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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth Bolling: Birth: 1797 in Greenville County, South Carolina. Death: 6 MAR 1881 in Greenville County, South Carolina

  2. Terry Tarrant Bolling: Birth: 19 DEC 1800 in Greenville Co., SC. Death: 10 APR 1874 in Summerville, Chattooga Co., GA

  3. Abigail Bolling: Birth: APR 1802. Death: 11 SEP 1905

  4. Mary Perritt Bolling: Birth: 1807 in South Carolina. Death: 1896

  5. Jane Caroline Bolling: Birth: 1810. Death: 1857

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1. Title:   Senter, Sue Bolling, descendant of Terry Tarrant Bolling
Page:   3/24/2006, Ancestor Chart of 2 Jun 1993 (source of date, not place)

a. Note:   7, pr. 27 May 1779, and wife Mary. This information from Sue Bolling Senter Ancestor Chart dated 2 Jun 1993 sent to Joyce Poole 3/24/2006. Greenville County South Carolina Deeds Abstracts of Deeds: Greenville County, SC by Dr. A. B. Pruitt Bks A - G Abst. Bollings by Doris Oakes Sep 2007 Bks A-C (1787 - 1795) 602 Bk C p 314 Nov. 13, 1792 Thomas Means (Fairfield Co, SC) to William Choice (Greenville Co); for L20 sold 300 ac on a branch of Saluda R; border: land laid out to John Winn on SW and vacant land on other sides when surveyed; granted Jan. 21, 1785 to Sarah Milling, now wife of Thomas Means. (signed) T Means; witness Samuel Barker, Robert Bolling, & Henry Mawosr (or Macony); wit. oath (no date) by (omitted) to Larkin Tarrant esq; rec. Aug. 15, 1793 1974 Bk F p 441 Mar. 23, 1801 Martin Hewlet and wife Jane (Greenville Dist) to Larkin Tarrant (same); for $600 sold 130 ac on Saluda R; border;: begins at "confluence" of Mill Cr, runs down Saluda R to a conditional line "which line is fully laid down' by a deed from Samuel Mosley to John Machan, joins Mrs. Mary Sowell, & her spring branch; [full metes & bounds not mentioned]; includes an acre on N side of Mill Cr joining said mill "for the use of the same". (signed Martin Hewlett & Jeaney" Hewlett; witness Henry Paris & Obadiah Bolding; ; proved Sept. 5, 1801 by Obadiah Bolding before John Burns JP; recorded Apr. 24. 1802 [JPP note: Obadiah Bolding is son of John/Rebecca of Group 5 DNA] 2018 Bk G p 80 Dec. 5, 1801 John Burns & Nancy Burns to Larkin Tarrant (Greenville Dist); for $800 sold 217 ac on waters of Saluda R; border: begins at a small white oak on "Piny's" line and joins "the" original line; part of a grant (no date to James Blasingame esq. (signed John Burns and Nancy's mark "X"; witness Obediah Bolding & Sion Turner; proved Oct. 12, 1802 by Sion Turner before L Tarrant JP; recorded Oct. 12, 1802
Note:   Rachel was dau of Leonard Tarrant b ca 1734 (in VA?) will s/d 3 Jul 177
b. Note:   he database. Years later, in Sep 2009, the same date was given by a descendant, Clydia Davenport, as the date Robert Bolling married Rachel Tarrant.
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