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1. Title:   Ebeling, Charlene Reeds
Page:   chart sent 6/6/2007
2. Title:   Bell Family Researcher
Page:   Janice Friel and W. Scott Simpson
3. Title:   Marriage Records [including] Orange, Spotsylvania, and Stafford Co., VA
Page:   1722-1850 by Teresa A. Fisher
4. Title:   Bell Family Researcher
Page:   Janice Friel, reported 26 May 2008

a. Note:   . William's wife Elizabeth Cave was widow of William Johnson, and she left all her property to her son Valentine Johnson in her will. In Chester Co., SC in 1790 census, there is a Valentine Bell, 2 John Bells, William Bell and Archibald Bell. These may have some connection to William Bell and Elizabeth Cave Johnson. These records Jul 2010 from Janice Friel's research: Orange County Deed Book 19, Pg. 135 April 23, 1787 William Bell gent.and Elizabeth his wife and Thomas Barbour gent. and Mary his wife, of Orange County, to Isaac Davis of Orange County, L360, 200 acres in Orange County being part of a large tract formerly belonging to John Brooke of Essex County, Robert Golding line; Williams road. Witnesses William Pannill, Abrose Barbour, Thomas Barbour. Proved April 24, 1787 Orange County Will Book 3, pg. 512 Will of William Bell of Orange Estate to be appraised and to be kept together this year. To wife Elizabeth during her widowhood, 300 acres of the tract whereon I live, and also one-third part of my personal estate. After her death or marriage to be sold to the hightest bidder. The balance of my estate to be sold to the highest bidder after the expiration of the present year. My Reason for directing it so to be disposed of is that every party Interest may stand upon an equal footing in purchasing any part of my Estate thus directed to be sold that may suit either the one or the other of them. That my still stand in the situation it now does for the mutual use, benefit, and conveniences of my said wife during her widowhood and my son John Bell. That my wife also should have the benefit and use of the blacksmith's tools so far as to have her work done. To my son-in-law William Golding, a tract of landjoining the land whereon he lives and the lands of Isaac Davis and James Early, supposed to contain about 40 acres; the same is hereby excepted out of the residue of my estate herein before directed to be sold to the highest bidder. Executors: my son John Bell and my son-in-law William Golding [William Golding was m. to Sarah, William Bell's daughter] William Bell Witnesses: Edmond Thushaw, Johnson Watts, John Hay. Executed Feb. 17, 1800 Probated APRIL 8, 1800
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