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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Henry Bolling: Birth: 1810 in (prob. Clarke Co.) Georgia. Death: 1855 in Holmes Co., MS

  2. James Madison Bolling: Birth: ABT 1812 in Clarke County, GA. Death: 1 AUG 1852 in Hayneville, Lowndes County, AL

  3. Susan H. Bolling: Birth: 1819 in Clarke Co., Georgia.

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a. Note:   rea which became Oglethorpe Co., GA in Dec. 1793. Other familiar names in the Dist: George & John Lumpkin (families from Pittsylvania Co., VA); Robert & P. Haynes; John Blakley; John, Nathan & other Edwards; Vines Collier; Bennett Watts; Matthew Rainey; John Britton; Matthew Finley. [John Bolling Sr. & Ursula sold land in OrangeCo., VA Jan 1794. It appears that son Henry came down to establish a home near Long & Big Creek in GA for the family, as John, Sr. and other children later followed and lived at Big Creek.] 23 Jan 1799. Oglethorpe Co.,GA Deed Bk C, p303-304. Ferdinand Phinizy & Margaret his wife to Henry Boling, both of Oglethorpe Co., for $300.00, 200acres and plantation, on waters of Long Cr. in Oglethorpe Co., joining when surveyed N. by Gibson, Scot, Unknown and vacant, 200 acres orig. granted to Randolph Gibson on 25 Apr 1785. Signed Ferdinand Phinizy, Margaret Phinizy. Wit: Miller Bledsoe & Samuel Shealds. Proved 30 Mar 1799 by Samuel Shields & Miller Bledsoe, beforePeachy Bledsoe, JP. [abstracted at courthouse 4/11/94 by Joyce Poole] [ Miller Bledsoe came from Orange Co., VA where John Bolling, Sr. sold land 1794. This land was orig. granted to Randolph Gibson 25 Apr 1785, who married a dau of Jeffry Crowley, from Halifax Co., VA] John Bolling, family and neighbors 1800 Census for Oglethorpe Co., GA, Capt. Thomas District, pages 3-4, line #'s given. #20 George Britton [father of Thomas Brittain m Sus. Bolling] #24 George Britton, Jr. [m Brewer] #28 William Bledsoe #30 John Boling [John, Sr., married to Ursula, but she is deceased, as he has 1 male 26-45 and 1 male 45 and above. These would be John and son Henry.] #31 Pechy Bledsoe [Sgt. of Revol. Regt. for Bollings in Orange Co., VA] #42 Samuel Boling [son of John/Ursula] #43 William Brewer [Sus. Brewer m1) Samuel Bolling m2) Henry Bolling) #44 John S. Farrow [Geo. Y. Farrar m dau of John Bolling Sr.] Thornberry Bolling, son of John and Ursula, and neighbors: 1800 Census, Oglethorpe Co., GA, Capt. Warters District, pages 14-16, line #’s given. #10 John Britton #11 Thomas Britton [husband of Susannah, dau of John/Ursula] #20 John Warters #21 Saml Warters #22 Nathan Edwards [son of Thomas, Jr. of Pittsylvania] #25 William Edwards [son of Thomas, Jr. of Pittsylvania, m Elizabeth Brittain sister of Thomas Brittain above] #29 Thornberry Boling [son of John/Ursula] #30 Joseph Warters #33 George Y. Farrow [husband of Nancy dau of John/Ursula] #58 Reuben Radford #59 John Edwards #68 Catherine Farrow [believed to be mother of George Y. Farrow, nee Lansford] #71 Michael Bennett Church attended by John Bolling, Sr. family: 1800c. Baptist Church at Big Creek in Oglethorpe Co., GA was attended by the Bledsoes, Bollings and Farrars. The Church was organized by Aaron Bledsoe, minister.(Fifty Families, A History by Nancy Chambers Underwood, p479) [This church is now in Clarke Co. but close to the Oglethorpe line. The Brittains also attended this church, according to Brittains in America by Virginia T. Brittain.] Oglethorpe Co. Georgia Deed Book C 1798-1800 p. 358 Oglethorpe co. Ga. : 17 Nov. 1787 Henry Greer & Susannah his wife of Clarke Co. Ga. To Obadiah Jones of Oglethorpe Co. $200, 209 acres on Big Creek waters in Oglethorpe Co. granted to Henry Greer, 13 Nov. 1799, by Gov. James Jackson, adj. SW & NW by Jesse Peer[?y?] N & NE by Matthew Findley, S by Graybill’s line. Signed Genry Greer, Susannah Greer, Wit: Wm.Lumpkin, J. Tillery, H. Boling J.P. Oglethorpe Co. Susannah Greer, wife of Henry Greer, rel. dower rights. 17 Nov. 1807. H. Boling J.P. No recording date Oglethorpe Co. Georgia Deed Book D. 1800-1806 p. 58 Oglethorpe Co. Ga.: 31 Jan. 1801 Charles Allen & Janey his wife, to John Rickles, all of said So. For $300 on Long Creek waters, 100 acres, is part of survey granted to said Allen, Adj. lines of Joseph Morton, John Lumpkin Jenr. & Henry Boling. [Signed Charles Allen. Wit: Ma Rainey, J. Lumpkin, Junr. Ack. 8 Feb. 1801 before Jno. Lumpkin. Oglethorpe Co. Georgia Deed Book E. 1806-1809 p. 395 20 Mar 1804 Henry Boling to Thomas Landrum, both ofOglethorpe co. for $684, on Long Creek waters in said Co., 262 acres by late survey, beg. On Perry’s line, on Perry’s line…etc. etc. to John Milner’s line,etc. to Milners line etc. on JosephMorton’s line etc. 200 acres originally granted to Randolph Gibson, 26 Apr. 1785 sold by Gibson to Ferdand Finnizy, 17 Aug. 1792 and Finnizy sold to Henry Boling, 23 Jan. 1799, in fee simple [signed] Henry Boling. Wit: John Bowling. A. Hodge, Peechy Bledsoe. J.P. Recorded 5 Jan. 1809. [Witnessed by John Bowling, Sr., as Jr. is still in VA and didn't come to GA until 1807] 1805 Lottery of Georgia; registrant had to be resident of GA 1 yr before the Act dated 1803. John Bolling of Oglethorpe Co., GA #1731, 1 draw, a Blank (1 draw signifies single man with no minor children; John was a widower, as Ursula had died prior to 1800.] [John, Jr. didn't register for the Lottery. John, Jr. and wife Susannah were in Culpeper Co., VA in 1803; his first deed buying land in GA was dated 1807] Thornbury Bolling Oglethorpe Co., GA #1746, 2 draws, both blanks (2 draws signified married man) Henry Bolling Oglethorpe Co., GA #1732, 1 draw, a blank [shows he not married yet; he married his brother Samuel's widow after 1808] In Clarke: Samuel Bolling #303, 2 draws, both blanks (married man) 1807 GA Lottery. Thornberry Bolling 2 lucky draws in 1807 Lottery from Pope's Oglethorpe Co., GA, drew Land Lot 233,Dt 21 Wilkinson Co. & Land Lot 59, Dt11, Baldwin Co. [John, Sr. and other Bollings might have registered, but only the lucky drawers names have been preserved] Samuel Bolling's orphans drew a lot from Hopkins Dist., Clarke Co., GA, Wilkinson [later Laurens] LL118, Dist.12 [dec'd son of John Bolling, Sr.] Henry Boling drew a lot from Hopkins Dist., Clarke Co., GA, Baldwin LL84,Dist 8 [later became Jones Co.] (17 Nov 1807 by H. Boling, J. P.) Oglethorpe Co., GA Deed Book E, pp. 358 Oglethorpe co. Ga. : 17 Nov. 1787 Henry Greer & Susannah his wife of Clarke Co. Ga. To Obadiah Jones of Oglethorpe Co. $200, 209 acres on Big Creek waters in Oglethorpe Co. granted to Henry Greer, 13 Nov. 1799, by Gov. James Jackson, adj. SW & NW by Jesse Peer[?y?] N & NE by Matthew Findley, S by Graybill's line. Signed Genry Greer, Susannah Greer, Wit: Wm. Lumpkin, J. Tillery, H. Boling J.P. Oglethorpe Co. Susannah Greer, wife of Henry Greer, rel. dower rights. 17 Nov. 1807. H. Boling J.P. No recording Henry Bolling married the widow, Susannah Brewer Bolling and admin. Samuel Bolling's estate and was gdn of orphans in Clarke County, GA. [Rosa Lee Price Paschal: Some Paschal Ancestors, Descendants and Allied Families (Wolfe City, TX: Southern Baptist Press, 1969), p335] Samuel was taxed in Oglethorpe County, GA 1798-1800 in the same district as George Brittain. By 1805, he was in the taxlist in Clarke County, GA and he drew in the 1805 Lottery. Samuel died after 1805 and before 1807. Samuel's orphans drew land in 1807 Lottery from Hopkins' Dist., Clarke County, GA, LL118, Dt12, Wilkinson County, GA. Henry continued to pay tax on this land for the orphans and although he filed annual returns for the estate in Clarke Co, he never named the orphans in those records. (Joyce Poole checked Probate records at the courthouse in Athens, GA.) 8 Dec 1815.  ClarkeCo., GA Deed Book K, p85-86.    Indenture between Henry Bolling & Isaac Oakes. Signed H. Bolling, Susannah Bolling. Wit:  Moses Bledsoe, Thomas Oakes,G.Y. Farrar, J.P.  Recorded 25 Jan1816.  (from Victoria Gonzales 3/2011) 10 Oct 1814. Clarke Co., GA Deed Bk K,p72. David Harriss of Clarke Co., GA to David Harris, Jr. of Clarke Co., GA for $250.00, acres not stated, on Shoal Cr. Wit: H. Boling, William D. Harriss, G. Y. Farrar, JP. Rec. 28 Sep 1815. (Joyce Poole at courthouse 8/3/99) [William D. Harriss is father of Mary Harris who married Susannah Bolling Brittain's son William Edwards Brittain in 1825, Clarke Co., GA] 1 Nov 1814. Clarke Co., GA Deed Bk G, p394. David Harriss and wife to Charles A. Redd, all of Clarke Co., GA, for $300.00, tract where said Harriss now lives, 170 acres. Signed by David Harriss and Elizabeth Harriss. Wit: H. Boling, William D. Harriss, G. Y. Farrar, JP. Rec. 11 Jan 1815. (JPP at courthouse 8/3/99) 1830. Clarke Co., GA Census. p. 309 Line 4: Henry Bowling [born 1780-1790] 3 males 10-15, 1 male 40-50, 2 fem 10-15, 1 fem 40-50 Alabama Records, Sumter County, Alabama, Book 58, Part 2, Vol. 128, page 57. Page 210 in Will Book Henry Boling, Last will and testament dated 1 July 1842. Probated September Term 1843 To Samuel H. Boling, 40 acres where he now resides; James M. Boling, one fourth; Elizabeth Ann Anderson, one fourth; Susan H. Blanton, one fourth; and Lucius J. Boling, Mary Ann Boling and Cornelia Boling, my grandchildren, the remaining one fourth; slaves to son James M. Boling, my daughters Elizabeth Ann Anderson and Susan H. Blanton; son John H. Boling, having received from me sertain negroes, he shall receive no other property; land described as NW 1/4 of Section 30 Township 19 Range 2 West in Sumter County; Executor; James M. Boling and Alfred Anderson; John H. Boling, Trustee for Lucius J. Boling, Mary Ann Boling and Cornelia S. Boling. Witnesses: S. C. Blanton, Philip May and James Leard. [Samuel H. Boling is probably son of Samuel Bolling and Susannah Brewer, born before Samuel Bolling died and before Susannah married Samuel’s brother Henry Bolling] Note by Joyce: Lucius J. was b ca 1835 GA, Mary Ann was b ca 1838 AL, don’t have date for Cornelia S. (except born before 1842). They were children of John Henry Bolling and first wife, said to be Mary C. Stewart. John H. married 2nd in 1843 Mary C. Rielly in Sumter Co., AL, she said to have maiden name Hatch. John H. and Mary Bolling for 1850 census had 8-yr-old James S. Riley in household, likely child of Mary Hatch Reilly and her first husband. Census shows Mary b NC in 1820. There is also a Riley family connection in nearby Choctaw Co., AL. Melba found that Thornberry Washington Bolling’s dau Nancy (age 16) is apparently married to J. F. Riley (age 25 and living next to T. W. on 1860 Choctaw Co. census. Several of the T. W. Bolling children are listed with Nancy’s household. (this from Melba Dingler 11/4/2005) "Sumter County, Alabama Wills" 1828-1872 Mortality Schedules: 1850-1880" by Gwendolyn Lynette Hester, Ed. D. Will Book 1, 1828-1858, p. 41. James S. Reilly, p. 104 (p. 161) The State of Alabama, Sumter County Know all men by these present that we do hereby certify that JAMES S. REILLY of state and county aforementioned did declare this following to be his last will and testment (viz) ...and the remainder of his estate left is to consist of what is may be given without reserve in fee simple to his dearly beloved wife MARY C. REILY and she the said MARY (REILLY) is to have full power and control over said estate to have and to do as seemeth right unto her and we do further more affirm that the said JAMES REILLY did on his death bed request that his sister would not claim if it was right in law that one cents worth of his estate...we do most solemnly declare and affirm within one hour after the death of said JAMES S. REILLY. Signed: John W. Leigh, C. A. Hatch" (Dorothy O'Neill said C. A. brother to Mary) and"Mary C. Hatch was dau. of Asa Hatch and Hope Borden." "Mary C. Hatch and James S. Reilly had a son, James Reilly, born about 1841" so this is child we found on census with John Henry and Mary, in Sumter Co, AL. and "That "they" (I think John Henry & Mary) , moved to Holmes Co., MS and that after John H. died, she m. William W. Wilson and they lived Holmes Co. and are on 1860 and 1870 census there." [Melba Dingler reporting from Dorothy O'Neill] I then found in Holmes County, MS, under Registry of Holmes County Veterans of the Civil War: Geo. Boling Harvey's (Scouts) John H. Boling 18th MS Inf. Regt, Co. D. (no rank given) Thos. Boling Harvey's (Scouts) (Thos. Boling - I don't know - possibly a son born between 1850-55??) [from Melba Dingler]
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