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Marriage: Children:
  1. Milly Bolling: Birth: ABT 1805 in Orange Co., VA.

  2. Hariet? Bolling: Birth: ABT 1808. Death: AFT 1850 in prob. Heard Co., GA

  3. Alexander B. Bolling: Birth: BEF 1809. Death: APR 1862 in prob. Gordon Co., GA

  4. Mary Bolling: Birth: ABT 1813 in Guatemala City GuatemalaTemple.

  5. John S. Bolling: Birth: ABT 1813 in GA, prob. Oglethorpe Co.. Death: AFT 1880 in prob. Calhoun Co., AL

  6. Susan Bolling: Birth: 1817 in Guatemala City GuatemalaTemple. Death: BEF 1873

  7. Elizabeth Bolling: Birth: ABT 1820 in prob. Oglethorpe Co., GA. Death: BEF 1873 in Walton Co., GA

  8. Person Not Viewable

a. Note:   nge County, Va. Families, Vol. 3, as a Vestryman at St. Thomas Parish November 1764. When Thomas Bell married Sarah Brockman, the record said that he was a widow(er). Thus, he had been married before. (info from Janice Friel 9/6/2008) Marriages of Orange County Virginia 1747 - 1810 by Catherine L. Knorr 19 Apr 1791 John Boling, Jr. and Susannah Bell. Thomas Bell consents for Susannah; no relationship stated. Sur. William Boling. pg. 28 [She is daughter of Thomas Bell and Sarah Brockman, see records below. William Boling is brother of John Boling, Jr.]] 1793, Orange County, VA, John, William, Thornberry, John, Jr. taxed (Charles also taxed but not kin; his DNA doesn't match ours). 24 Jun 1799. Orange, Co., VA Deed Bk 21,p466. John Boling [Jr.] of Culpeper Co., VA to George Quisenberry, land in Orange Co., VA, described, in part, as adj Roger Bell on N. Fork of N. Anna R, adj. James Perry's line. (Todd Bolen's book, p134, and research of Glen Garrison) Oglethorpe Co. Georgia Deed Book E. 1806-1809 p. 480 20 Nov. 1806 Jonathan Cohron to John Boling, Junr. Both of Oglethorpe Co. for $650 133 acres in said Co. Beg. Corner….etc. etc. was originally granted to William George, 21 Sept. 1784, & sold by George to James Thomas & from Thomas to Joshua Willis & from Willis to Lewis Willis & from Willis to Jonathan Cohron, Signed Jonathan Cohron. Wit: Thomas Wootten, Wm. Lumpkin, Thomas Michell, William Ford. J.P. Recorded 25 July 1809. 1807 tax list for Oglethorpe Co., GA, Robert Pope's Dt., John Bowling, Jr., George Farrar, John Harris, Moses Bledsoe (LDS microfilm/Joyce Poole research) Oglethorpe Co., Deed Book E, p.477 3 Feb. 1807 Henry Boling of Clark Co. Ga. To John Boling of Oglethorpe Co. Ga. For $1000 on Big Creek waters in Oglethorpe Co. Beg. On John Bollings line , N 56 W 178 poles to corner etc. etc. to hornbeam corner on Big Creek, up meanders of creek to Corner…etc. etc. is part of survey granted to William George by Gov. John Houston, 21 Sept. 1784 in fee simple [signed] H. Boling. Wit: George Y. Farrow, Moses Bledsoe, Oglethorpe Co. Proved by George Y. Farrow & Moses Bledsoe, 10 Feb. 1807. William Ford, J.P. Recorded 24 July 1809. [Henry probably selling to his brother John Bolling, Jr., who lives in Oglethorpe Co., GA. John Bolling, Sr. is moving or already has moved to Clarke Co. with daughter and son-in-law Susannah and Thomas Brittain.] 25 Oct 1808. Oglethorpe Co., GA Deed Bk G, p292. John Boling, Jr., to Roger Bell, both of Oglethorpe Co., for $650.00, 150 acres on waters of Big Creek, joining said Boling & Bell's line, part of a tract originally granted to William George on 21 Sep 1784, sold by said George to James Thomas, etc (chain of ownership continued). Signed John Boling. Witnesses: H. Boling, John Ford, William Ford, JP. Recorded 27 Mar 1812 by Isaac Collier, Clerk. [abstracted at courthouse 4/11/94 by Joyce Poole] [John Bolling, Jr., son of John Sr. & Ursula, married Susannah d/o of Thomas Bell of Orange Co.,VA; Susannah Bell had a brother Roger Bell. John Bolling, Jr. has a sister Susannah Bolling, who married 1797 Thomas Brittain. Thomas Brittain had lived on land granted originally to William George, too.] Jan Term 1812, Oglethorpe Co., GA Inferior Court Minutes 1810-1820, p162: Jury Impanelled as follows: 1. John Bolling (Jr.) 7. Pleasant Robertson 2. Josiah Bondrant 8. Wm. Johnson 3. Shadrick Smith 9. Benj. Tribble 4. James Furgurson 10. Charles M. Berry 5. Chattin D. Suggins 11. George Cross 6. Mason Jones 12. William Woodruff [research at Courthouse by Joyce Poole] 1816. Oglethorpe Co., GA. Deed Bk I, p192. Roger Bell sells land to John Bolling, Jr. on Big Creek. Orange County Will Abstracts 1778-1821 Book 5 p. 151 (266-267) Will of Sarah Bell. lend to my daughter, Suckey Bolling, the wife of John Bolling of Georgia .. (then to) my granddaughter, Polly Bolling, daughter of Suckey Bolling.. give to my daughter, Salley, the wife of Dabney Wright of Orange .. appoint my son, Brockman Bell, of Albemarle my true and lawful executor .. this 13th day of July 1818. In the presence of (Signed) Sarah Bell Dabney Minor, Joseph (his mark) Wright, Elizabeth (her mark) Wright. At a court held .. 22nd May 1819 ..proved .. and ordered to be recorded p. 159 (344-345) Account of sales of estate of Sarah Bell, dec'd 13 May 1819. Amount $1450.80 on sales to John Bowling, Brockman Bell, James Robinson and Dabney Wright. Returned into court 23 May 1820 Orange County Court House Will Book 5 page 66 The Will of Sarah Bell In the name of God Amen I Sarah Bell of the county of Orange calling to mind the uncertainty of human life and desirous of making a disposition of such property as I may possess do make ordain and declare this to be my last will and testament. Ist I lend to my daughter Sukey Bolling the wife of John Bolling of Georgia, a negro girl named Peggy now in my possession during the natural life of my said daughter Suckey and at her death I give and bequeath the said negro girl Peggy with all her future increase to my granddaughter Polly Bolling the daughter of the said Suckey Bolling and her heirs forever, with this provision that incase the said Polly Bolling should die without lawful issue from her body then the said girl Peggy with all her increase shall be divided by sale or otherwise in equal portions among the other children and their heirs of the said Suckey Bolling. 2nd I give and bequeath to my daughter Sally the wife of Dabney Wright of Orange and to her heirs forever a negros woman named Esther now in my possession and all her future increase. And I hereby constitute and appoint my son Brockman Bell of Albemarle my true and lawful executor of this my last will and testament. As witness my hand and seal this 13th day of July 1818 Signed, sealed and acknowledged In presence of Sarah Bell (seal) Dabney Minor Joseph X Wright mark Elizabeth X Wright mark Orange County Will Book 5 p. 339-340 Brockman Bell, executor to the estate of THOMAS AND SARAH BELL. May 13, 1819 from sales of Thomas Bell's estate $6315.37 1/2; Amount of sales of Sarah Bell's do. $1450.80. Legacies of $1216.80 to Roger Bell, William Bell, John Boling, Larkin Clark, Dabney Wright, Brockman Bell. Account settled by Thos. Coleman, Wm. Stevens, Richard Johnson. Returned into court 22 nd May 1820. p. 342-344 Account of sales of the estate of THOMAS BELL, dec'd, May 13th 1819. Sales made to Dabney Wright, Brockman Bell, William Bell, Roger Bell, John Bowling, Oswell Murphy, James Robinson, James Daniel...totalling $2400.. Returned into court 23rd May 1820. 1821 GA Land Lottery. John Bolling, Golding's Dist., Oglethorpe Co., GA drew Land Lot 245, 1st Dist., Henry Co., GA. 12 Apr 1823, Henry Co., GA Deed Book ? for Year 1823 p. 344 . Captioned Oglethorpe Co., GA. This indenture made & entered unto this 12th day of April in the year of our lord eighteen hundred twenty three between John Bowling of the County & state aforesaid [Oglethorpe] & Caliman S. Pringle of the same state & county of Clark witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of sixty dollars to me in hand by the aforesaid Coliman S. Pringle has this day bargained granted & sold & by these presents grant bargain & sell & convey over to the said Coleman S. Pringle a certain lot of land situated lying in the county of Henry & known in the plat of said county by lot No. 245 in 1st Dist. of said County to have and to hold said tract of land together with all & singular the rights members & appertancy this to belonging in any manner the right whose of I the aforesaid John Bowling do warrant & defend forever the claim or claims of myself my heirs, my executors or administrators and from the claim of any other person what so ever and by these presents do grant unto the aforesaid Coleman S. Pringle and to his heirs & assigns executors or administrators in principle for Witness whereof I the said John Bowling have here in to set my hand affix my seal this day in the presents of Christ Brown, JI.C. John Tarpley, J.P. John Bowling [seal] (sent by A. D. Smith, Greenwood, SC 1/1/2005) [John Bowling acquired this land by drawing it in the 1821 Lottery, as a resident of Golding’s Dist., Oglethorpe Co., GA. John C. Tarpley also registered in Golding’s Dist. and drew Houston Co. land.] 1825. Clarke-GA Civil Court Case loose papers for Hendley Harriss vs Benjamin M. Granade. [Granade married Milly Bolling, who may be a dau of John Bolling, Jr. and Susannah Bell.] (Robert Scott Davis: Records of Clarke Co., GA 1801-1892, p38) John Bowling [Jr.] sold land to Alexander B. Bowling [probably his son] in 1830 on Big Cr. in Oglethorpe Co., GA. [This is the last time we see John, Jr. in a record in Oglethorpe Co., GA. Possibly John Bolling, Jr. and wife Susannah moved to DeKalb Co., GA, where all records from 1822 perished in a courthouse fire about 1844.] Other deeds from Deeds Index Oglethorpe Co., GA To John Bolling E-477-8 2/5/1807 on Big Cr. [sold by Henry Boling] To John Bolling, Jr. E-480 11/12/1806 (from Jonathan Cohron) [son of John and Ursula] To Roger Bell G-292 10/25/1808 (from John Boling, Jr.) 153ac on Big Creek) To Roger Bell H-491 7/18/1814 (from Travis George dec'd, by admr 175ac on Big Creek) [nephew of Ursula] John Bowling I-192 AP 1816 from Roger Bell, 46 1/4ac Big Creek John Bowling N-119 12/26/1829 from Thos. Wray, 437.5ac Big Cr. A. B. Bowling N-490 9/2/1830 from John Bowling 327ac Big Cr. Alexander B. Bowling O-155 9/1/1834 from John Bowling 252ac Big Cr. John S. Bowling O-290 3/5/1836 from Alexander B. Bowling 100ac BigCr 1830 census: John Bowling in Walker's Dist., Oglethorpe Co., GA , page 94. (research of Janice Friel) 1 male 50-60, 1 male 30-40, 1 male 20-30, 1 male 15-10 1 fem 50-60, 1 fem 30-40, 1 fem 20-30, 1 fem 15-20. Melba Dingler sent this: From History of Pisgah Church [Perry Co., AL]. In 1834 William A. Melton & John S. Ford, present petition Cahaba Asso. (Bapt.) Meeting for Pisgah's admission into of first building under direction of my gr gr Joe/Joel England...and from trees donated by John Bolling, John A. Fuller, Barry Ford, Eph Ford...early family names at Pisgah: Garrison, Ford, Smith, Miree, Harris, Davis, Persue, England, Edwards, Osburn. [Melba wondered later if John Bolling might be John, Jr. s/o of John/Ursula, having come over from GA.] See John W. D. Bolling, unconnected person, who married 1829 Walton Co., GA Mary Fletcher. He is in 1840 census, Heard Co., GA, age 30-40 with wife age 30-40, 5 males 20-30 and 2 fem 15-20 and other young children. He is John W. D. (or P.?) Bowling, at the top of a page which has Nathan Lipscomb on that page. Nathan Lipscomb married Hariet Bolling in 1827 in Walton Co., GA., then they are on the 1840 census in Heard Co. She is head of household in 1850 in Heard Co., GA. Unidentified: Sarah Bowling married in 4 Apr 1830 in Henry Co., GA Ignatius R. Brooks. 1850 census Walton Co., GA Roger Bell, age 74 [son of Thomas Bell of Orange Co., VA] Susan Catton [Carlton] age 33 [Susan Bolling m Edward Carlton, she, dau of John Bolling, Jr. & Susannah Bell, sister of Roger Bell] Mary Catton age 18 John Catton age 16 Susan Catton age 14 Nancy Catton age 12 Frederick Barrett age 29 Elizabeth Barrett age 30 [dau of John Bolling, Jr. & Susannah Bell, married Frederick Barrett] 1853, marriage of Susan Carlton to James Clark Hinton in (Athens) Southern Banner newspaper. See on page for Susan Carlton, dau of Edward Carlton and Susannah Bolling, dau of John Bolling, Jr. and Susannah Bell.
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