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Marriage: Children:
  1. Matilda Brittain: Birth: 12 NOV 1797 in Oglethorpe County, GA. Death: 13 SEP 1882 in Burnett County, TX

  2. Mourning Brittain: Birth: ABT 1798 in Oglethorpe Co., GA. Death: 28 DEC 1871 in DeKalb Co., GA

  3. Henry Lansford Brittain: Birth: ABT 1799 in Guatemala City GuatemalaTemple. Death: 12 DEC 1890 in Clarke Co., GA

  4. William Edwards Brittain: Birth: 11 NOV 1803 in Clarke Co., GA. Death: 25 MAY 1882 in Meriwether County, GA

  5. Milley Brittain: Birth: ABT 1804 in Clarke Co., GA.

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1. Title:   Letter of child of Thomas Brittain (1770-1810)
Page:   transcribed by Thomas Brittain 9 Sep 2005 to Joyce Poole

a. Note:   1800 Oglethorpe-GA Census: Capt. Warters Dist. p.14 Line 10: John Britton household [he's about same age as Thomas Brittain] 2 males 0-10 3 fem 0-10 1 male 26-45 1 fem 26-45 1 slave p.14 Line 11: Thomas Britton household 1 male 0-10 (b 1790-1800) 2 fem 0-10 (b 1790-1800) 1 male 26-45 (b 1756-1774) 1 fem 16-26 (b 1775-1784) [Susannah Bolling] Thomas Brittain and Susannah Bolling may have known each other before Oglethorpe Co., GA. He was from Pittsylvania Co., where Susannah's uncle Samuel Bolling lived and where her mother's 1st husband, Francis Wisdom, had family members. Thomas Brittain's son Henry Lansford Brittain had son William F. Brittain who wrote a letter telling about his father and grandfather's ancestry and family. She copy of letter with George Brittain, Sr. page. Thomas is in the 1799 Tax list of Oglethorpe Co., GA, Capt. J. Water's District 1805 Lottery of GA. (all who registered, required residency in GA for 1 yr before the Lottery Act of 1803, 2 draws meant married man) George Britton, Sr., #1735 of Oglethorpe Co., drew two blanks George Britton, Jr., #1734 of Oglethorpe Co., drew two blanks John Britton, #1724 of Oglethorpe Co., drew two blanks Thomas Britton, #1733 of Oglethorpe Co., drew two blanks 19 Sep 1805. Oglethorpe-GA Deed Bk E,p122. Indenture. Samuel Shields Senr. of Clarke Co. to Thomas Britton of Oglethorpe-GA, for $100.00, 25 acres m/o/l lying in County of Oglethorpe on waters of Big Cr. being part of original 1000ac tract granted by State to William George, adj. Noah Hills line, Thomas Brittons line, George Farrars line, (?corner pine George Farrar's line?). Signed Samuel Shields, Senr., wit: Sherwood (Strong?), J.P., William Shields. Rec. 29 Oct 1806) (have xerox copy from courthouse sent by Betty Stiner) 6 Oct 1807. Oglethorpe Co., GA Deed Bk E, p245. Thomas Brittain and wife Susannah sell to Theophilus Hill 95ac on Big Cr. waters (there is a mix-up in the deed description which mentions two tracts of land 70 ac and 35 ac) adj. his line and George Farrar. Thomas Brittain signed, Susannah with (X). Wit: James Jordan, Mary Jordan, Jehu Johnston. O Co.: proved by James Jordan, 6 Oct 1807, J.P. No recording date. (Oglethorpe Co., GA Deeds by Michael Farmer, V1p? and witnesses sent by Betty Stokes 1/15/2009) Thomas Brittain's will was proved 1810 in Clarke County, GA. with George Y. Farrar, Susannah's sister Nancy's husband as co-executor of the will; William Edwards, Thomas' sister's husband was the other executor. Reuben Lemuel Edwards (John, Thomas, Thomas) m. 1803 Oglethorpe Nancy Bledsoe. [Note that Reuben Lemuel Edwards (John, Thomas, Thomas) m. 1803 Oglethorpe Nancy Bledsoe, who was a niece of Susannah Bolling. Reuben Lemuel was a nephew of Mary Edwards, dau of Thomas, Jr. Thomas Brittain's sister Elizabeth Brittain married William Edwards. Suggests the Edwards of southside Virginia (Pittsylvania and Henry Cos.) family is very closely associated with this Brittain family.] From Brittain genealogy file of Thomas Mercer Brittain to Joyce Poole Dec 2005: Some of my very poor notes say "George Brittain, Sue Brittain's great greatgrandfather was baptized about 70 years old. Edwards and Brittains mostlyBaptist. "My father Thomas Brittain moving to Clarke Co where he died in the year 1810. Berry went to TN, George, Burrell, John to Ala, Thomas and Henry remaining inGA. my father died when Sue Brittains father Henry was 12 years old - so he obtained about his ancestry from his Uncle Henry Brittain..."Sue Brittain's father Henry married Miss Julie Wright in 1842." [Joyce's note: This was written by a child of Thomas Brittain who died in 1810. It could be written by Thomas' daughter Milly who married 1st William G. Wright and 2nd Moss. Thomas M. Brittain said that he had lost the photocopy of this letter. He obtained it from a Wright descendant. Julia Wright and William G. Wright were children of Robert Wright, Sr.and Mary Perrin Fitzpatrick. Julia and William G. had brother Robert Wright, Jr. who married Margaret Bledsoe of the Orange Co., VA Bledsoe family.] Clarke Co., GA, Ordinary Court Minutes 1803-1816: Thomas Brittain, p338, 214, 219, 226, 271, 292, 71, 77, 311 p.71 his will pr. 7 May 1810 (have xerox copy, see transcript below) p.77, estate of Thomas Brittain, Geo. Farrar made return 3 Sep 1810 p.214, return checked, either I have already or nothing significant p.219 Thos. Brittain Estate, Geo. Farrar made return 4 Jul 1810 p.271 " " made return Jul 1813 p.226, return checked, either I have or nothing significant p.292 Thos. Brittain Estate, Geo. Farrar made return 7 Feb 1814 p.311 (have xerox) " " made application to be Dismissed Aug 1814 p.338 Thos. Brittain Estate, Geo. Farrar & William Edwards made return 1 May 1815 5MR1810. Clarke-GA. Will Bk A, p36. In the name of God. My last will and Testament. I Thomas Brittian being sound in mind but knowing I must die First do bequeath to my loving wife Sucky Brittian all my Estate both real and personal during her life or widowhood and if she marries to be divided between her and my children. I do appoint my loving wife, William Edwards & George Farrow Executors to this my last will and Testament and so help me God. Thomas Brittain, March 5th 1810. Test: Miller Bledsoe, William Harris, George Ewing. Proved in Clarke-GA Court by William Harris and George Ewing 7MY1810. Sworn before P. Smith, CCO in open court 7 May 1810. (xerox copy from microfilm at GA Archives, filed in Brittain file) [The name Farrow should be Farrar; George Y. Farrar married Susannah's sister Nancy Bolling; William Edwards married Thomas Brittain's sister Elizabeth Brittain] 8 May 1810. Clarke-GA. Original Estate Papers from Case File. Thomas Britton's estate listed and appraised by David Harris, William Harris & Henry Bolling. Signed by all three. List includes Pigs, cows & calfes, heifers, bull, 3 horses, seed cotton, bushels of corn, cutting knife, bacon, barrels & tubs, loom, leather & ? & Last, plantation tools, hand saw, a lot of things can't read, household implements, rifle gun & shot bag, man's saddle, woman's saddle, 3 beds & furniture, other furniture, etc. [have copy filed in Brittain file) 15 Jun 1810 estate sale for Thomas Brittain, dec'd: Buyers included John Harris, Joseph Brown, Aron Bigs, Henry Bolling, John Smith, William Edwards, Edwards Bond, Lemual Lansford, John Hightower, Geo. Y. Farrar, William Shields, George Waters [only one page was photocopied, may be all in the file, maybe recorded in Book H, p 45] (Ted McClellan found the sale, apparently the recorded copy via microfilm at LDS) July Term 1810. Return of Estate of Thomas Britton by Wm. Edwards & George Y. Farrer, the Executor[s]. Paid note of Geo. Phillips (Guarde/?) of T & P Strong $75.35 Geo. Phillips proven acct. $3.25 For printing fees $9.87 1/2 John Smith R. H. (?Reid?) George Y. Farrar & Charles A. Reid, the Sheriffs ?? $69.87 1/2 Johnston Bickerstaff, Const. Acct.? $7.66 Total #166.01. Sworn to in open Court: G. Y. Farrar signed. Return of 7 Jan 1811. No charges made on the Estate since last return. Sworn in Court, George Y. Farrar signed, before P. Smith Clk Ct. No Date on this document, [maybe about 1811 to cover cost of Shields suit] original signatures on the outside by Susannah Britton, William Edwards, George Y. Farrar, Executors: On the petition of Wm. Edwards and George Farrar, Extrs of Thomas Britton dec'd, praying leave to sell a part of a tract of land with a small improvement, the quantity of Acres not yet ascertained, on the Oconee River adjoining Wm. (Strong?) Senr. and others for the benefit of the heirs and creditors of the said deceased and it appearing to the Court that a notice has been duly published and that the said sale will be for the benefit of the said heirs and creditors, it is ordered that the said Excrs. have leave accordingly on their publishing the said sale according to law. [also have copy of the recorded copy in Court Book 1800+ from Betty Stiner] 31 December 1811. Return of the estate of Thomas Brittain, dec'd. Dr. to William Edwards & George Y. Farrar, excrs of said estate (no amount) Paid Jno. Bolling, Senr. (there is a black scratch mark on the microfilm which crosses his name and amount was blotched out) per receipt [John Bolling, Sr. was Susannah's father] (Clerks fees?) (amount blotched out) Taxes $.47 per receipt paid Samuel Jackson, Shff. for Joseph Sheelds $222.12 1/2 per receipt Cost of suit on the above case $4.50 per receipt Paid Prier Lansford $3.00 per proved act. Paid Lemuel Lansford $1.00 per note. paid William Preyer? $9.00 per proved act. Cost on the same (appears to be marked out and amount also) p prove act. Paid Jno. Smith head Head (appears to be marked out & amount also) on note Paid E. Haynes $1.75 per proved act. paid Thomas More $10.00 per proved act. paid Sterling ?? (marked out and amount marked out) Paid for the Euse of said Estate $3.75 Examined and approved by the Court. Signed George Y. Farrar. Return for year 1813. No money paid in and no money paid out. Geo. Y. Farrar, Extr. [Aug 1814. Not in Estate packet, but recorded in Court Minutes Book 1803-1816, p311: George Y. Farrar, one of the Executors of Thos. Brittain dec'd applied for Letters of Dismission from the further administration of the estate of the said dec'd and citation issued the first day of August 1814. Photocopy in Brittain file, sent by Betty Stiner 5/19/99, read by JPP at courthouse 8/3/99] [Other returns filed in Court Minutes 1803-1816, p214,219,226,271,292,71,77. See Records at top of this file. Nothing significant was in the returns] [1 May 1815. Not in Estate packet but recorded in Court Minutes Book 1803-1816, p338: George Farrar and William Edwards made return.] Return for July 1, 1816. Says recorded Bk H, p50. Nothing shown, except sworn to in open court by George Y. Farrar.Wm. H. Lowe, Clk. [Checked many record books at Probate Court at Courthouse in Athens 8/3/99 for possibility of further information, but found no significant information. The orphans were never named. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.