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Marriage: Children:
  1. George Brittain: Birth: ABT 1774 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. Death: BET 1824 AND 1830 in probably Perry Co., AL

  2. Susannah Brittain: Birth: 5 JUL 1779 in Henry Co., VA. Death: 30 SEP 1823 in Oglethorpe Co., GA

  3. Littleberry Brittain: Birth: ABT 1783 in Henry Co., VA. Death: BET 1850 AND 1860 in Benton/Calhoun Co., AL

  4. Burrell Brittain: Birth: 1785 in VA. Death: 26 NOV 1866 in Talladega Co., AL

  5. Nancy Brittain: Birth: ABT 1789 in Henry Co., VA.

  6. Henry Brittain: Birth: 1791 in VA. Death: 7 APR 1867 in Oglethorpe Co., GA

  7. John Brittain: Death: ABT 1869 in Macon Co., AL

Marriage: Children:
  1. Richard? Brittin: Birth: 1771.

  2. Elizabeth Brittain: Birth: ABT 1773 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. Death: AFT 2 NOV 1817 in Prob. Oglethorpe Co., VA

  3. Thomas Brittain: Birth: BET 1756 AND 1774 in probably Pittsylvania Co., VA, probably about 1770.. Death: BET 7 MAR 1810 AND 7 MAY 1810 in Clarke County, GA

1. Title:   Brittain, Thomas Mercer, descendant of Henry Brittain and Louisa
Page:   11 Sep 2005 to Joyce Poole
2. Title:   Letter of child of Thomas Brittain (1770-1810)
Page:   transcribed by Thomas Brittain 9 Sep 2005 to Joyce Poole
3. Title:   Oglethorpe Co., GA Probate Court Records
Page:   Will Book B, Proved Nov 1825
4. Title:   Family Bible Record
Page:   of Henry Brittain son of George, Sr. (J. Poole has transcription)

a. Note:   ttain Family DNA study. The John Brittain [who married Mary Baker in 1795] descends from John Brittonb ca 1672/3 of VA. He is of Group 1 DNA. He is of the family of Lindsey Britton, admin. of the Britton family DNA project, who said this in June 2008: "My family [John b ca 1672/3 Henrico Co., VA - Hanover Co., VA] belongs to Haplogroup I1, but we are members of subgroup Anglo-Saxon 7 English, while your family [George of MD, VA & GA] is in the Norse subgroup of I1. Although members of these families settled near each other on occasion, it's easy to distinguish them by DNA testing.... [The Norse and Anglo-Saxon 7 English subgroups] are not related within a genealogical or even an historical timeframe. Ken Nordtvedt estimates that most recent common ancestor of the Norse group lived about 3000 years ago while MRCA of AS7E lived about 1300 years ago. So the common ancestor of your family and mine would have lived over 3000 years ago." [JPP: The above indicates the DNA Group 2 George Brittain family of Pittsylvania Co., VA and Oglethorpe Co., GA is not related to the John Britton family of Henrico Co., VA Group 1 for thousands of years.] Lindsey Britton 6/19/2008: Yes, Tom [Brittain] and Hill [Britton] are a good match --no question they have a recent common ancestor. So far, we have not found another Britton family which belongs to the same subgroup [Norse] of I1 and it may be your family is the only Britton family in this subgroup, as mine is probably the only Britton family in the AS7E [Anglo-Saxon 7 English] subgroup. Most Brittons belong to Haplogroup R1b. [Lindsey suggested we look at Surry&Isle of Wight&Southampton Cos for connections to our Group 2] <b>Britton DNA Group 5</b>: Unassigned: Anyone without a DNA match in the project is placed in the Unassigned Group until a match is found. Although Hill is included in the unassigned category, we know that he matches Tom Brittain and David Lawrence Britton (B-9 at the Family Tree/ World Net Britton Project). I hope that Tom will soon enter his DNA results in the project so that a subgroup may be formed for descendants of this early Virginia family.... ...Finally, Britton, like most English surnames, is <i>polygenetic</i>16--that is, those who use the name today descend from many different patriarchs who are not related to each other within a genealogical or even an historical timeframe and either belong to different Haplogroups or to different branches of the same Haplogroup. [End of messages from Lindsey Britton] Records for George Brittain, Sr. 1782 Henry Co., VA Personal Property Tax List, one tithe, 2 horses, 9 cattle. (Henry Co. was created in 1776 from Pittsylvania Co.) "History of the Baptist Denomination in Georgia", p61: George Brittain moved from VA to GA in 1797 and settled on a farm in Oglethorpe Co. From Brittain genealogy file of Thomas Mercer Brittain to Joyce Poole Dec 2005: "Some of my very poor notes say "George Brittain, Sue Brittain's great greatgrandfather was baptized about 70 years old. Edwards and Brittains mostlyBaptist. My father Thomas Brittain moving to Clarke Co where he died in the year 1810. Berry went to TN, George, Burrell, John to Ala, Thomas and Henry remaining inGA. my father died when Sue Brittains father Henry was 12 years old - so he obtained about his ancestry from his Uncle Henry Brittain...."Sue Brittain's father Henry married Miss Julie Wright in 1842." [Thomas M. Brittain said that he had lost the photocopy of this letter. He obtained it from a Wright descendant. This could be Julie Wright's family or the William G. Wright family who married Milly Brittain, dau of Thomas Brittain. Milly could be the writer of the letter. Sue Brittain mentioned above was a dau of Henry Lansford Brittain, son of Thomas Brittain and Susannah Bolling. Berry, George, Burrell and John are shown to be brothers of Thomas Brittain, thus all children of George Brittain, Sr. Their mother's name is not mentioned. Henry Lansford Brittain married Julie Wright. Henry Lansford Brittain's sister Milly's 2nd husband was William G. Wright.] A letter of 15 Jan 1873 by William F. Brittain, son of Henry Lansford Brittain who was son of Thomas Brittain (have digital copy of the original sent by Thomas Mercer Brittain), included the following family history: "A short history of our Ancestry - My great-great-grand father came from Wales and with his family settled in Maryland on the Potomac. About the year 1742, Geo Brittain the father of Thos B[rittain] (my grandfather) was born in Md. His was one of the souls tried by the "seven Years War' but he outlived it. After peace was established, Geo B[rittain] with his family moved into Virginia near the line of Henry & Pittsylvania Cos. There he became a very skillful mechanic. About the year of 1792 or 3, he with his family consisting of nine children moved into Georgia four miles south west of where Lexington now stands in Oglethorpe Co. From this place the family separated, some going to Tenn, some to Ala, & etcetera. My grand-father Thos. B.[rittain] moving to Clarke Co. where he died in the year 1810. My father Henry L. Brittain still living in the same Co. at Athens, Geog., only seven miles from his plantation & old homestead. My father says he thinks his Uncle Berry B.[rittain] moved to Tenn, his Uncles John, Burrell, & George going to Ala while his father Thos. B[rittain] and the youngest brother Henry remained in Georgia. [Thomas M. Brittain said the Seven Year's War was the French and Indian War and it ended in 1763. Thus, George must have moved to Halifax Co. [VA]before that War ended, as he witnessed the will [in Halifax Co., VA] of Jeffrey Crowley in 1761.] Source: The Baptist Encyclopedia, Cathcart, 1881. Brittain, Rev. Jabez Mercer, of Georgia, youngest child of Henry and Louisa Brittain, was born May 4, 1842, near Lexington, Oglethorpe County. [Henry was son of George Brittain Sr. and wife.] His grandparents came into Georgia from Virginia in 1797, and settled in Oglethorpe County. His father was a soldier under Gen. Floyd in the Indian war of 1814, and was clerk of the Court of Ordinary for Oglethorpe County for many years. His mother was a meek and pious woman, who devoted herself assiduously to the training of her children. Mr. Brittain was prepared for college by Prof. T. B. Moss, a distinguished educator in Lexington, Ga., and entered Franklin College, now the University of Georgia, in January, 1859, graduating in 1861. [from Thomas Mercer Brittain, descendant of Rev. Jabez Mercer Brittain] Source: Reproduced from: History of the Baptist Denomination in Georgia; (Jas. P. Harrison & Co., Printers and Publishers, 1881); Southern Historical Press, Easley, South Carolina. GEORGE BRITTAIN moved from Virginia to Georgia in 1797, and settled on a farm in Oglethorpe county. He had a son, HENRY, who, for more than a quarter of a century was clerk of the Court of Ordinary in that county, and who was a soldier in the Army General FLOYD led against the Indians in 1814. The same patriotic spirit was manifested by JABEZ MARSHALL (sic), son of HENRY BRITTAIN, for, when the tocsin of war was sounded in the year 1861, he volunteered... George Brittain was a witness to will of Jeffrey Crowley, 17 Oct 1761, Will Book O:137, Halifax Co., Va. Last Will of Jeffrey Crowley Written: 17 Oct 1761 Halifax Co, Va - Will Bk O:137 Codicil: 17 Oct 1761 Recorded: 18 Feb 1762 I, Jeffrey Crowley of the Parish of Antrim, County of Halifax, Planter being very sick and weak of the name of God Amen... ... I give unto my dearly beloved wife, MARTHA [widow of Thomas Edwards, Sr.] one Negro fellow named PETER, together with all my cattle and hogs and household goods, and my work horse and a young bay mare, and moveables during her life ... I give to my well beloved children, after her decease, all and singular my estate to be divided among them, and their heirs and assigns forever. ... I give to my well beloved son BENJAMIN CROWLEY one gray mare running at Thomas Callaways ... and to my son SAMUEL CROWLEY one bay mare now in his possession and a colt that came of the gray mare two years old next spring. ... And to RANDOLPH GIBSON a bay mare that I had of Joseph Austin and a horse colt that runs at Leatherwood and some debts that is due to me in BEDFORD and a horse that ran away into Augusta if he can get him and a bond of 46 shilling on William Walker and same in Colonel WILLIAM CALLAWAYS hands and same in JAMES TILLEYS hands. ... And to BENJAMIN & SAMUEL CROWLEY, 10 pounds 11 shillings and 6 pence that DANIEL DEAN owed me and to JOHN HEALE [Can this be Hailey?] a bay yearling mare colt that I had of him. And I do hereby utterly disallow, revoke and disannul all and every other former testament, wills by me in any way, before this time, named, willed and bequeathed. Ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written. /s/ Jeffrey Crowley. Witness: George Brittain, John (x) Jones, John Harris. Codicil: It is my desire that after my wives decease that the NEGRO FELLOW be given between my two sons BENJAMIN CROWLEY and SAMUEL CROWLEY and the other part divided between my FOUR CHILDREN, equally and if either of them can pay the other his part of the NEGRO, to keep him and if not to sell him to the highest bidder and divide the money equally. And a red cow with her horns sawed off to RANDOLPH GIBSON and a heifer that came of a cow named Chanak to my son BENJAMIN and of the same age to SAMUEL.. /s/ Jeffrey Crowley Wit: George Brittain, John (x) Jones, John Harris At a Court held for Halifax on 18 Feb 1762, this will was proven by oaths of witnesses and ordered to be recorded. Certificate granted to MARTHA his widow who made oath according to law. Thomas Edwards ]Jr.] and William Wright became her securities and entered into bond. [This may be the Wright family of Clarke Co., GA who married children of Thomas Brittain] [researcher's note: Jeffrey Crowley's first wife was Effaniah. After her death in Bedford Co, he married 2/ Mrs. Martha Edwards, widow of Thomas Edwards Sr., and moved to Halifax. Jeffrey was a breeder of fine horses and had race tracks.] [Joyce Poole note: John Harris, one of the above witnesses, is probably [not father but the man who raised] David Harris, who had William D., who had Mary Margaret Harris who married William Edwards Brittain later in Clarke Co., GA. William E. Brittain was son of Thomas and grandson of George Brittain, the witness of Jeff Crowley's will.] John Crowley is probably one of the unnamed 4 children in Jeffrey Crowley's will. John went to GA with the other families from Pittsylvania, Henry & Halifax Co., VA. He could be father of Abram Crowley who married Susannah Brittain. FE1768. Pittsylvania-VA, Camden Parish Vestry Book shows Lewis Morgan ordered to Read [prayers] at the Chappels at Snow Cr, at Potter's Cr, and at the home of William Heard. George Britain was ordered to Read at Leatherwood, at the home of Geo. Meredith on the Horse Pasture. James Stevenson from the Co. voyaged to England and was ordained to be a minister, returning in 1769 to serve the Church in Camden Parish. (H-37, p117-118) (This Leatherwood Cr. area of Pittsylvania Co. became Henry Co. in 1776) 1776-1805. Henry-VA Deeds have been abstracted and all-name indexed by Lela C. Adams. Only George Brittain appears in these Henry-VA deeds, per Adams' index. The last deed George & Judith execute is on 30 Oct 1797 from Henry-VA selling land in Henry & Pittsylvania-VA. George first lived at Cascade Cr. in Pittsylvania, then moved to Home Cr. over the line in Henry-VA. See below. 24 Dec 1773 Pittsylvania-VA. Henry Lansford (by mark) and wife Catherine [Pryor] (by mark) to Jacob Cox of Surry-NC for 27L 10sh., 236 ac on both sides Stewarts Cr. of the Ararat R. Wit: George Brittain, Henry Lansford (shows Sr. in error), John Williams (by mark). The memorandum of possession and receipt of payment (shows signed by signature rather than mark in error) wit by George Brittain, Thomas Flowers. (research by Ted McClellan, letter of 12/31/97) [Ted McClellan's deed abstracts show that George Brittain owned land in both Pittsylvania and Henry Cos. in the 1790's] See Oaths of Allegience fromMagazine of VA Genealogy, V23 #1 (1983) 1777. Pittsylvania-VA. Oaths of Allegience: [published in Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, Vol. 23, #1 and can also be found online.] John Wilson's List: David Harris, George Brittain, John Gwin James Roberts' List: George Taylor, Samuel Bolling, William Heard Abraham Shelton's List: James Taylor Crispin Shelton's List: Edmund Taylor [Samuel Bolling in this list is uncle of Susannah Bolling who married Thomas Brittain. Tully Choice, father-in-law of Samuel Bolling, also signed.] 1778. Chowan-NC. Deed Indexes show that one Thomas Brittain bought land from David Lawrence, Deed Bk R, p164. In 1787 Thomas Brittain bought land from James Farrow. One Joseph Farrow bought land from D. McDonald in 1811. The earlierbooks 1756-1777 do not show any grantor or grantees for Brittain. (LDS Reel 0259361 by J. Poole) 1778-1780. Taxlists for Henry-VA. 1778: no Brittain/Britton in taxlists 1779: George Brittain taxed 1779: John Britton on list, but taken off as in Montgomery-VA at this time 1780: only George Brittain on taxlist (from Henry Co., VA Tax Lists by Lela Adams, p21, 33) 20 May 1780. Henry-VA. George Brittain buys land on Home Cr. Wit: David Harriss, Joseph Harriss, Thomas Stephens. (research by Ted McClellan, letter of 12/31/97) [JPP note: later, John Brittain, George Brittain & David Harriss moved to GA; the Brittain, Lansford, Edwards, & Harris families intermarried in VA & in GA.] 26 May 1784. Continental Land Bounties of the SC Militia. Henry Brittain received a Bounty, which was sold to Jesse Walton. ( Hist.Coll. of the GA Chapters, NSDAR, Vol 1, p180) [Since this was published in a GA DAR book, that may have caused some confusion. The bounty land was probably in SC. Virginia Thompson Brittain in her Brittain Family book by mistake said the land was in "Union Co., GA" but Union Co. didn't exist until after 1832. Perhaps Union Co., SC was intended. ] On 1782 Henry County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List; one tithe, 2 horses, 9 cattle. (research of Thomas M. Brittain) 26 Jul 1786. Henry-VA William Stephens & wife Ann (both by marks) to George Britton, 45 ac on Home Cr. Wit: Mathew Rainey, William Rickels (by mark), George Fuller Harris. (research by Ted McClellan, letter of 12/31/97) [JPP note: Mathew Rainey soon moved to Oglethorpe-GA, as did George Britton; Rainey's dau later married Thornberry Bolling in Oglethorpe, brother of Susannah Bolling [Rickels' dau married John Harris [not kin of Joyce Poole] and both moved from Albemarle-VA to what became Pittsylvania/Henry-VA] 18 Oct 1790 - Henry County VA (Deeds, pages 275 & 276) THOMAS EDWARDS, SR of Henry County to CALEB MAY of the same , for the sum of Fifty pounds sells land on which the said CALEB MAY now lives, by estimate 275 acres joins DANIEL WILSON. Signed: THOMAS EDWARDS, SR WIT: GEORGE BRITTAIN , DAVID HILER, HENRY LANSFORD, JOHN EDWARDS, BENJAMIN LOYD. Proved: 25 April 1791 (From A. D. Smith 4/4/2005) 1790. Wilkes-GA. John Britton taxed on 1 slave in a district that is between Grove Cr. and Long Cr., neighbors are Randolph Gibson, Thomas and Nath Edwards, several Crowley families who have connections with the Brittain family in Halifax/Pittsylvania-VA. (W-24,p290) [This is a District that became Oglethorpe Co. in DE1793] 1791-1793. Wilkes-GA John Britton taxed on 1 slave, but on 3 slaves in 1793, and now on land in a district that included Long Creek, and Big Creek, land which became Oglethorpe-GA in DE 1793, same neighbors that he had in 1790, so district was changed in 1791. Bigg Creek & Long Cr. are near the Oglethorpe- Clarke Co. border. In 1792 & 1793 Nathan Edwards and William Edwards/ Edwords also live on Big Creek during this period; 1792 list says Wm. Edwards is a minor, no poll tax, then in 1793 he also has no poll tax so possibly still under age. Nathan and William Edwards are sons of Thomas Edwards, Sr. of Pittsylvania-VA, who also has a dau Mary who married before 1790 a Brittain, possibly John Brittain of these 1791-1793 taxlists. William Edwards married 1791 Henry-VA Elizabeth Brittain, so she would probably be a dau of George Brittain, since John was already in GA in 1790. She's probable sister of Thomas Brittain and John Brittain. (W-24 and Ted McClellan's Edwards charts) Henry Bolin is a tax defaulter in this Dist. in 1793. Part of Big Cr. became Clarke-GA. (W-24) [Henry Bolling is brother of Susannah who m Thomas Brittain] John Britton is the only Brittain taxed in this Wilkes-later-Oglethorpe-GA location. 1790 is his earliest appearance, then in late 1793 territory became Oglethorpe. [There is a James Brittain who was taxed in the part of Wilkes that later became Warren Co., much farther south and east] [I do not see any records for any Brittain at all in Gilliam, Early Records of Wilkes Co., GA, Vol 1&2] 1793. Wilkes-GA taxlist. E. Farrar is an adj. landowner in a Dist. near Stephens, GA, now Oglethorpe Co., at Long Cr. area. This is near John Britton. 1795-1799. Oglethorpe-GA Tax lists (per B-1,p7) 1795: John Britton, p3 1796: John Britain, p48, in Capt. Dougherty's Dist. [*1796: Thomas Britton in Capt. Reynolds Dist, no land tax, per*T. McClellan] 1798: Capt. Waters Dist., p89 George Brittain Jr., George Brittain, Sr., John Brittain, Thomas Brittain 1799: p. 108 John Brittain, Thomas Brittain 1799: John C. Evans Dist., p125: George Brittain, Jr. and Sr. 1791: The Henry County Commonwealth's Grants or Patents, Book 24, Page 298 and the Land Books in the Land Office in Richmond, Virginia say: "George Britton, on September 1, 1791, patented 195 acres lying in the counties of Pittsylvania & Henry (part of his land in each county) lying on Cascade Creek & adj. David Stephens." On August 2, 1791, in Henry Co., VA, George Brittain [Sr.] consented to the marriage of his daughter, Elizabeth Brittain to William Edwards. Soon afterward the Brittons/Brittains and Edwards settled in Oglethorpe County, Georgia where George died in 1825. Henry County Circuit Court, Deed Book 10, Page 11. 1SE1791. Henry-VA Commonwealth's Grants or Patents, Book 24, p298. George Britton, 195 acres in the counties of Pittsylvania and Henry on Cascade Cr. adj. David Stephens. (Linda Creed sent 6 Oct 1999, found in History of Patrick and Henry Counties, VA by Pedigo, p339.) 1 Aug 1793. Pittsylvania-VA. Geo. Brittain deeds Geo. F. Harris, adj. Henry Lansford & Wm. Stephens. Wit: Isham & Henry Lansford, & David, Joseph & Peter Harris. (research by Ted McClellan, letter of 12/31/97) [shown to be Geo. Fuller Harris in other deeds; he is grandson of George Fuller of York-VA] 4 Sep 1795: Pittsylvania-VA, Charles Oakes wrote his will, proved 19 Oct 1795. He names wife Jane & son Isaac and dau Mary [Mrs. Zachariah] Thornton. Henry Lansford & David Harris were security for the widow Jane Oakes & Isaac Oakes to execute the will, A-35, p248) [Betty Stokes said that Thomas J. Britain, who was son of George, Jr. a grandson of George, Sr., married Susan Oakes (Isaac,Isaac,John) from a family who migrated from Orange-VA to Oglethorpe-GA to Perry-AL] 30 Oct 1797. Henry-VA Deed Bk 6, p18-19. George Brittain of Henry Co. to PerinasWilliams of Pittsylvania Co. for the sum of 100 pounds, selling land in Henry &Pittsylvania Co., 144 ac in Pittsylvania by patent 1 Sept 1791, another part inHenry Co. purchased of Captain James Roberts and William Stephens as per deed inHenry Co. George Brittain now lives on land that joins William Stephens, DanielWilson, Capt. Henry Lansford on Home Cr., both tracts contain 350 ac m/o/l.Signed George Brittain, Judith (X) Brittain. Wit: T. Marshall, William (X)Spans, Lewis Jones, Joseph Clark. Deed proved 27 Nov 1797. (Lela Adams: Abstracts of Deed Book v & VI, Henry Co., VA, p67) [Thisis the last deed found in Henry-VA for George Brittain, as Lela Adams' abstracts go through 1805 and by then George Brittain is in GA. Ted McClellan's research shows Henry Lansford married Elizabeth Edwards; Henry's son Samuel LansfordmNancy Brittain; and Henry's dau Nancy Lansford married Henry Brittain, boththought to be children of George Brittain & Judith from Pittsylvania & Henry-VA] [Home Cr. is in the SE corner of Henry-VA, close to the Pittsylvania-VA line. John and Thomas Brittain apparently went on ahead to Oglethorpe-GA, and George and Judith followed in 1797 or 1798. Note that the Roberts family is intermarried with Fullers and Millers who came to Laurens-SC; they had been in Halifax-VA earlier. Fullers from Isle of Wight-VA to Granville & Randolph-NC before SC] Oglethorpe Co., GA Tax list: 1798: Capt. Waters Dist., p89 George Brittain Jr., George Brittain, Sr., John Brittain, Thomas Brittain 1799: Capt. Waters Dist., p. 108 John Brittain, Thomas Brittain 1799: John C. Evans Dist., p125: George Brittain, Jr. and Sr. 1800 Oglethorpe-GA Census: Capt. Warters Dist. p.14 Line 10: John Britton household  [he's about same age as Thomas Brittain]    2 males 0-10                   3 fem 0-10    1 male 26-45                   1 fem 26-45    1 slave p.14 Line 11:  ThomasBritton household    1 male 0-10  (b 1790-1800)     2 fem 0-10 (b 1790-1800)    1 male 26-45 (b1756-1774)     1 fem 16-26 (b 1775-1784)[Susannah Bolling]   In same District: John, Saml, Joseph Warters; Thornbery Boling; George Y. Farrow, William Edwards, John Fullilove, George Barber,Travis George, etc. [Matilda Brittain d/o Thomas Brittain & Susannah Bollingmarried Thomas Collins Watters -- see below; Susannah Bolling is the dau of John Bolling Sr. of Orange-VA; Brittain Family in America stated that Matilda Brittain was b 12 Nov 1797 and was a dauof Thomas Brittain, but there is no proof. We need the executors' final accountreturns in Clarke Co. to prove Thomas' children; those don't exist.]   1800 Oglethorpe-GA census, Capt. Thomas Dist. (probably BiggCreek area) p.3, Benj. Crowley, George Britton (age +45), severalCrowleys, George Britton (age 26-45) Also in this Dist. are John Bolling (2 males, one over 45& one 26-45, no other persons in household ); Saml. Boling [brother of SusannahBolling], William Bledsoe, John S. Farrow)   (1800 Census of Oglethorpe Co., GA by Mary Warren, census transcription) Oglethorpe Co., GA Deed book D, 1800-1806 - page 208 24 Dec 1802, George Britain, Senr., to George Britain, Junr., both of Oglethorpe Co. for $100, on Big Creek waters in said co., 48 acres, including old lines, beg. Pine cor. On William Edwards Line, S55E 20 ch. To black oak cor. On George Britain, Senr.'s line, N30E 21 ch. 50 links to sassafras cor., on Britian's line N5W 8 ch. 25 links to hickory cor., N85W 14 ch. To beg., is part of tract granted to John H. Foster, 10 Feb. 1785, in fee simple. (signed) George Britian. Wit: William Edwards, Joel Colley. Proved by William Edwards, 17 Jan 1803, before Jno. Lumpkin, J.I.C. [first reported by Ted McClellan 12/31/97, then by Betty Stokes more content & source cited 2/15/2009] 1807 Lottery: George Brittain Sr. drew a land lot, so not eligible to register for the 1820 Lottery. The George Brittain who drew a lot in 1820 from Oglethorpe Co. would have to be George, Jr. Will Book # B - Oglethorpe Co., Ga., 1807 - 1826, from the book "The Brittain Family in America" by Virginia (Thompson) Brittain, Chapter III, p 315. In the name of God, Amen, I, GEORGE BRITTAIN, Senior, of the County of Oglethorpe and the State of Georgia, being in health as is common for men of my age but knowing that I am mortal and must die, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following, Viz: 1st Item: I lend to by beloved wife, JUDITH BRITTAIN, my negro woman NAN, with all my household and kitchen furniture, and all my stock of each kind, during her life for her comfort and support and the payment of my little debts, should there be any. 2nd Item: I give and bequeath to my son, HENRY BRITTAIN, the tract of land whereon I now live, as also whereon my son lives on, containing one hundred and twenty acres, more or less, yet it is hereby understood that my son HENRY is to let my wife JUDITH live on the said land and enjoy every comfortable privilege and blessing which the said land and buildings can afford her peacefully and quietly during her natural life, and the said land and premises to be his and his heirs forever. 3rd Item: It is my Will and desire that after the death of my wife, all the property in the first item lent to my wife that there may be remaining be equally divided between all my children (except HENRY) either by sale or otherswise as my Executors or those interested therein may choose. 4th Item: I appoint my son, HENRY, Executor to this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all other Wills by me made. In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 17th day of December 1818. GEORGE BRITTAIN (Seal) Signed, Sealed and published in the presence of and we in the presence of the Testator: Mat Rainey, Senior Isaac Collier Jasper Haynes Probate Oglethorpe Co., Ga. Personally came in open Court, Matthew Rainey, Isaac Collier, and Jasper Haynes, three of the subscribing witnesses to the within Will and being duly sworn saith that they saw the within deceased, sign, seal and publish and declare this instrument of writing to be his last Will and Testament and at the time of his doing so he was of sound mind and memory to the best of our Knowledge and belief, so help us God. Mat Rainey Jasper Haynes Isaac Collier Sworn to and subscribed in open Court, November Term, 1825. Mat Rainey NO 1825. George Brittain Sr.'s will proved in Oglethorpe-GA court by Mat Rainey, Jasper Haynes, Isaac Collier. Recorded in Will Bk B. Abstract of will as transcribed in Brittain Family in America, p315: Written 17 Dec 1818. George Brittain, Senior of Oglethorpe-GA; First item, to beloved wife Judith Brittain negro woman Nan, all house furniture & stock of all kinds; 2nd Item, to son Henry Brittain, tract where I now live & also where my son lives, containing 120 acres to be his and his heirs forever; 3rd Item, son Henry to let my wife Judith live on the said land during her natural life; after death of my wife, all the property lent to my wife in the 1st Item to be equally divided between all my children (except Henry). Henry to be Executor. Wit by Mat Rainey, Sr., Isaac Collier, Jasper Haynes. [ also abstracted by Joyce Poole at the courthouse. Joyce sought further administration of the estate to show all children after wife Judith died, but the only child who received anything was Berry (Littleberry) Brittain.] March 1828. Oglethorpe-GA Probate Court Loose Papers on Estate of George Brittain, Sr. March Term of Court, 1828, Process vs. Henry Brittain Executor of George Brittain, Sr. Henry is served with papers 3 Jun 1828, ordering him to appear in Court and give an accounting of his action on the estate of said deceased. Matt. Rainey, CCO. Original inventory of the Estate of George Brittain, Sr., deceased, February 1826, recorded in Book A & folio 70. Appraised by James Crowley, John Freeman & Lemuel Edwards. In the listing were animals, furnishings, books, totalling $207.25. (on back of sheet was written " 20 Jan 1826, Robert Jones, JP") Order to Henry Britain, Executor of George Britain, deceased. Negro woman Nan was [illegible] to the widow of said deceased during her life. Now the widow being departed this life, Henry Britain is ordered to sell negro and personal property of the widow and divide proceeds as instructed under will of said dec'd. Recorded 14 Nov 1836. [shows that widow Judith Britain had died prior to 14 Nov 1836.] Original paper: Sale of Last of the Estate of George Britain, dec'd. All of the buyers listed were H. Britain, Henry Britain, J. H. Britain [James H., son of Henry], William Edwards, E. Edwards, Mordecai Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards, Jas. Willingham, W. M. Zuber. Consisted of 1 1/2 pages, not totalled. Dated 8 Feb 1837. An original receipt: 19 Dec 1840. Berry Britain signs: Received of Henry Britain, Exec. for George Britain, dec'd, $14.75 in full of my part as a Legatee in the estate of said dec'd and a legatee in the estate of Judea Britain, dec'd." A note said "$9.86 of estate of George Britain, $5.00 of estate of Judea Britain." [later found this recorded in Annual Returns Book F, p39, recorded 30 May 1841] [This is all of the papers in the file for George Britain, Sr.] 8 Feb 1837. Oglethorpe-GA Inventories,Sales,Returns Bk E,1837-41, p22. (have xerox copy) List of sale of the last of the property of Estate of Geor Britain, Sr., dec'd. Sold 8 Feb 1837. Henry Britain bought animals, etc., James H. Britain bought small pot & books. H. Britain buyer. Several Edwards buyers, including Elizabeth Edwards. Rec. by Henry Britain, CCO 31 Aug 1837. (LDS microfilm/JPP res.)
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