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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Bell: Birth: ABT 1730 in Orange Co., VA. Death: BEF 7 NOV 1815 in Montgomery Co., VA

  2. Ursula Bell: Birth: ABT 1733 in Orange Co., VA. Death: BET 1794 AND 1800 in probably Oglethorpe Co., GA

  3. Mary Bell: Birth: ABT 1733 in Orange Co., VA. Death: BEF 1778

  4. William Bell: Birth: ABT 1734 in Orange Co., VA. Death: 27 FEB 1800

  5. Joseph Bell: Birth: ABT 1736 in Orange Co., VA. Death: AFT 1802

  6. Thomas Bell: Birth: ABT 1738 in Orange Co., VA. Death: BET 25 AUG 1803 AND 28 AUG 1809 in Orange Co., VA

  7. Elizabeth Bell: Birth: ABT 1740.

  8. Henry Bell: Death: ABT DEC 1798 in Oglethorpe Co., GA

  9. Ann Bell: Death: ABT 1780 in Orange Co., VA

a. Note:   re from the research of Janice Friel unless otherwise indicated. Spotsylvania Co., VA Deed Book B. Sept. 2, 1732. William Bohannan and Sarah, his wife, of St. Stephen's Parish, King & Queen Co., to Edward Smith of same Parish and County, for 10 5s. curr., 200 a. in St. George's Parish, Spots. County---part of pat. Granted John Cook Sept. 28, 1728. [Wit.} R. BELL, Robert x Tunwell, Eliza. x Bell. Sept. 5, 1732. [Deed probably witnessed by Roger Bell, Jr. and wife Elizabeth. Edward Smith was the son-in-law of ROGER BELL, Sr.. Edward was buying 200 acres in Spotsylvania Co., Va. It can be assumed that ROGER BELL was residing at that date in King & Queen Co., Va. [research of Janice Friel] [Note: in 1741, John Wisdom and wife Ann sold land in Orange Co., VA to Elliott Bohannon, witnessed by Zach. Taylor, Jas. Barbour, & Thos. Scott.] 17 Jun 1735. Orange Co., VA Deed Book 1, p43-46. Thomas Cook and Eliza. his wife of St. Mark's Parish, Orange County, to ROGER BELL of Drisdale Parish, King & Queen County. Lease and release; for L10 current money. 100 acres on the south side of North Anna… corner to Mr. Augt. Moore to the river Wit: John Mallory, Robert Seayres, John Walker. Recorded 23 June 1743. Acknowledged by John Snead. In 1734 in Essex County, Va. ROGER BELL witnessed the will of William Holt. (Will Book 5, pg. 248). Titheable 1734 ROGER BELL (1) Tithe from Orange County, Va. (William and Mary College Quarterly Magazine, Vol. 27, no. 1, July 1918, pp. 19-27) Titheable 1736 ROGER BELL from Orange County, Va. Titheable 1734-82, p. 9. 18-19 May 1739 (Re: Roger Bell ) Thomas Cook of St. Mark=s Par., Orange, planter, to Elizabeth Snell, same, widow. L&R, ,8, 100A where she now lives, part of 1,000A granted to Thos Cook 28 Sep 1728, adj Thomas Burgis, Daniel Cook, Thomas Cook, Lazarus Tilley. Witnesses Roger Bell, Andr. Harrison, Laz. (T) Tilley. DB 3: 155 (from Janice Friel 10/10/2006) [Elizabeth Snell appears to be dau of Thomas Cook; maybe she is widow of John Snell of Spotsylvania Co., VA, where Thomas Cook also lived prior to Orange Co.] 28 May 1741, O.S. p. 358 ROGER BELL is hereby appointed Overseer of the road in the room of John Brockman & it’s ordered that he with the gang under the said Brockman cause the highways to be cleared & the bridges to be repaired in the said precinct according to law. (Orange County, Va. Road Orders 1734-1749) In 1742 John Gholson was appointed "overseer of the road" in front of ROGER BELL'S home. (Ancestors of Julian Patrick Downard) [This could have said in the room of Roger Bell, which would mean in place of.] 26 May 1743, O.S. p. 426 John Golston is hereby appointed Overseer of the same road from Pleasant Run through the fork of Pamunkey up to the old mountain road in ye room of ROGER BELL & its ordered that he cause ye said road to be kept in repair by the labouring Titheables in said precincts according to Law. (Road Order Orange County, Va. 1734-1749) Pages 337-40. 23-23 June 1743. Thomas Cook of St. Thomas' Parish, Orange County, planter, to Harry Tilly of Louisa County, planter. Lease and release; for L 20 current money. 200 acres in the forks of Pamunkey River adjoining the land of Collo. Augustine Moore, ROGER BELL and Joseph Sears…. Corner to ROGER BELL in Moor's line… corner to Joseph Sears. Thomas (T) Cook Elizabeth (S) Cook Wit: Edward Ware, John Cook, William (M) Cooper. 23 June 1743. Acknowledged by Thomas Cook (Deed Book 5, 6, 7, & 8 1741-1743) [An earlier Augustine Moore had lived in Elizabeth City Co., VA in the 1600's] 20 Sept. 1750-Deed Book 2, pp. 219, 220 & 221 -Orange County, Va. ROGER BELL bought 20 acres from Thomas Moore, Gent., lying in Orange Co. in the fork of Pamunkey River on the south side of the Northanna. [Janice Friel thinks most of the Bell family lived close to the Pamunkey and North Anna rivers. The names of the Carolina freeholders who registered young slaves with the court follows with the number of registrations after their names: Thomas Berry 1, Henry Bell 1, ROGER BELL 1, Easter Bell 1...... 2/3/2007. Janice Friel reports research. This will of Edward Smith shows the land where Roger Smith lived in Orange Co., VA. Item: It is my desire if my son John Smith shall by any claim or right to 100a. of land which I sold to Wm. Cleaton lying in the fork of Marrowcoca Creek left by ROGER BELL to his daughter MARY SMITH, the wife of Edward Smith & reover the aforesaid land by law, then it is my desire that the aforesaid 100 a. of land which I pay a bond which I gave Wm. Cleaton in Marrowcoca Creek my son Amrose Smith having the renarson of money more than complied with aforesaid bond: the aforesaid land to the highest bidder. [2007, seems Roger Bell Sr.'s land he gave to his dau Mary Bell Smith was at Marrocossick Cr. of the Mattaponi River] [Janice said] Looks like this land was owned by William Cleaton. [believes Marrowcoca Creek is same as Marracossic Creek shown on map above that Jim sent, on Mattaponi River.] ROGER BELL and Elizabeth, probably his wife, witnessed a deed on 5 Sept.1732 ( Spotsylvania Co. Deed Book B). This ROGER was in Orange Co. by 26 Sept. 1744, when he appraised an estate there (Will Book 2,pp.15-16). The land in this deed was on the south side of the North Anna River in the fork of the Pamunkey and adjoined ROGER BELL'S land. [Research of Janice Friel} ROGER BELL [the elder] did have two children that are Mary Bell who married Edward Smith and ROGER BELL, Jr. The wife of Roger the elder is not known. Janice Friel has not found a will. No will has been found for Roger Bell, Jr., but the will of his son-in-law Edward Smith says "land left to his daughter Mary Smith" which says that Roger Jr. did have a will. From Janice Friel 3/29/2007: My friend Winola wrote me and said that she saw it in Orange County Order Book 5, 2 Feb.1753 pg 411. Roger Bell is appointed constable in the county on the south side of the North Fork of the branch of the North Anna up to the montain rode and to the county line. ROGER BELL, SR. seems to have been a Constable until his death in 1754 when Thomas Graves took over for the "late Constable". ROGER BELL, SR. death date came from Brockman Scrapbook, p. 108, by W.E. Brockman, 1952. The Bell daughter Mary is mentioned in the will of Edward Smith, her husband, dated September 17, 1755 and proved September 23, 1756. In his will he gave instructions for the disposal by his son John Smith for land Edward had sold to William Cleaton, "which land was left to my wife Mary by her father ROGER BELL". Janice Friel said: Iassume the date 1754 was the year Roger [Sr.] died, because Edward's will was dated 1755. He could have died earlier, but I have found no other information to determine otherwise. [Note by JPP: William Cleaton might be he who m Jane Poole b ca 1738 of Lunenburg Co., VA, dau of William Poole and his wife Elizabeth (Tapley?). The area William Cleaton and Jane lived in became Mecklenburg, then they moved to what became Fairfield Co., SC.] DEED OF GIFT From ANTHONY GHOLSON, SR. to his son John Gholson, St. Thomas Parish, Orange County, Virginia, August 8,1763. (Taken from My Gholson Family History which cited Deed of Gift, Orange County, Virginia, Recorded 8/8/1763, Deeds, Book 13, p. 330.) This Indenture made the Eighth of August in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty-Three in the Third year of the Reign or our Sovereign Lord George the Third by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith and Between Anthony Gholson of the Parish of St. Thomas and County of Orange of the one part and John Gholson of the said Parish and County aforesaid of the other other part Witnessed that the Said Anthony Gholson for and in consideration of his Fatherly Love to his Son the said John Gholson Doth give unto him his heirs and assigns forever after the death of the said Anthony Gholson and his wife one Lot of land that I bought of Nathaniel Geer (last name not legible) also one Negro Wench named Judy also one Negro boy named Ben also my stock of Horses and Cattle and all the remainder of my Estate whatsoever or if I should hereinafter Buy Negros of Stock of household Stuff or raise any money I give the said Negro or Negros Stock household Stuff or cash to him his heirs or assigns Forever with all the profits TO HAVE AN TO HOLD the said above mentioned things with their and Every of their appurtenances unto the said John Gholson His heirs and assigns forever with the profits Commodities appurtenances thereto Belonging with all rights Title Interest and Estate of him the said Anthony Gholson to the only proper use and behoof of him the said John Gholson his heirs and assigns forever. In WITNESS whereof the Party to these presents hath set his hand and Seal. his Anthony A. Gholson mark SEALED & DELIVERED IN THE PRESENCE OF ROGER BELL, JOHN OAKS his AMBROSE A. SMITH mark At a court held for Orange County on Thursday and 25th day of August, 1763, This Deed was proved by Oath of ROGER BELL, John Oaks, and Ambrose Smith witnesses thereto and Ordered to be recorded. Test. Geo. Taylor, C. O. C. [John Oakes is probably the father of Isaac Oakes believed to have married Lucy Wisdom, granddaughter of Roger Bell and dau of Ursula Bell and Francis Wisdom. Ambrose Smith may be son of Mary Bell (aunt of Roger, Jr.) and Edward Smith.] ROGER BELL of St. Thomas Parish, Orange Co., Va. signed his will on 3 Dec. 1773, and it was witnessed by James Atkins, Thomas Oak, and Thomas Burrus and proved on 24 Aug. 1774 (Will Book 2, pp. 478-79). His will indicates these family members: a dau. Ursula Bowling [Ursula had m1) Francis Wisdom m2 John Bolling and was still living when will written] a. Lucy Wisdom. [granddaughter, dau of Ursula Bell and Francis Wisdom] b. Frankey Wisdom [Frances Wisdom, dau of Ursula Bell and Francis Wisdom] [Joyce Poole has the courthouse recorded copy of this will.] Janice Friel had this notation: William Bell of Mercer Co., Ky., father of Rhoda Bell Gregory, was almost certainly a grandson of this ROGER. Last Will and Testament of ROGER BELL Orange County, Virginia, St. Thomas' Parish Will Book No. 2, 478-79. Admitted to Probate 25 August 1774; bond 2000 pounds In the name of God Amen in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy three this day of December, ROGER BELL of St. Thomas' Parish in Orange county being week in body but in perfect mind and memory thanks be to God therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed one to die do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament Principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into ye of Almighty God that gave it and for my body I recommend to the Earth to be buried the Discretion nothing doubting but at ye General Resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God and as touching such worldly Goods or Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life I devise and dispode of the same in the following manner and form. Item. I have Negro Girl named Dinah which is helpless and void of Sence whichever of my children hereafter mentioned shall take the Negro Girl & find her plenty in bread shall have a Negro Women named Janey for their charge and Janey not to be accounted in the other part of my Estate. Item: I give to my well beloved Granddaughter Lucy Wisdom Three pounds Current money to be raised out of my estate before Divided to receive the same at age of eighteen. Item: I give to my well beloved granddaughter Frankey Wisdom Three pounds Current money to Receive the same at the Age of Eighteen. Item: I give to my well beloved Son Thomas Bell the Land whereon I Live after my decease to him & his heirs forever Thirty feet square excepted for a buringing [burying ground]. The said Land purchased of Thomas Cook and Thomas Moore the said Thomas Bell to allow eight pounds out of his part of the remainder of my estate to be amongst the rest of my children and all my other land to be sold to the highest bidder for money and after my Lawful Debts are paid the said money and my Negros and all any other Estate to be equally divided amongst well beloved Children and their namely John Bell, William Bell, Joseph Bell, Henry Bell, Thomas Bell, Betty Leek, Mary Brockman, Ursula Bowling, Ann Linney I also make the Ordain my son Joseph Bell and my son Henry Bell my only & Sole Executors of this my Last Will and Testament And I do hereby utterly disallow revoke and disannul all other forms Testaments Wills & Legacies request & Exrs by me in any wise before this named Willed and Testament In Witness whereof I hereunto Set my hand & seal the day & date first above written. Signed Sealed published pronounced and declared by the ROGER BELL his Last Will and Testament in the presence of Test: James Atkins Thomas Oak Thomas Burrus ROGER BELL(L.S.) 24 August 1774. Presented into court by Joseph Bell. Proved by James Atkins and Thomas Oaks. Joseph Bell with Vivion Daniel and William Pollock his securities entered into bond in the sum of L 2000 current money. Page 480. ROGER BELL. Inventory. 5 Sept. 1774. Total valuation L 486.17.41/2, including eight slaves valued at L 392.10.-. John Vivion John Vivion junr. Thomas Burrus 22 Sept. 1774 Returned When the settlement of the estate was made on 16 June 1775 one of the vouchers was to William Linney (Orange Co., Va. Will Book 3) Orange Co., VA Court of 26th April 1750. John Bramham, Foreman, John Goff, George Cook, Thomas Walker, Philip Bush, John Brockman, William Goldin, ROGER BELL, John Gholston, John Vivion, George Smith, Andrew Harrison, John Wisdom, Benjamin Hawkins, Peter Mountague, William Riddle, James Haley, Munford Stevens, Richard Durrett, Francis Williams, John Christopher WERE SWORN A GRAND JURY OF INQUEST FOR THE BODY OF THE COUNTY [Munford Stevens or a younger one was a step-son of William Bledsoe, son of his wife by her 1st husband] Orange County Deed Book 13 This indenture made the 25th June 1761, between ROGER BELL and wife Elizabeth, of St. Thomas Parish and County of Orange and William Leek of the same county for the sum of 15 pounds current money of Virginia paid to ROGER BELL for 325 acres of land in the Parish of St. Thomas, County of Orange. Sealed and delivered in the presence of us Timothy Burgess, James Lee ROGER BELL (SS) (William Leek was his son-in-law). (Orange Co., VA [Deed Book 16?] pg 480) Roger Bell Inventory 5 Sep 1774 Total valuation L 486.17.4 1/2 incl. 8 slaves valued at L392.10 John Vivion, John Vivion, Jr., Thomas Burrus Returned 22 Sep 1774 (from A. D. Smith 8/2005, Janice Friel says she has the courthouse copy)
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