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  1. Ann Duff: Birth: BET 1722 AND 1729 in Prob. VA. Death: AFT 1785 in prob. Franklin Co., VA

1. Title:   Probate File
Page:   Ann Duff (age 14-21) came into court 1743 and made choice of Matthew Toole as gdn, on same date Matthew was given admin. of William Duff [Jr.], King George Co., VA
2. Title:   Probate File
Page:   Will of a kinsman, Robert Green, Orange Co., VA 1747/8 mentioned another William Duff in Ireland
3. Title:   Probate File
Page:   Ann Duff (age 14-21) came into court 4 Nov 1743 and made choice of Matthew Toole as gdn, on same date Matthew was given admin. of William Duff [Jr.], King George Co., VA
4. Title:   Court Order Book
Page:   King George Co., VA Order Book 3, 5 Jul 1743, Inventory recorded

a. Note:   ’s book King George Co., VA Will Book A-1 (1721-1752) and Misc Notes, 1978, p135 & 230. This will book was lost from Civil War days until the 1970's when found someway (maybe in Minnesota?) and then returned to King George Co., when King did some almost-transcribing of the records and published it in 1978. The will book records indicated that there are at least two William Duffs in King George Co., one older one who was a very wealthy landowner with thousands of acres, and one younger one with smaller landholdings. There's no concrete evidence that the wealthy William Duff's wife was Elizabeth Green. All we know is that his wife's name was Elizabeth, and that he had a nephew named Robert Green. [That is shown by Robert Green’s will from advised by Melba Dingler] Robert Green's will and his wife Eleanor's will both help to fill in the gaps about relationships. This William Duff was very wealthy (at least land-wise). We know he was older by the headings for his estate in the will book as “William Duff [Sr.]” and the younger one was headed as “William Duff [Jr.]” but this heading only appears to be a convenience to distinguish them from each other. There is nothing to imply that they are father and son, but they are “kinsmen.” The wealthier William Duff’s will is in the published book on p.133. He wrote his will in 1740 and admin. began 2 Aug 1745 when the will was proved in King George Co., VA. His will is very lengthy, but he doesn't tell how his legatees were related to him. He called Robert Green and another William Duff his "kinsmen." He also made two bequests to Ann Shotwell and Ann Duff, although most of his legacies were to male heirs. He used that term kinsman throughout the will, making detailed legacies that extended down into the next 4 generations. In the administration of this will shown in Will Book A-1, the clerk bracketed his name with Sr. even though William Duff did not call himself that in his will. The admin. is for "William Duff [Sr.]". In his will, this wealthierWilliam Duff named 3 people his executors, his wife Elizabeth and “William Duff and Robert Green, my kinsmen.” One legacy was to Duff Green, son of his kinsman Robert Green. The will was signed with a mark W. D., but that doesn’t mean that William Duff was illiterate, because he could write. It is apparent from this will that William Duff [Sr.] and wife Elizabeth had no children at the time he wrote his will in 1740. We can be sure that the younger William Duff was the father of Ann Duff who married Tully Choice, because of the will in 1747/8 by Robert Green. William Duff the wealthy was probably a Quaker, because he made references in his will to Monthly Meetings. The younger William Duff died intestate. There is a record in Court Order Book 2, p374 dated 4 Nov 1743 in King George Co. for the younger William Duff that the clerk bracketed as Jr. -- "William Duff [Jr.]". This William Duff was a landowner, but a great deal less wealthy than the other "William Duff [Sr.]". Administration was granted to Matthew Toole for this William Duff [Jr.] estate on 4 Nov 1743. On the same day, 4 Nov 1743, Ann Duff came into court and chose as her guardian Matthew Toole. This shows that she was between the ages of 14 and 21, and no doubt she was the daughter of this William Duff [Jr.] whose estate was going to be administered by Matthew Toole. The inventory of the estate of William Duff is on p230 of King’s book, and was filed in Account Book 3, per Glen Garrison, and he said that was dated 5 Jul 1743, which shows that it has to apply to the less-wealthy William Duff [Jr.] whose estate was to be admin. by Matthew Toole in 1743. It looks like William Duff [Sr.] wrote his will in 1740 when the younger William Duff was alive, but the younger William Duff died before the older one. William Duff [Sr.]’s wife Elizabeth refused to serve as executrix, as she contested the will. Thus, Robert Green served as sole executor of the very large estate. Robert believed he was entitled to receive the property of Ann Shotwell and Ann Duff, because he appropriated it and left it in his will to one of his sons. Glen Garrison saw a deed where Ann Duff and Tully Choice were paid for this inherited land, however, by Robert Green’s son. It may be in Prince William Co. Robert Green's will and his wife Eleanor's will is in Orange Co., VA at this website Joyce Poole also has a copy of these wills in a file named GreenOfKingGeorgeCo.doc.
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