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1. Title:   Probate File
Page:   Tully Choice Sr.'s will signed 2 Nov 1777 shows John, Cyrus, and Susannah were under 21.
2. Title:   Garrison, Glen E., Dr., Bolling-Choice researcher
Page:   Report of 18 Nov 2007
3. Title:   Probate File
Page:   Will signd 11 Jul 1821, pr. 3 Sep 1821, Franklin Co., VA Will Book 2, p490-1
4. Title:   Bolling Family Researcher
Page:   A. D. Smith in Bolling database, bef. 2007

a. Note:   he oldest of the children of Tully Choice, Sr, who were LESS than 21 years old when his father signed his will on November 2, 1777. Based on the highly probable order of births indicated in the will of Tully Choice, Sr, and the known birthdate recorded many years later for his daughter Sophia (born on September 23, 1760), this John Choice was probably born about 1758. In his will Tully Choice, Sr, left "the Plantation where I now live and two hundred acres of land" to his son John Choice. This land was located in the part of Henry County, Virginia, that became Franklin County, Virginia, in 1786. This John Choice continued to live in Franklin County,Virginia, where he was listed in the Personal Property Tax List in 1800 (I did not check any other tax lists there for him). In December 2002 I (Glen E.Garrison) went to the Court House in Franklin County, Virginia, and examined the deed and will books there from the beginning of this county in 1786. In Deed Book 5 on pages 119 and 120, I saw that Cyrus Choice (son of Tully Choice, Sr) died while a resident of Henderson County, Kentucky, prior to December 22, 1804. Apparently this Cyrus had neither a wife nor surviving children, because he appears to have had no heirs except for his brothers and sisters. The information in Deed Book 5, pages 119 and 120, is three "quit claim deeds" by which John Choice purchased the interests in the Estate of the said Cyrus Choice deceased from his brother William Choice (of Laurens District, South Carolina), his brother Tully Choice (of Hancock County, Georgia), and his brother-in-law Samuel Bolling (of Laurens District, SC, and husband of Abigail Choice, daughter of Tully Choice, Sr) by paying each of these three people $200.00. I found no other deeds for this John Choice in the index for the deeds in Franklin County, Virginia. On July 11,1821, John Choice of Franklin County, Virginia, signed his will and in it stated that his wife was Jane Choice and that his children were Tully Choice, Gresham Choice, Elizabeth Choice, and John H. Choice. This will was proved before the court in Franklin County,Georgia, on September 3, 1821, and was recorded in Will Book 2 on pages 490 and 491. If the John Choice Hall born in 1819 in Emanuel Co., GA was a grandon of the John Choice (who was a son of Tully Choice, Sr. whose will was signed in Henry Co., VA in 1777) he would have been a son of a daughter of the John Choice who signed his will on July 11, 1821. The known dates are certainly compatible with that possibility. It is also possible that the said "John Choice Hall" was not born until the early 1820's and was the son of the apparently unmarried Elizabeth Choice named in her father's will signed on July 11, 1821.
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