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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jane Elizabeth Bolling: Birth: ABT 1760 in Orange County, VA.

  2. William Bolling: Birth: ABT 1762 in Virginia. Death: BEF 1850 in Montgomery Co.?, TN?

  3. John Bolling: Birth: ABT 1762 in Orange County, VA. Death: AFT 1830

  4. Samuel Bolling: Birth: ABT 1766 in Orange County, VA. Death: 1806 in Clarke County, GA.

  5. Jonathan Bolling: Birth: 22 MAY 1767 in Orange County, VA. Death: 1819 in Munfordville, Hart County, KY

  6. Emily Bolling: Birth: 1770 in Orange County, VA. Death: AFT 1850 in Walton Co., GA

  7. Henry Bolling: Birth: ABT 1771 in Orange Co., VA. Death: 1843 in Sumter County, AL

  8. Susannah Bolling: Birth: 1775 in Orange County, VA. Death: 15 MAY 1839 in Clarke County, GA.

  9. Thornberry Bolling: Birth: 8 JUN 1777 in Orange Co., VA. Death: 8 MAY 1837 in Oglethorpe County, GA

  10. Nancy Bolling: Birth: 1782. Death: AFT 1830 in Perry County, AL

a. Note:   nia and Georgia" [includes records on the Wisdom family] in <i>Magazine of Virginia Genealogy</i>, Vol. 48, No. 2, pages 151-168, published 2010, by Joyce Perkerson Poole, providing record proof that Lucy and Frances Wisdom were her daughters and proving her children by John Bolling, Sr. Mrs. Anna Berry contributed her knowledge of her grandfather's siblings and their spouses who settled in Oglethorpe Co., GA to <i>A History of Oglethorpe County, Georgia</i>, compiled by Mrs. Florrie Carter Smith in 1970. Mrs. Anna Berry was Mary Anna Bolling who married Charles W. Berry. Anna was the granddaughter of Thornberry Bolling, son of John Bolling and Ursula Bell. Although she had not been told the names of her great-grandparents, she recalled having heard that they came from Pittsylvania Co., VA or Orange Co., VA. Her information on her grandfather Thornberry Bowling came from his family Bible, which had come into her possession upon the death of her father, Thornberry Jackson Bolling, son of Thornberry Bolling. This is an abridged version of her statement about the brothers and sisters of her grandfather, Thornberry Bolling. "The name has been spelling Bolling, Bolin, Bouldin, etc. The correct spelling of that name is Bolling. "The Bowlings came either from Orange or Pittsylvania County, Virginia, but the year is not exactly known. "I. Thornberry Bowling married Lucy Ann Rainey, and lived several years in Virginia after their marriage, before coming to Oglethorpe County, GA., where he died about 1828 or 1830.[Actually, he died 8 May 1837, Anna said below. They married in Oglethorpe Co., GA in 1798.] He left a son three years old, Capt. Thornberry J. Bowling. Thornberry Bowling, born June 8, 1777, died May 8, 1837, married Lucy Rainey first, who was born Feb. 12, 1779 and died April 23, 1825. First wife of Thornberry Bowling died and he married again, this time to Mary Ann Wright on June 19, 1828. She was born May 6, 1793 and died Nov. 27, 1881. II. Milly Bowling, born in Virginia, married John Harris of Virginia, she being his second wife. Some say she was a widow when she married Harris. He died in Oglethorpe County in 1821. III. Elizabeth Bowling, married Rev. Miller Bledsoe, a Baptist minister. (1761-1841). He was born at Fredericksburg, Virginia. They had two daughters, Jean and Eunice (There may have been more.).... IV. William Bowling - record not known. V. Susannah Bowling, wife of Thomas Brittain ....This data was furnished by Mrs. Anna Berry." Early histories of John Bolling give him the title "Doctor," (<i>Fifty Families, A History</i> by Nancy Chambers Underwood, page 479, among them). This may be true, but I have found no authentic record which would confirm or negate this as his profession. John Bolling and his wife Ursula Bell died intestate in Georgia, and there was no administration on either estate in the court records of Oglethorpe or Clarke County, Georgia. The personal property tax records of Orange County, Virginia, identify four of the sons of John Bolling and Ursula Bell. Taxable age for white males in Virginia (even ones listed with their father) was 21 between 1782 and 1793. (William Waller Hening, <i>The Statutes at Large, being a Collection of all the Laws of Virginia, from the First Session of the Legislature, in the year 1619, </i>Vol. X (1822; reprint, Charlotteville, VA: University Press of VA, 1969), 504 (November 1781). Samuel Shepherd: <i>The Statutes at Large of Virginia from October Session 1792 to December Session 1806 Inclusive in Three Volumes Being a Continuation of Hening, </i>Vol. 1 (1835); reprint, New York: AMS Press, Inc. 1970), 184.] The 1783 and 1784 lists show John [Sr.] with William and John, Jr., who were probably born about 1762 and are probably twins. The 1785 tax list shows John Bowling [Sr.], William Bowling, Jona[than] Bowling, Sam'l Bowling. We can estimate from this that Samuel Bolling was born about 1764; Jonathan Bolling should have been born by 1764, according to this tax list, but his family record shows a birth date of 22 May 1767. The son Thornberry and daughters of John Bolling and Ursula Bell Bolling were listed (as shown above) by Thornberry's granddaughter, Mary Anna Bolling Berry (Mrs. Charles), and published by Florrie Carter Smith in <i>The History of Oglethorpe Co., Georgia</i>, (Lexington, GA 1970) pages 50-51. Anna was daughter of Thornberry Jackson Bolling and Elizabeth Smith, who were married in 1860. Anna married Charles Berry in 1895. A family Bible record, probably belonging to Thornberry Bolling, was recopied into another Bible with a publication date of 1872. Anna and George Berry's son George Berry, gave this re-copied Bible record to his cousin, Mrs. Charles Foppert who deposited it, with her letters about the Bolling family, to the Pennsylvania Historical Society in Philadelphia. It was discovered there by Mrs. Janice Friel, a Bell descendant of Chadd's Ford, PA, in 2005, and copies sent to Joyce Poole in Evans, GA. It is apparent that this was a re-copy, as all of the handwriting into events of 1905 is the same. Here is the Bible record transcription: Births Thornberry Bowling was born June 8, 1777 Lucy Rainy 1st wife of Thornberry Bowling b. Feb. 12, 1779 William and James Bowling, their son born Feb. 19, 1799 [twins] Lucy Ann Bowling, their daughter born Jan. 1, 1801 Matthew Rainey Bowling, their son born Aug 12, 1802 Martha Watkins Bowling, their daughter born Dec 26, 180?,[ probably 1804] James Thornberry, their son born Feb.4, 1807 John Newton, their son born Sept. 29, 1813 Winfield Jett Wright born Oct. 6, 1793 Mary Ann Aycock, his wife, b. May 6, 1793 Burl J. T. Wright their son b. Jan 30, 1815 Elijah William Wright b. April 15, 1816 Mary Adeline Elizabeth Wright b. Jan 11, 1818 John Lowen Wright b. Dec 22, 1820 Mertis Francina Wright b. July 14, 1822 Thornberry Bowling and Mary Ann Wright were married June 19, 1828 Emily daughter of Thornberry and Mary Ann his second wife, born Sept. 7, 1830 Penelope Bowling born March 16, 1832 Thornberry Jackson Bowling b. March 30, 183_ (a note says "can't read") Mary E. Smith wife of T. J. Bowling b. Nov. 5 (a note says "can't read") Mary Anna daughter of M. E. and T. J. Bowling Feb. 1861 George Bowling born June 14, 1863 Joseph Smith Bowling born March 1, 1866 Harriet Newel Bowling born Aug. 2, 1867 Thomas Thornberry Bowling b. Nov. 27. 1869 Walter Grogan Bowling b. Feb. 28, 1872 William Franklin Bowling b. Aug. 8, 1877 Harry Bowling born Jan. 7, 1881 (Elizabeth O'Neill Bowling April 13, 1905 (Walter Harrison Bowling Sept. 3d 1909 Marriages Thos E. R. Harris and Emily Bowling May 18, 1847 N. H. Wilson and Mertis F. Wright Sept. 1, 1842 Wm. Holmes and Elicip C. Wright Oct. 1, 1845 T. J. Bowling and M. E. Smith Mar. 29, 1860 J. F. Morton and Emily Harris Aug. 28, 1861 Mary Anna Bowling and C. W. Berry Dec. 20, 1894 Harriet Newel Bowling and W. L. Branch Jan. 24, 1895 T. T. Bowling and Bessie Bray Dec. 8, 1897 Jos. S. Bowling and Florence Bell May 16, 1900 Harry Bowling and Ellen Crawford no date Deaths Thornberry Bowling died May 8, 1839 Wm. Bowling died April 2, 1801 Jas. Bowling died April 5, 1801 Matthew R. Bowling died Sept. 25, 1822 Lucy Bowling wife of Thornberry Bowling April 23, 1825 Winfield Jett Wright died July 24, 1823 Mary A. E. Wright died Oct, 26, 1826 B. J. T. Wright died Oct. 13, 1826 E. Wm. Wright died Oct. 10, 1826 John L. Wright died Oct. 10, 1826 John L. Wright died July 29, 1845 Mary Ann Bowling died Nov. 27, 1881 George Bowling died June 17, 1889 M. Elizabeth Bowling died Jan. 19, 1905 Harriet Newel Bowling died Feb. 3, 1905 Penelope McMurray (nee Bowling) died Aug. 22, 1911 Thornberry Jackson Bowling died Nov. 7, 1919 Joseph Smith died Aug. 25, 1921 William (looks like Franklin) Bowling died Dec. 8, 1924 Thomas Thornberry Bowling Oct. 4, 1927 24 Aug 1749. Orange-VA Deed Bk 12,p67-68. George Taylor, Gent. of Orange Co., leased 57 ac to William Bowling, his heirs, Exrs. and Adms. for and during the natural lives of him the said William Bowling, Anne his wife and Samuel Bowling his son and the longest liver of them. The rent to be paid for 500 lbs. tobacco cash on Fredericksburg Warehouse on (each) fifth day of Dec. (2) one fat hen or pullet delivered on each 1st day of Feb. to the home of the sd. Geo. Taylor (3) 100 additional pounds of tobacco for each tithable kept by Wm. Bowling on this land when that number exceeds two tithables one & beyond William Bowling & his children. (4) Wm. Bowling shall cause 100 apple trees to be planted in an orchard within three years of date of this lease and will keep the same well cultivated and within a good fence. Rec. Thursday Nov. 28, 1751. (sent by Sue senter 3/1/99. We learned that is that the youngest child was always included in these “longest-liver leases”, as it was thought that he would be the "longest liver" and the lease would then extend for a greater length of time. This indicates that Samuel was born a few years before the Aug 1749 date, perhaps ca 1744.) [George Taylor of Orange-VA b 1710 had niece Elizabeth Taylor who m Thomas Bell of Orange-VA. Thomas Bell is probably a kinsman of Roger Bell whose dau Ursula married John Bolling, son of William Bolling of Orange in the above lease.] [Using 1762 for records insertion only; this record is undated:] Orange-VA land ownership of 500acres platted for John Bolling, undated, shown on Orange County Land Patents, cadastral maps of the county compiled by Ulysses P. Joyner, Jr., Jan. 1985. It is platted as #167, a little SE of N. Fork of Pamunkey Creek and not far from the southern Mountain Run. Roger Bell's 1759 land grant [which became Aaron Bledsoe's 1794] are adjacent to this land of John Bolling. Another later land ownership for Roger Bell in 1764 #175, is near the upper Mountain Run, but northeast and just north of Unionville. A land plat for Joseph Bell is just to the southwest of John Bolling and Roger Bell. (copies of pages sent by Sue Senter 3/30/99 and index sent by Janice Friel Apr 2006) 1 Sep 1759. Orange-VA Will Bk 2, p332-333. John (I symbol for mark) Wisdom signed will. Names wife Ann [Collins], all personal estate to her. Unnamed unmarried children. To son John, Jr. Capt. Richard Thomas & Francis Wisdom to sell personal estate after wife Ann's decease. Divide money between rest of my children. My son Francis Wisdom, dec'd, has 2 daus. Wife Ann to be Executrix during her life or widowhood. Wit: Andrew Mannen [Manning], Benjamin Cave, Mary (X) Perry, Susannah (X) Wisdom. Pr. 26 Aug 1762 by 3 witnesses Manning, Perry & Wisdom, before George Taylor, COC. p.335&6 Inventory by John Vivion, John (Holiday?), Stephen J. K. Smith. [the deceased son Francis Wisdom in this will was married to Ursula Bell, who married 2nd John Bolling. Ursula Bell's father Roger named his two grdaus Lucy & Franky Wisdom in his 1773 will.] [abstract by JPP from LDS microfilm, notes filed VA Co.Recs.] 2 Sep 1762. [one week after John Wisdom's will was probated] Orange-VA Order Book 6, p675. At a court held 2 Sep 1762, ordered that the sheriff summon John Bolling and Ursula his wife, to appear at the next court to be guardian to the children of said Ursula, by her former husband. (Research of microfilm by Joyce Poole; looked thru several following court sessions, but no further mention of these guardianship proceedings). [Note from 3/31/93 letter of Alice Broaddus: John Boling of Orange Co., VA married Ursula Bell Wisdom, the widow of Francis Wisdom, by whom she had two daughters, Frankey and Lucy, who are mentioned in the Will of Ursula's father, Roger Bell. [JPP now has a court copy of his will]. Francis Wisdom was the son of Ann Collins and John Wisdom. John Wisdom died 1762 in Orange Co., VA mentioning his deceased son Francis Wisdom's two daughters. See JPP's abstract of John Wisdom's will dated 1 Sep 1759 above. Alice Broaddus said that Francis Wisdom was murdered [he was shot; Davis Berryman was indicted and was to be tried in Williamsburg for murder but there are no records of the proceedings in Williamsburg] (transmittal by Alice Broaddus, in letter file 7/93) 7 Dec 1758. Orange-VA Court. Berryman Davis was examined in the shooting of Francis Wisdom. The case was sent to trial in Williamsburg the next April, but the records are lost. (information in a query in VA Geneal. Soc. Newsletter, Feb 2000, p19, sent by Mary Miller, 1205 Wedglea Dr., Bedford, TX 76021) Note: There is a will for Bereman Davis proved in Orange Co., VA 26 Jul 1764, Will Book 2, p350, with Inv & Appr. recorded 23 Aug 1764, p351, and p. 477 Accounts returned 24 Feb 1774. [abstract by Joyce Poole from FHL microfilm) Note of A. D. Smith: Some of this information on the John Bolling family was given to me by Joyce Poole, 4275 Owens Road, #533, Evans, GA 30809 on December 7, 2004. 20 Oct 1779. Orange-VA. Petition asking that soldiers not in action be allowed to go home to plant crops since lack of food was causing extreme distress. Original signatures on the petition include Sam'l Brockman, Caleb Sims, James Thornton, Zachary (Taylor?), Fran Moore, Jun., John Bledsoe, Thos. Nicholson, Joseph Brockman, Thos. Brightwell, Ben Johnson, William Collins, ___ Smith, ___ Bennett, (Drury White?) Joseph Bell, Thos. Bell, Ne? Collins, John Boling and many other names Joyce Poole can't decipher. (From W. A. Brockman's Vol. III about OrangeCo., sent by Sue Senter 3/13/99) 3 Apr 1782. Orange-VA Minute Book 2, p182. At a Court continued and held at Orange Co. Court House, the third day of Apr 1782 for adjusting claims for property impressed into the public service. John Boling's claim for 225 lbs of beef granted by Ben Winslow 3 Jul 1781 at 2 1/2 cents per pound. [John Bolling's Patriotic Service in the Revolution] (transmittal by Alice Broaddus, in letter file 7/93) [Also in Abercrombie & Slatten: VA Record of Public Claims, Vol. 7, p735] Orange Co. VA Deed Abst. 1778-1786 p. 59 (pp 267-268) On margin. "Exd. & Deld. To John Bowling, Jr. 18th Feby 1796" Indenture 25 Mar 1784 between John Boling and Usiller, his wife, and Thornberry Boling .. for L 50 .. sell 100 acres on Branches of North forlk of Pamunky River adj. Uriah Garton's new survey ..John Boling Recorded Orange County. 25 May 1784 1782 Orange-VA State Enumeration, from <i>Heads of Families 1790</i>, p.40. William Moore's List includes the following persons involved with the family of John Bolling and Ursula Bell of Orange-VA: Ann Boling, 3 whites [probably widow of William Bolling] John Boling, 12 whites (married to Ursula Bell d/o Roger Bell] Thomas Bell, 10 whites [not sure if son of Roger Bell]] John Bledsoe, 4 whites (Jane Elizabeth Bolling m Miller Bledsoe, said to be born Fredericksburg, VA) Lindsay Harris, 5 whites (Milly Bolling m John Harris in Orange-VA 1800) Thomas Harris, 6 whites, 6 blacks [Thomas has sons Lindsay, Thomas, John, Lewis; daus Betty & Mary, minors and unmarried] Thomas Lendrum, 5 whites (Jane Elizabeth Bolling's dau Jane Bledsoe m Landrum) Samuel Brockman, Jr. 4 white, 6 blacks (m dau of Roger Bell) Vivian Daniel, John Oakes, John Atkins [wits & sec. for Bell, Bolling, John Adkins' dau Susanna m Henry Bell 1796 Orange-VA] 1782. Taxlist, Orange-VA. John Bowlen in List of Wm. Moore, 1 (at least 21); 2 horses; 11 meat cows Thornberry Bowlen, 1 (wh, 21); 1 horse, 7 meat cows (research of Alice Broaddus 7/23/93, tax list source not stated) 1783 (Note the LDS Microfilm states that pages are torn and the document is soiled. All of these records are handwritten):p. 10 [ Taxable males during 1782-1793 were age 21.] Thornberry Bowlin Taxable persons: 1 free male, 0 slaves, 2 horses, 5 cattle (Yvonne's note: Immediately next to Thornberry is John Bowlan) John Bowlan Wm. Bowling Jno Bowlin Jr. (Yvonne's note: these 3 on same line, indicating Wm. and Jno, Jr. are in household of John [Sr.]. Taxable persons: 1 free male, 0 slaves, 2 horses, 12 cattle, 3 tithables [The male taxables were age 21, so this shows that sons William and John, Jr. were born by 1762] Personal Property tax lists for Orange County, VA, Film #1870188, Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, researched Feb 2005 by Yvonne Norton.: 1784 Persons Names John Bowlan (or Bowlen), Wm. Bowlan (or Bowlen), Jn.o Bowlan (or Bowlen) (Note: the three names above are all on the same line) The left hand edge of the paper is torn on the second line, but I can see three letters and an apostrophe: am'l, Jonathan Bowlin Taxable persons: 1 free male, 0 slaves, 4 horses, 11 meat cattle, 4 tithables [If Samuel was intended, he was not taxable as there were "4 tithables"for some reason [John, Sr., John, Jr., William, Jonathan?] Personal Property tax lists for Orange County, VA, Film #1870188, Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, researched Feb 2005 by Yvonne Norton. 1785 Persons names John Bowling, Wm. Bowling (first line) Jona. Bowling, Sam'l Bowling (second line) Mourning, Joseph (third line) [probably the 2 slaves who were taxable] Taxable Persons: 1 free male, 2 slaves, 4 horses, 15 cattle, 5 tithables Immediately following is Thornberry Bowling with 1 free male, 1 horse, 6 cattle and 1 tithable. [<b>he is a brother of John Bolling, Sr. taxed above] </b>Personal Property tax lists for Orange County, VA, Film #1870188, Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, researched Feb 2005 by Yvonne Norton. 1755. Yvonne Norton checked the O<i>range County, Virginia Tithables 1734-1782</i>, Part One by Barbara Vines Little, Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT p. 35: County Court Judgements, November 1755, Box 26 "A Memorandum of The List of Titheables in my precincts of Soucor fees" William boaling [Bolling] 03 [William, father of John Bolling, Sr.] p. 69 Nov Levy Levied 1763 Ben Cave acco John Boalling 4 [John Bolling, Sr.] William Boalling 2 [William, father of John Bolling, Sr.] From Yvonne Norton 1-26-05: <i>Virginia County Court Records, Orange County, Virginia, Land Tax Books 1782-1790 </i>Compiled & Edited by Ruth & Sam Sparacio, The Antient Press 1320 Mayflower Drive, McLean, Virginia 22101-3402Copyright 1996 "This book contains the Land Tax Books for Orange County for the years 1782, 1787-1790, and Alterations for the years 1783-1786. The Land Tax Books contain the names of the Land Owners, the number of acres owned, the value per acre, the amount of the valuation of the land, and the Tax assessed for the land at 1 1/2 percent of valuation. The Land Tax Books in this Antient Press publication were submitted by Abner Porter and Francis Cowherd, Commissioners for the Land Tax for Orange County. This book covers the first 111 pages of the Record for the years 1782-1805. The Land Tax Books appear to be a compilation of loose papers and are not consecutively numbered. The page numbers in this Antient Press publication are for convenience of preparation." (page 2 contd..Ambrose Madison's Return for 1782) Thomas Bell, Amt. of Land 470 acres, Value p. acre..13, L.__S. 305..10 Ditto, 259 acres, Value p. acre..15, L__S 194..5, L__S 499..15, 4..17..11 1/2 John Bolling, Amt. of Land 300, Value p. acre..4, L__S. 60..0, 0..12..0 Joseph Bell, Amt. of Land 200, Value p. acre..4, L__S. 40..0, 0..8..0 (page 21) A List of Errors & Alterations of the Land Tax in Orange County for 1784 Thornbery Bolling,100 Acres, 4..5 p. Acre, Amt. of Land 22..1..8, Tax due 0..6..7 1/2 (page 22. Errors & Alterations Orange County Land Tax 1784 John Bolling, 100 acres, 4..5 p. Acre, Amt. of Land 22..1..8, Tax due 0..6..7 1/2 (Yvonne's note: Page 2 is written differently than the rest. I'm not sure what the "L__S" columns are, except for the last one which I'm certain represents the tax due! John and Thornberry are the only Bollings/any spelling found in this book for 1784 and John is the only one found for 1782. Thomas Bell, ditto, John Bolling, Joseph Bell were typed exactly in the order they appeared in the book all right next to each other.) 1786. Orange Co., VA Tax digest has no extant list for William Moore, and there were no Bowlings found, per p.90 of Zelma Wells Price's "Of Whence I Came" Vol. 6, Part 1) 1787: Orange-VA Taxlist from The Personal Property Tax Lists for the Year 1787 for Orange County, Virginia by Netti Schreiner-Yantis and Florene Speakman Love (Springfield, VA: Genealogical Books in Print, 1987) Columns not numbered:: name of person charged with the tax name of white male tithables above 21 1. number of white males above 16 and under 21 2. blacks above 16 3. blacks under 16 4. Horses, mares, colts & Mules 5. Cattle List of Ambrose Madison, Commissioner (columns apply to numbered cols above] Thomas Bell [Pamunky] self 1 2 2 4 12 George, John, John, Jr. and Wm. M. Bledsoe (all titheable except George) John Bolling self 3 0 0 3 18 (so he has 3 males 16-21 in HH who would be<b> Jonathan, Samuel and Henry. William and John, Jr. are over 21. </b>James Lewis [& paid tax for John], Saml. [paid tax by self], Wm. Brockman Ben Cave George, Charles, Francis Taylor Hubbard Taylor Ephraim Berry, self 0 0 0 1 2 Wm. Bledsoe Joseph Bell Moses Bledsoe self 0 0 0 3 5 [father of George, who was father of Miller] Thornberry Bolling self 0 0 0 1 3 Thomas Brightwell self 1 0 0 4 12 Thomas Bell self 3 12 7 18 34 (two-wheeled chair) Thomas[? or John] Bell, tax paid by above Thomas Bell George Bledsoe Tax List B - Francis Cowherd Dist. List of Francis Cowherd, Commissioner William Bowling self 0 0 0 1 0 John Bell self 0 9 11 7 27 - stud horse, 0.12.0 William Bell self 0 8 13 9 29 - 2-wheeled chair William Beale self 0 10 12 6 15 George Berry self 0 3 4 3 0 Francis, James; James, son of Chars.; John, William Taylor (all self) William Cave [1787 Tax Lists for Orange County, VA show John Bolling taxed on self and 3 other tithables and Wiillam Bolling tax for self. Both are in districts where the Bell family resides] 1788. Orange Co., VA Tax lists: John Bolling [Sr.] 5 tithable males, 6 horses [taxed with John Bolling, Sr. could be sons William, Jonathan, Samuel and perhaps slaves. Henry and Thornberry are not 21 yet. John, Jr. is taxed below]] Thornburry Boling, 1 titheable male, 1 horse [s/o William/Ann] John Boling, Jr., 1 titheable male, 1 horse. [s/o John/Ursula] 1789-1793. John Bolling, Sr. taxed in Orange Co., VA (Price, p90) [1794 is date John Sr. sold land, begins move to Georgia] 1789-1798- John Bolling, Jr. taxed in Orange Co., VA (Price, pp90-91) 1789-1799- Thornberry Bolling (s/o William) taxed in Orange Co., VA (Price pp90-91) 1790-1799- William Bolling (s/o John) taxed in Orange Co., VA (Price, pp90-91) 27 Mar 1792. Orange-VA Minute Book 3, p116. At a court held 27 March 1792, John Bolling made it appear to the Court that he is heir-at-law to William Bolling, his brother, who enlisted as soldier in the 2nd VA Regt. in the month of February 7, 1777, in the company commanded by Capt. Dudley, and that William Bolling died in the month of July or August 1778 while in the service, which was proved by Peachy Bledsoe, who was a Sgt. in said Regiment. Order certified. [Peachy Bledsoe was brother to Miller Bledsoe; I believe their father was Moses Bledsoe who married a 1st Miss Peachy, dau of Col. Wm. Peachy and m2) Mary Miller d/o Col. William Miller.] (transmittal by Alice Broaddus, in letter file 7/93) Orange Co. VA Deed Abst. 1791 - 1795 Bk 20 pg 158-159 22 Oct 1792 between William M.[Miller] Bledsoe & Elizabeth his wife (OC) and Thomas Bell (same). Wit: that for 130 pounds current money of Virginia doth sell to Thomas Bell 364 acres lying on the South side of the Northanna River adj. Moses Perry, Uriah Garton dec'd, Thornbery Bowling, Aaron Bledsoe and Mr. Greenhow, thence along Greenhows line to the river. sgd. Wm Miller Bledsoe, Elizabeth Bledsoe In presence of John Wright Junr., James Brockman, John Watkins At Court held for Orange Co 23 Oct 1792 This indenture acknowledged by Wm. Miller Bledsoe and Elizabeth his wife, she being first privately examined and ordered to be recorded. [Jane Elizabeth Bolling dau of John and Ursula married William Miller Bledsoe.] 1792. Tax list for Orange-VA. (checked by Glen E. Garrison, M. D., microfilm at VA Archives) John Boling, 2 tithable males, 5 horses [John Bolling, Sr.] William Boling, 1 tithable male, 2 horses [son of John] Thornberry Boling 1 tithable male, 1 horse [brother of John] Charles Boling 1 tithable male, 1 horse [from Stafford Co., not related, Group 6 DNA] 1793. Tax list for Orange-VA. (checked by Glen E. Garrison, M. D., microfilm at VA Archives) William Boling, 1 tithable male, 2 horses [son of John, Sr.] Thonby Boling 1 tithable male, 1 horse [brother of John, Sr.] John Boling, Senr. 2 tithable males, 3 horses [Group 7 DNA] Charles Boling 1 tithable male, 1 horse [from Stafford Co., VA, not related, Group 6 DNA] John Boling, Jr. 1 tithable [son of John, Sr.] Ann Boling 1 black, 2 horses [possibly dau of John and Ursula?] 1794. Tax list for Orange-VA. ( checked by Glen E. Garrison, M. D., microfilm at VA Archives) Thornbury Boling 1 tithable, 1 horse [brother of John, Sr., continues to be taxed into 1800's here] William Boling, 1 tithable male, 1 horse [son of John, Sr.] Charles Boling 1 tithable male, 2 horse [not related to the other 3 Bollings] John Boling (Jr.) 1 tithable [son of John, Sr.] [early in the year, John and Ursula sold their property and began the journey to GA] Orange Co., VA Deed Book 20, p292. 4 Jan 1794 between John Bowling and Ussiller his wife of Orange Co., VA and James Perry of Spotsylvania Co., for 135 pounds curr. money of Va hath sold unto James Perry land cont. 200 acres in OC, bd at corner poplar & sassafras to Thornbury Bowling, adj Garton up branch to Aaron Bledsoe thence to a pine corner near Capt. Herndons Mill Road to small pine and corner Aaron Bledsoe & Thornbury Bowling thence along sd Bowling to beginning... Sgd. John X Bowling Ussilla X Bowling Wit: Thomas Bell, John Wright Junr, John Morton, Henry Tandy, John Smith. Rec 28 Apr 1794 (first transmitted by Alice Broaddus, in letter file 7/93, also abstracted by A. D. Smith) [Note that John had been able to write on 20 Oct 1779, but may have trouble with his hands due to age or arthritis.][A notation of A. D. Smith: pg. 292-293 Original deed Henry F. Perry one of the heirs of Jas. Perry, who is dead 25 Sep 1815.] 28 Nov 1794. Orange-VA. Aaron Bledsoe received a grant of 940 acres on west side of north fork of Pamunkey River, adj. Zachariah Shackleford, John Bolling, etc. VA Patent Bk 31, p86. (abstracted in <i>George Bledsoe, The Immigrant</i>..., p130) [The adjoining landowner is John Bolling, Sr., whose dau Jean Elizabeth married Miller Bledsoe, who was the nephew of Aaron Bledsoe. Aaron Bledsoe was a Baptist minister of VA; he moved from VA to Greene Co., GA in early 1808 or late 1807, where he died with a will probated in Greene-GA on 4 Sep 1809. He was married to Mary Brockman. (Bledsoe, p130) Aaron's son Aaron (Jr.) married Elizabeth Stocks, the dau of Catherine Heard and Isaac Stocks - JPP. Thomas B. Atkins, son of Frances Wisdom and Edward Atkins, married Nancy Shackleford.] 1795-1797. tax lists for Orange-VA ( checked by Glen E. Garrison, M. D., at VA Archives) William Boling 1 tithe 1 black, John Boling (Jr.) 1 tithe and Thornberry Bolling 1 tithe are the only Bollings taxed. John and Ursula moved to Oglethorpe County, GA. after January 4, 1794. In the migration, they were probably joined in Orange Co. by the Oakes & Bledsoes and Bells. We have evidence that the wagon train moving to Georgia could have stopped in Henry Co., VA (where John's brother Samuel had lived during the Revolutionary War) and was joined by families who included George Brittain, Sr. and his children and members of the Thomas Edwards family. George Brittain and Henry Bolling appear in Wilkes and Oglethorpe Co. tax lists in the 1790's. The wagon train was probably travelling on a road that went through North Carolina to Greenville and Laurens Co., SC, where they would have no doubt stayed awhile with Samuel and Abigail Bolling, and were joined by George Young and George Young Farrar (formerly residents of Orange Co., VA) on the migration to Georgia. The Brewers could have joined the wagon train in NC. John Bolling [Sr.] is in the 1800 Oglethorpe Co., GA census, but Ursula is not, indicating she died before 1800. John registered for the 1805 Lottery in GA as a single man, which also indicates that Ursula had died before that. John, Sr., did not draw any land. He was taxed in Big Creek, Oglethorpe County, GA to 1807, then in Clarke Co., GA 1808-1810. Thomas Brittain (who married Susannah Bolling in 1797) paid tax for him in 1807, 1808, and 1809. John paid tax for himself in 1810, then John was paid from Thomas Brittain's estate dated Dec. 31, 1811. The executors of Thomas Brittain's estate paid John Bolling, Sr. for some kind of service he had provided to the estate or that the estate was indebted to him for something. He was not a legatee in Thomas Brittain's will, so he would not be paid as an heir. Family of John, Sr. and Ursula Bolling and related Bells Grantor & Grantee Index, Oglethorpe Co., GA (research by Joyce Poole Dec 1990 & Apr 1994 at courthouse) for Bell & Bolling/Bowling/Boling Grantor & Grantee Index, earliest & then selected Bollings & Bells To Andrew Bell A-1 4/21/1792 from Sam'l Gardner, 150ac Clouds Cr. To Andrew Bell B-348 12/27/1797 from Jer.Mathews 200ac Clouds Cr. To Henry Boling C-303 1/23/1799 200ac on Long Cr. from Phinizy From Andrew Bell C-386 4/20/1791 3ac Millstone Cr., to Deacons of Millstone Cr.Bapt. Church To Henry Bolling D-400 1/20/1804 on Big Cr. [runs from Clarke Co. to Oglethorpe Co., into Oconee R] [This is s/o John and Ursula] To Thornberry Bolling E-269 9/16/1806 on Big Cr. [s/o John and Ursula] To Henry Bolling E-395 found by Alice Broaddus, around 1806 or 1807?] To John Bolling E-477-8 2/5/1807 on Big Cr. [sold by Henry Boling] To John Bolling, Jr. E-480 11/12/1806 (from Jonathan Cohron) [son of John and Ursula] To Roger Bell G-292 10/25/1808 (from John Boling, Jr.) 153ac on Big Creek) [nephew of Ursula] To Roger Bell H-491 7/18/1814 (from Travis George dec'd, by admr 175ac on Big Creek) [Roger, nephew of Ursula] Thornberry Bolling K-7 3/6/1819 on Big Cr. (these were only deeds for Thornberry Bolling in index) These listed by Delaine Ray from Deed Books: Thornberry Bolling H-176 12/23/1812 from NatEdwards 105ac Big Creek John Bowling I-192 AP 1816 from Roger Bell, 46 1/4ac Big Creek Thornberry Bowling M-227 4/20/1828 from NatEdwards, 130a Big Creek Thornberry Bowling N-119 3/2/1829 from NatEdwards 45ac Big Cr. John Bowling N-119 12/26/1829 from Thos. Wray, 437.5ac Big Cr. Thornberry Bowling N-268 4/13/1831 from J.T.Finley 315ac Big Cr. A. B. Bowling N-490 9/2/1830 from John Bowling 327ac Big Cr. Alexander B. Bowling O-155 9/1/1834 from John Bowling 252ac Big Cr. John S. Bowling O-290 3/5/1836 from Alexander B. Bowling 100ac BigCr Mary Bowling P-459 3/20/184? from Lemuel Edwards 250ac Shoal Cr. Mary Ann Bowling Q-199 12/10/1842 from Moses Bledsoe 160ac Big Cr. <b>John Bolling, Jr., son of John and Ursula </b>24 Jun 1799. Orange, Co., VA Deed Bk 21,p466. John Boling [Jr.] of Culpeper-VA to George Quisenberry, land in Orange Co., VA, described, in part, as adj Roger Bell on N. Fork of N. Anna R, adj. James Perry's line. (The Bolling Family by Todd Bolen, p134, informant was Dr. Glen E. Garrison) 1799 Orange-VA Tax digest is the last time William Bowling is taxed here. (The Bolling Family by Todd Bolen, p236-237) [son of John and Ursula, moved to Louisa Co., VA] 1807 Land Lottery Registration List for Oglethorpe Co., GA, reg. in 1806: John Bolling, Sr. in Capt. Robert Pope's Dist. Thornberry Bolling in Capt. Robert Pope's Dist. (both 1 draw each) Also registering in this Dist. were Burwell Britton, George Britton, Jr., Henry Britton, and Thomas Britton. George Farrow and several other Farrows registered in Oglethorpe Co., too, Robert Pope's Dist. Loose Estate Papers, Oglethorpe Co., GA, in case file. 31 December 1811. Return of the estate of Thomas Brittain, dec'd. Dr. to William Edwards & George Y. Farrar, excrs of said estate (no amount) Paid Jno. Bolling, Senr. (there is a black scratch mark on the microfilm which crosses his name and amount was blotched out) per receipt [John Bolling, Sr. was Susannah's father] (Clerks fees?) (amount blotched out) Taxes $.47 per receipt paid Samuel Jackson, Shff. for Joseph Sheelds $222.12 1/2 per receipt Cost of suit on the above case $4.50 per receipt Paid Prier Lansford $3.00 per proved act. Paid Lemuel Lansford $1.00 per note. paid William Preyer? $9.00 per proved act. Cost on the same (appears to be marked out and amount also) p prove act. Paid Jno. Smith head Head (appears to be marked out & amount also) on note Paid E. Haynes $1.75 per proved act. paid Thomas More $10.00 per proved act. paid Sterling ?? (marked out and amount marked out) Paid for the Euse of said Estate $3.75 Examined and approved by the Court. Signed George Y. Farrar.
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