Dunklin 1815-1853 James L. Dunklin 1816-1887 and possibly, though may be too late, depending on year of Elizabeth's [This one, Mary A. Dunklin 1821-1879 (married a Burnett) was born after Elizabeth's death in 1809. Joyce Poole was informed of new information concerning the origins of the fake Samuel Bolling “bible record” from Glen Garrison on 5/28/2006. Glen has two separate copies of the “bible record” which were sent to him in 1981 by Edna Mae Watson (Mrs. M. H.). These are xerox copies of the two records which she had found in the Laurens, SC Library in 1972 in the DAR Bible Records, pages 23 and 24 in the volume and she had written “193” as though that might be a library reference number. These are the sources for false dates, or made-up dates. .. One of the records says that it was “found in the papers of a daughter of Samuel Bolling, who married James Sullivan. This record further stated that it was copied by Sara Sullivan Ervin and placed in the DAR records. The records included information that Elizabeth, dau of Samuel Bolling and Abigail, was born ca 1782 and died on 1 Feb 1809, and married James Dunklin. This date of 1 Feb 1809 agrees with the death notice in the Charleston Times newsletter. We can be sure that Elizabeth Dunklin was living on 8 May 1808 when her father wrote his will in Laurens Co., SC, and she was deceased when brother Thornberry Bolling wrote his will 13 Jun 1822. She married to James Dunklin in 1809 when Josiah Newton Bolling was born to her sister Lucinda. She died about the same time that Josiah was born, and according to the court records, James Dunklin offered to take the child as well as the mother of the child into his household. This was no doubt because his wife Elizabeth was deceased. Will of Thornberry Bolling In the name of God, Amen. I Thornberry Bolling of the State of S.C. and Laurens District, being in a low state of health but of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding, do make and declare this to be my last will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say. After my lawful debts is paid my will and desire is that all the balance of my estate both real and personal be and remain in the hands of my mother Abigail Bolling during her lifetime, and at her death, to be distributed as follows. That is to Thornberry Bolling (son of Samuel Bollng) my share and interest in the Fork School Library Society and one hundred dollars in cash to Samuel Perrett (son of Alfor Perrett) one hundred dollars in cash. To Samuel Bolling son of John Bolling my share and interest in the land same John Bolling lives on, laying in the State of Alabama. To my four brothers Robert Bolling, Tully Bolling, John Bolling, Samuel Bolling one dollar each. To my three sisters Nancy Strange, Lucenda Johnson and Polly Perrett one dollar each. The heirs of my sister Elizabeth Dunklin one dollar divided amongst them and all the balance of my estate both real and personal. I give and bequeath to Henderson Sullivan and Joseph Johnson to be equally divided between them by my executors here after named. Lastly, I nominate and appoint Tully Bolling, Henderson Sullivan and Joseph N. Johnson executors of this my last will and testament by them to be preformed. In witness ofI have hereunto signed my name and fixed my seal this 13th day of June, 1822. Signed, sealed and published in presents of us. Micajah Berry Tully Bolling
Note:   From Betty Sparks 2/8/2011: I now hold in my hand the book by Brent H
b. Note:   nt Holcomb,Garland library: Issue of February 20, 1809: Died the 1st of February in the31st year of her age, Mrs. Elizabeth Bolling Dunklin, consort of James Dunklin,Esquire of Laurens District...  left 5 small children". (reported Jan 2011 by Betty Sparks)
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