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  1. Charles Bolling Davenport: Birth: 30 JUN 1887. Death: 31 JUL 1931 in Los Angeles CaliforniaTemple

a. Note:   12-15/2009. In the 9/12 message, Clydia wrote: "In fact, we have in our family, along with a newspaper from the day Lincoln was assassinated and other very interesting documents, an affidavit sworn to back in 1879, by a Thornberry W. Bolling (aged 61) and an Andrew J. Bolling (22 years of age), stating that they had ever been taught by their families that they and my great grandfather William Avery Bolling Davenport were all descendants of Pocahontas." In the 9/15/2009 message, Clydia explained further: "Yes, it was in Crawford County, Arkansas [JPP note: where Thornberry W. Bolling and his son Andrew J. Bolling also lived.]. William Avery Bolling Davenport & his family left Greenville, South Carolina after the Civil War. He had been a captain in the Hampton Legion during the war and wrote a first hand account of the First Battle of Manassas which my cousin who still lives in Crawford County has. About leaving Greenville, the story goes that there was a lynching of some sort and William & family had to leave quickly so they left just a few days later in a covered wagon. He kept a journal of the trip, noting expenses for food, for ferries, for medications for a child and then for a casket. Again, my cousin has this notebook. They went to Texas for a short while then moved to Crawford County where they had family, the Bollings [JPP: descendants of Robert, son of Samuel & Abigail Choice Bolling].. The document made in 1879 was made, and I will type it exactly as written, "in proof of the geneology and decent of William A.B. Devenport and his family as decendants of the old Powhatan tribe of Indians and to be used in evidence whereever necessary so to do and in establishing the right of said Devenport & his family to citizenship in any of the Indian territorys of the United States and for other purposes &c." 'We know William was descended from Isaac Davenport & Nancy Bolling who lived in Greenville, S.C. I cannot get access to all the family papers right now but I remember that one document, I believe it was a succession but of whom I can't remember, anyway it states "late of Newberry County."' Regarding the 1879 document, Clydia said this: Back to that 1879 document, Thornberry and Andrew were the 2 affiants and William Avery Bolling Davenport was present, but not an affiant. We have a wonderful picture of WABD. His beard is so bizarre we call him eggplant beard! He married (his second wife, I believe, because she was the widow of an Arkansas deputy) Mary Louella Spencer widow of Ayers. Then, after WABD died, she married again, a Dean of the Red River Barge Line down in the little town of Plaquemine, Louisiana. Anyway, I believe I have WABD's dates [and will send them.]"
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