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Marriage: Children:
  1. Minerva Amanda Bolling: Birth: 16 JUN 1815 in South Carolina. Death: 3 FEB 1884 in Perry County, Alabama

  2. Thornberry William Washington Bolling: Birth: 5 JAN 1817 in South Carolina. Death: 1885 in Crawford County, Arkansas

  3. Benjamin Franklin Bolling: Birth: 1820 in South Carolina. Death: 13 JUL 1893 in Perry County, AL

  4. Mary E. Bolling: Birth: ABT 1824 in South Carolina.

  5. Louisa D. Bolling: Birth: 1825 in South Carolina.

  6. Martha Ann Bolling: Birth: 1826 in SC (probably Greenville Co.). Death: in maybe Choctaw Co., AL

  7. Samuel Milton Bolling: Birth: 4 MAR 1827 in South Carolina. Death: 9 NOV 1904 in Perry County, AL

  8. Elizabeth Parthenia Bolling: Birth: 1828 in South Carolina. Death: 12 MAY 1900 in Perry County, Alabama

  9. Nancy Caroline Bolling: Birth: 1832 in South Carolina. Death: 1893 in Perry County, Alabama

  10. Tully Spraggins Bolling: Birth: DEC 1832 in Greenville, South Carolina. Death: 13 FEB 1910 in Perry County, AL

  11. Sanders S. Bolling: Birth: 1837 in Alabama.

  12. Sarah Samantha Bolling: Birth: 1837.

1. Title:   Dingler, Melba, Research Report, Recipient: Joyce Poole
Page:   report of 12/5/2007

a. Note:   her who is living on Rabon Creek, about 4-5 miles east of Reedy River. Samuel (Jr.) is in the right age bracket, and next door is his sister Nancy (Bolling) Sullivan, whose husband John Sullivan died in 1802. (Image 13 of 76 in the census database) Greenville Co. Deeds: Book N, 1823-24. James Farmer (Greenville Dist) to Samuel Bolling (Laurens Dist) for $300 a plantation whereon James Dickinson now lives being in Greenville Dist. on the waters of Bakers Fork waters of Reedy River, 421 acres, date 14 Feb 1824. Signed James Farmer. Wit: John Townsen, Tully Bolling. ... Book S, 1835-39. Samuel Bolling (Greenville Dist) to Abram Cuietou (?) $1100 for plantation where on Same Bolling now lives...(sames land description as above)...Date 29 Sept 1836. Signed Samuel Bolling. ...John. Townsend J.Q. Certified that Elizabeth Bolling, wife of Samuel Bolling, did relinquish her claim of dower 24 Oct 1836. ... The above sale would have been just prior to their move to Alabama. First land record Perry Co. AL record from Cahaba Land Record Office. Samuel Bolling, Sec. 24 Dec. #17616 4 Feb 1835 39.95 acres. Deed Transactions, Greenville Co, SC 1824 Bolling, Samuel - Book N, p 227, 421A on Reedy River 1836 Bolling, Samuel - Book S, p 234, 41A on Reedy River Reedy River runs through the city of Greenville. 1820 Greenville Co, SC census, Roll M33_120, p 111, Saml Boling, 2M 0-10, 1M 26-45, 3F 0-10, 1F 26-45. 1830 Greenville Co, SC census, Roll M19_172, p 283, Samuel Boling, 1M 5-10, 1M 10-15, 1M 15-20, 1M 40-50, 2F 0-5, 1F 5-10, 2F 10-15, 1F 15-20, 1F 30-40. 1840 Census, Perry County, AL., Roll 11, page 250 ( online Image 7)) Samuel Bolling (neighbors of William Oakes, Reuben Edwards) 1 male under 5 1 male 5 and under 10 1 male 10 and under 15 1 male 20 and under 30 1 male 40 and under 50 1 female under 10 2 females 10 and under 15 2 females 15 and under 20 1 female 40 and under 50 1850 Census, Perry County, AL., Radfordsville Beat, household #34, Image 6 Samuel Bolling, 61, farmer, $2000, SC Elizabeth, 60, SC Louisa D., 25, SC Tully S., 18, SC Sanders S., 13, AL Samuel M., 23, AL 1860 Census, Perry County, AL, Radfordsville, page 639 Saml Bolling, 65, farmer, born SC Didemah, 50, wife, born GA Louisa D., 28, born SC Wm. S. Townsen, 23, overseer, born AL Will of Samuel Bolling Know all men by their presence that I, SAMUEL BOLLING, of the county of Perry in the State of Alabama considering the uncertainty of his life and being of sound mind and memory do make declare and publish this my last Will and Testament. 1st I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife DIDEMIAH the portion of my Estate agreed upon between her and myself before the marriage of her and myself to have and to hold the same to her and her Executors and Administrators and Assigns forever. 2nd I give and bequeath unto my beloved Grandchild ELIZABETH CARMELLA RITLEDGE Fifty Dollars to have and to hold the same to her. Said money to be used for the education of said child. 3rd I give and bequeath unto my beloved Grandchild SARAH JANE RUTLEDGE One Hundred Dollars to have and to hold the said money to her. Said money to be used for the education of said child. 4th I give and bequeath unto my sons TULLY SPRAGGINS (BOLLING) and SANDERS ALEXANDER WADE TOWNSEND BOLLING one hundred and Sixty acres of land each it being the lands they now hold possession of. Said lands to be accounted for to them as a part of their share of my Estate as hereinafter specified at the same price I paid for the same, they paying in interest on the money paid for the said Lands. 5th I give devise and bequeath unto my beloved children BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, THORNBERRY WASHINGTON, SAMUEL MILTON, TULLY SPRAGGINS, SANDERS ALEXANDER WADE TOWNSEND, MINERVA AMANDA GARRISON, LOUISA D., MARTHA ANN KEETON, MARY E. MCCARY, ELIZABETH PARTHENIA EDWARDS, NANCY CAROLINE HOPKINS, and SARAH SAMANTHA DUNKLIN the residue of my Estate, real personal or mixed of which I shall die seized and possessed or to which I shall be entitled to at the time of decease (after paying all my just debts) to have and to hold the same to them and their Executors and Administrators or Assigns forever. Said property to be divided equally between said children. All my property to be sold and proceeds to be divided except my negros which can be divided into Lists and drawn for if this can be done satisfactory, if not, to be sold and the proceeds divided between said children. 6th I do nominate and appoint my sons BENJAMIN FRANKLIN and SAMUEL MILTON to be the executors of this my last Will and Testament. In testimony whereof I have to this my last Will and Testament. I inscribed my name and affixed my Seal this the 28th day of April in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty Two. Signed sealed disclosed SAM'L BOLLING (Seal) Witnesses: W. R. Palmore William T. Edwards Micajah Bennett Will Proven, Perry County Probate Court, September 16, 1863. The Perry County Heritage Book by Heritage Publishing consultants, Inc. P.O. Box 67, Clanton, AL 35046 1 - 800 - 568 -1611 "The Bollings" "From these beginnings came Samuel "Colling" Bolling and his wife Elizabeth Townsend who settled at Radfordsville in Perry County, Alabama. One of their sons, Samuel Milton Bolling married Ann Dobyne and moved to the eastern part of the County to Pinetucky Beat about 1819, where they bought land and a house. sometime during these years Samuel Milton Bolling served a term or two in the State Legislature in Montgomery as a Senator. They had four children." As this older generation passed away, two of the sons Nathaniel "Preston" Bolling and Samuel Jackson Bolling were living there on the adjacent farms. They reared their families in a close knit bond of love and fellowship. When their children were approaching the need for a higher education, the parents decided to move to Centreville, Alabama to put their children in school there. The elder son in each family, Cousin "Alex" Bolling, and Mr. "Armp" Armistead Bolling, being about 19 years of age each, decided to remain on their farms. They were young bachelors together, and had many hardships such as trying to keep house, but had many good times also. Cousin Alex married Josie McFarland and they had six children. Mr. Armp [Bolling] married Fannie Green, and they had four children. Written and submitted by Doris S. Bolling." Note: The accuracy of the above information has not been verified. Charles Bolling of Van Buren, AR, descendant of Samuel Bolling, Jr. and Elizabeth Townsend, was the first tested of this Group 7 (William of Orange Co., VA) family in the Bolling DNA project. He died in 2008, advised by Doris Oakes 11 Jul 2008. Possible burial place of Samuel Bolling, Jr. and wife: See page for Nancy Caroline Bolling Hopkins, their daughter, who is buried on land that appears to be an Indian Mound and is known as the Farrar cemetery, property of George Young Farrar who married a daughter of John Bolling and Ursula Bell, Nancy Bolling. Melba Dingler suggested that Samuel Bolling, Jr. may have bought this land from the family of George Young Farrar who died in 1838.
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