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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Wisdom: Birth: ABT 1738 in Orange Co., VA. Death: 6 OCT 1853 in Mercer Co., KY

  2. Francis Wisdom: Death: ABT 1758 in Orange Co., VA

1. Title:   Bell Family Researcher
Page:   Janice Friel 8 May 2008

a. Note:   r. Thomas Miller in Petsie Parish. The land was on south side of a swamp dividing the land of Isaak Richardson and John Day near the Rappahannock R.,adj. Mr. Richard Barnard, Tho. Vicars. and a branch which divided the tract from the land of Tho. Wisdom (Mag of VA Gen V46:19 citing Nugent Cav&Pioneers V2:42) 20 Oct 1689, Gloucester Co., VA. Thos. Wisdom land adjoined patent of Robert Pryor/Prior, land granted to Robert Collins in 1668 and since assigned to Robert Pryor. (Nugent, V2:p338.) 29 Oct 1696, Thomas Wisdom deceased by this date, as shown in patent of Mr. Thomas Miller, Petsoe Par., Gloucester Co., VA, adj. Rappahannock Rd., Isaac Richardson, Vicars, Buckner, Barnard. (Polly Cary Mason: Records of Colonial Gloucester Co., VA, V1:51 cited in Mag of VA Gen. V46:20-21) Thomas Wisdom of Gloucester is assumed to be the father of Francis Wisdom who if born ca 1670-1680 would be an adult in 1704/5, when Francis Wisdom appears on the Gloucester Rent Rolls. Francis Wisdom would be the father of John (who married Ann Collins) and Francis Wisdom (who married Sarah Buford) of the next generation. The migration up the peninsula into Spotsylvania Co. was natural movement. (Mag of VA Gen. V46:19-30) 1691+. Isle of Wight Co., VA. William Collins (b 1612) took up 561 acres in this Co. and 620ac with Tim Corners in King & Queen Co. on 10 Oct 1691, where Collins was listed as a merchant. His wife was Ann Wilds, widow of Thomas. He had come to VA in 1635 at age 23, landing on May 15 from the Plain Joan. (Orange Co., VA Families by Wm. E. Brockman, p18) John Collins (b ca 1635), son of this William, had four children; one was Joseph (b ca 1660) who lvd Essex Co., VA 1718 & 1720. He married Catherine Robinson or Robertson. Joseph died in 1748 in King & Queen Co., VA. Joseph & Catherine had son Joseph who married Susannah (Lewis?); and Joseph and Susannah Lewis Collins had dau Ann (b ca 1700?) who married John Wisdom. See John Wisdom's will 1759 below. 1SE1759. Orange Co., VA Will Bk 2, p332-333. John (I symbol for mark) Wisdom signed will. Names wife Ann [Collins], all personal estate to her during her life or widowhood, but is she marries to be sold at auction andthe money to be put at interest for the use of my unmarried children (unnamed). To son John, Jr., the two daughters of my deceased son Francis. Capt. Richard Thomas & Francis Wisdom to sell personal estate after wife Ann's decease. Divide money between rest of my children. Wife Ann to be Executrix during her life or widowhood. Wit: Andrew Mannen [Manning], Benjamin Cave, Mary (X) Perry, Susannah (X) Wisdom. Pr. 26 Aug 1762, will presented by widow Ann Wisdom with securities Andrew Mannen and Thomas Graves. Before George Taylor, COC. p.335&6 Inventory by John Vivion, John (Holiday? Hobday?), Stephen J. K. Smith presented on 22 Sep 1672. [Stephen I. or J. K. Smith was also an appriaser for the estate of William Bowling in 1772 in Orange Co., VA. Smith may be a relative of Edmund Smith intermarried into the Bell family.] [the deceased son Francis Wisdom in this will was married to Ursula Bell, who married 2nd John Bolling. Ursula Bell's father Roger named his two grdaus Lucy & Franky Wisdom in his 1773 will, they both being under age 18.] [abstract by JPP from LDS microfilm, notes filed VA Co.Recs.] Orange Co. VA Deed Abst. 1759 - 1778 pg 430-431 22 Feb 1777 between Ann Wisdom, Lucy Wisdom, and Frances Wisdom of one part and Thomas Burrus of other.. for L 11 sold 50 acres on North Fork of North Anna.. bounded John Brockman.. Presence: Joseph Bell, John Bolling, Wm Pollock, Vivion Daniel, John Brockman Sgd: Ann (X) Wisdom, Lucy (X) Wisdom, Frances (X) Wisdom Rec: 27 Feb 1777 [Ann Wisdom is widow of John Wisdom. Their son Francis Wisdom married Ursula Bell and had two children, Lucy and Frances. John Wisdom's will bequeathed to those two granddaughters. After Francis Wisdom died abt 1758, Ursula Bell married John Bolling and had more children. Lucy and Frances have probably reached the age of 21 and as adults are selling property they inherited from John Wisdom, granted to them by suit of their guardian Roger Bell.] John Wisdom apparently had children by a 1st wife, before Ann Collins. Ann's will in Wilkes Co., NC dated 1799 indicated 2 sets of children and hers were indicated by the amount of inheritance.
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