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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Radford Bolling: Birth: 25 APR 1842 in Perry County, Alabama. Death: 12 NOV 1906 in Crawford County, Arkansas

  2. Nancy E. Bolling: Birth: 29 JAN 1843 in Perry County, Alabama.

  3. Martha Joe Ann Bolling: Birth: 8 NOV 1844 in Perry County, Alabama.

  4. George F. Bolling: Birth: 20 FEB 1850 in Alabama.

  5. Jabe H. Bolling: Birth: 20 APR 1852 in Crawford County, Arkansas. Death: 1918 in Crawford County, Arkansas

  6. Samson Sanders L. Bolling: Birth: 15 APR 1854 in Crawford County, Arkansas. Death: 2 APR 1908 in Crawford County, Arkansas

  7. Andrew J. Bolling: Birth: 1858 in Crawford County, Arkansas.

  8. Robert Lee Bolling: Birth: 23 FEB 1859 in Crawford County, Arkansas.

  9. John C. Bolling: Birth: 1861 in Alabama.

  10. Ella Amanda Bolling: Birth: 17 MAY 1869 in Crawford County, Arkansas.

1. Title:   Will of Thornberry D. Bolling, Laurens County, SC
2. Title:   1850 Census, Perry County, AL, Radfordsville Beat, household 49, Image 8
3. Title:   County Marriage Record

a. Note:   e 8 William Radford, 68, farmer, $4000, VA Elizabeth, 65, VA George W., 21, farmer, AL Thornberry Bolling, 26, farmer, SC (Thornberry Washington Bolling) Nancy, 25, AL (Nancy Radford) William S., 5, AL (Should be William Radford Bolling) Nancy, 3, AL (Nancy Bolling) Martha, 2, AL (Martha Bolling) 1860 Census, Choctaw County, AL., hh 560, page 539 T. Bolling, age 42, planter, born SC (Thornberry Washington Bolling) Nancy Bolling, age 37, born AL (Nancy Radford) W. R. Bolling, 18, male, born AL (William Radford Bolling) Household 561 N. Riley, age 16, female, born AL (Nancy Bolling Riley) J. F. Riley, age 25, male, born AL (J. F. Riley, Nancy's husband) G. F.(or G. T.) Bolling, age 10, born AL J. Bolling, age 8, male, born AL Continued next page S. Bolling, age 6, male, born AL J. Bolling, age 4, male, born AL _______ Bolling, 2, male, born AL 1870 Crawford County, AR, Van Buran, hh 454, p. 272 Bolin T.W., 53, born SC Nancy. 47 AL G.T. 20 AL J.W. 17 AL Sanders 15 M AL A. J. 14 Mo Robt L. 12 AL J. C. 10 m AL E.A. 8 f AL Mayne Eliza 20 f (b) 1880 Census, Crawford County, AR, Alma, hh 51, Image 6 Bolling, T. W., 63, farmer, born SC, parents SC Nancy B., 57, wife, born AL, parents GA A. J., 22, son, born AL John C., 19, son, born AL Ella, 16, daughter, born AL Boling, Oriala, female, (16), house servant, born AL, parents Unknown M Tee, Geo, 17, farm laborer, born Ark, parents unknown 1879. Affidavit made by Thornberry W. Bolling (aged 61) and Andrew J. Bolling (aged 22) stating that they had been taught by their families that they and William Avery Bolling Davenport were all descendants of Pocahontas. This information sent by Clydia Davenport who has a copy of the affidavit. Clydia explained that William Avery Boling Davenport is her great-grandfather; he is a son of Nancy Bolling and Isaac Davenport. Nancy is a daughter of Robert Bolling and Rachel Tarrant. (letter from Clydia 9/12/2009) See additional information on page for William Avery Bolling Davenport. Clydia said that Thornberry W. Bolling and Andrew J. Bolling were the Affiants and William A. B. Davenport was present. The document made in 1879 was made, and I will type it exactly as written, "in proof of the geneology and decent of William A.B. Devenport and his family as decendants of the old Powhatan tribe of Indians and to be used in evidence whereever necessary so to do and in establishing the right of said Devenport & his family to citizenship in any of the Indian territorys of the United States and for other purposes &c." 'We know William was descended from Isaac Davenport & Nancy Bolling who lived in Greenville, S.C. I cannot get access to all the family papers right now but I remember that one document, I believe it was a succession but of whom I can't remember, anyway it states "late of Newberry County[ SC] ."'
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