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Marriage: Children:
  1. John P. Bolling: Birth: ABT 1792 in Virginia.

  2. Henry Bolling: Birth: ABT 1795 in VA.

1. Title:   Poole, Joyce P.
2. Title:   1850 Census, Montgomery Co., TN census

a. Note:   im Mahoney. This is her report: "Just to let you know...I have seen the document which shows the marriage of William Bolling and Phoebe Hawkins and they were married Oct. 1, <b>1788</b> not <b>1789</b>.  I can understand why this would be mistaken as when you look at the original document, atthe end of the September <b>1788</b> marriages section there were two blank rows before the October 1st marriages were listed. Someone at a later date wrote in two marriages, with references to different pages inthe ledger, in these two blank slots. THESE two entries were 1789 marriages.  There is no doubt, if you look at the entire document, that William and Phoeber were married in 1788. Source:  Virginia Orange County Marriage Records" Tax list of 1783 for Orange Co., VA [LDS Microfilm #from Yvonne Norton] John Bowlan Wm. Bowling Jno Bowlin Jr. (Yvonne's note: these 3 on same line) Taxable persons: 1 free male, 0 slaves, 2 horses, 12 cattle, 3 tithables [The male taxables were age 21, so this shows that sons William and John, Jr. were born by 1762; they were twins, according to these dates and family knowledge] 1784 Tax list for Orange Co., VA Persons Names John Bowlan (or Bowlen), Wm. Bowlan (or Bowlen), Jn.o Bowlan (or Bowlen) (Note: the three names above are all on the same line) The left hand edge of the paper is torn on the second line, but I can see three letters and an apostrophe: am'l, Jonathan Bowlin Taxable persons: 1 free male, 0 slaves, 4 horses, 11 meat cattle, 4 tithables [this shows that Wm., Jn.o. [Jr.], and Jonathan are 21; if Sam’l was intended, he was not taxed as a tithable. William and John, Jr. were both born by 1762.] [from Yvonne Norton] 1785 Persons names John Bowling, Wm. Bowling (first line) Jona. Bowling, Sam'l Bowling (second line) Mourning, Joseph (third line) [probably the slaves] Taxable Persons: 1 free male, 2 slaves, 4 horses, 15 cattle, 5 tithables [This shows that sons William, Jonathan, and Samuel were born by 1764. John, Jr. is not on this list. Immediately following is Thornberry Bowling with 1 free male, 1 horse, 6 cattle and 1 tithable. [he is a brother of John Bolling, Sr. taxed above] 1787: Orange-VA Taxlist from Shreiner-Yantis & Love "1787 Census of Virginia" Columns: name of person charged with the tax names of white male tithables above 21 1. number of white males above 16 and under 21 2. blacks above 16 3. blacks under 16 4. Horses, mares, colts & Mules 5. Cattle List of Ambrose Madison, Commissioner (columns apply to numbered cols above] Thomas Bell [Pamunky] self 1 2 2 4 12 George, John, John, Jr. and Wm. M. Bledsoe (all titheable except George) John Bolling self 3 0 0 3 18 (so he has 3 males 16-21 in HH who would be Samuel, Jonathan b 1767, William b after 1766 and Samuel b after 1766 ) 1 Oct 1789. [should be 1788, see report above] Orange-VA Marriage Bk 1, p22. License for William Bowling and Phoebe Hawkins, Spinster. Wit: John Bolling and Samuel Bolling, Surety James Gaines; Phoebe Hawkins Poindexter consents. [The Bolling Families by Todd Bolen, p236 + published marriages] (JPP: This indicates to me that Mrs. Phoebe Hawkins, mother of Phoebe Hawkins, had remarried to a Poindexter; but if Phoebe Hawkins is a spinster, why would her mother have to consent? Perhaps there was property involved. The witnesses were either John, Sr. or John, Jr., and Samuel, son of John, Sr.] Tax lists: 1790-1799- William Bolling (s/o John) taxed in Orange Co., VA (Zelma Price, pp90-91) 1792, Orange County, VA, John, William, Thornberry and Charles taxed. 1793, Orange County, VA, John, William, Thornberry, Charles, John, Jr. taxed. [Charles is not related to the William/Ann, John/Ursula Bolling family. He was from Stafford Co., VA and remained in Orange Co., VA only a few years before moving with his brother William of Stafford Co., VA (that Wm. born 1758) to Fairfield Co., OH.) 1794, Orange County, VA, John, Jr., William, Thornberry and Charles [unrelated] taxed. 29 Apr 1794. Orange-VA Order Bk 3, p225. The court granted William Boling $2.00, also Roger Bell paid, for guarding the prison 4 nights and $2.50 for patrolling 15 hours. (The Bolling Families by Todd Bolen, p236) [William, son of John, Sr., later moved to Louisa Co., VA] 1795-1797. tax list for Orange-VA ( checked by Glen Garrison) William Boling 1 tithe 1 black, John Boling (Jr.) 1 tithe and Thornberry Bolling 1 tithe are the only Bollings taxed. 1799, Orange County, VA, the last time William is taxed in Orange County, VA. <b>William Bolling, son of John and Ursula </b> Louisa Co., VA Deeds in Books J, L. M, dated 1802, 1810, 1814, 1815, and 1816 show deed records for William Bowling, and he is taxed in Louisa Co., VA in 1810. (reported in The Bolling Family by Todd Bolen 1997 edition, pp236-237) 13MY1804. Orange-VA Order Book 4, p581. William Bowling allowed 1 days accommodations for petition at the March court and travelling 18 miles from Louisa Co.; it appears he was a wit. in case of Pollock vs. Lanton. (The Bolling Family by Todd Bolen, 1997 edition, p236-237) [William, son of John, Sr.] 1816, Louisa Co., VA, John Bowling married Cisley Tate, whose father was William Tate. Witnesses were Ralph S. Dickenson and Henry Bowlin. (The Bolling, Bowling, Bolen Family by Todd Bolen & Lois Bolen Stange, 2nd Ed., 1997, p136) [John P. Bowling, son of William s/o John/Ursula; Henry might be another s/o this William Bowling.] 1 Oct 1816. Louisa Co., VA Deed Bk N, (p?). William Bowling and Phoebe, his wife, John P. Bowling and Cisley, his wife, to John Quarles land on ss North Anna R, adj. William Tate, William and James Tate, John McGehee, Wm. Mansfield, Christopher's Run, John Nelson. (The Bolling Family by Todd Bolen and Lois Bolen Stange, 2nd edition, 1997, p136) 1840 Montgomery Co., TN Census shows John P. Bowling 1001001 and 1101001 [son of William and Phoebe] 1 male 0-5, b 1835-1840 1 male 15-20, b 1820-1825 1 male 40-50 [agrees with John P. b 1792 on 1850) 1 female 0-5, b 1835-1840 1 fem 5-10, b 1830-1835 1 fem 15-20, b 1820-1825 1 fem 40-50 b 1790-1800 ( online census, Image 77 of 119) In 1850, Phoebe is living with their son John P. Bolling in Montgomery co., TN. John P. Bowling. 58 Va. (researched by Janice Friel) Lucy 53 Va. William J. H. 29 KY (b ca 1821 KY) [shows John P. in KY in 1821] Emila S. 22 TN (b ca 1828 TN) Marian 19 TN b ca 1831 Mildred 17 TN b ca 1833 Phoeba 14 TN b ca 1836 Peyton 11 TN b ca 1839 Ellen 8 TN b ca 1842 Phoeba H. 81 Va. b ca 1769 (Phoebe Hawkins widow of William Bolling from Orange-VA) 12/02/1850 Montgomery, TN District 1-4 Roll 891- page 264
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