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  1. Mahala Farrar: Birth: ABT 1799 in Oglethorpe Co., GA. Death: AFT 1837 in Noxubee Co., MS?

  2. Elizabeth Farrar: Birth: ABT 1800 in Oglethorpe Co., GA.

  3. Milly B. Farrar: Birth: 28 OCT 1801 in Oglethorpe Co. GA. Death: 16 AUG 1851 in Perry Co., AL

  4. John Sanders J. Farrar: Death: ABT 1859 in Union Par., LA

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  6. G. Y. W. Farrar: Death: 1838 in Perry Co., AL

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  8. Samuel B(olling?) Farrar: Death: BET 1850 AND 13 JUN 1859 in Union Parish, LA

1. Title:   McClellan, Ted, McClellan, Ted, Research, Recipient: Poole, Joyce P., Author Address: Chicago Park, CA, Recipient Address: Evans, GA
2. Title:   Farrar family researcher
Page:   William Farrar,Farrar family DNA project Administrator, research report of 10/8/2013 to Joyce Poole
3. Title:   Oglethorpe Co., GA Marriage Records, Record Type: County Record
Page:   George Farrar license #111 to marry Nancy Bolling. (LDS microfilm, JPP research)

a. Note:   s of Richard Farrar II and a spouse, Phoebe Young (research report of William T.Farrar,III, Farrar family DNA project administrator, to Joyce Poole 10/8/2013) The George and Gaines families of Virginia have links to the Samuel Bolling, Sr. family from Orange Co., VA to Laurens Co., SC. Samuel Bolling, Sr. is brother of John Bolling, Sr., who is father of Nancy Bolling who married George Young Farrar in oglethorpe Co., GA. These alliances may be the connections or cousin-ship between the Farrars and Bollings from Orange Co., VA, Pittsylvania Co., VA, and Laurens Co., SC. There is controversy about the parents of George Young Farrar. Many undocumented charts show him son of Stephen David Farrar; but researcher William Farrar believes him to be the son of Richard Farrar II & a spousePhoebe Young, , Richard II being the son of an earlier Richard. There is a deed between Robert Hughes and Richard Farrar and wife Elizabeth, dated 1751 in Goochland Co., VA. [William Farrar has a copy of this deed]. Richard and Elizabeth had children Elizabeth, Renard and Seth because they were all mentioned in Shadrack's Will and were parties to the sale of their inheritance (a 200acre plantation) to John Young, probably brother of George Young) in 1783, the indenture witnessed by Richard Farrar in his own hand, and by Stephen Farrar who signed with an X. George Young was an associate of the Farrar family in Pittsylvania Co., VA, and is probably the namesake of George Young Farrar, born 1776 [probably in Pittsylvania Co. but not to Stephen David Farrar and his wife Catherine Lansford, as she wasn't married then. In 1780, in Pittsylvania Co., Richard Farrar had a deed with Henry Lansford (Jr.) and George Young, land described as border lands. A descendant, William T. Farrar III, stated that these Farrars moved to Greenville Co., SC, & Pendleton Co., SC before going to Oglethorpe Co., GA. See Henry Lansford I's will in Pittsylvania Co., VA, which had George Young as security for the executors. Henry's daughter was still Cate Lansford in the will written in Sep 1776, which under those circumstances would preclude John Sanders Farrar from being her son and probably also George Y. Farrar as well, born 1774 & 1776 respectively. 7 April 1798. Oglethorpe Co., GA Reg. of Ordinary Minutes 1794-1804. George Farrar license #111 to marry Nancy Bolling. (LDS microfilm, JPP research) [This is a handwritten recopy of the marriage licenses issued in Oglethorpe Co. The writing is clearly Farrar, not Farmer as has been transcribed into another marriage index at the courthouse and also microfilmed as Oglethorpe Co., GA Marriage Records. Notes filed in GA Co.Rec.file] George Young Farrar's source of date of birth unknown, contained in database received from A. D. Smith in 2005. This date was also in file of William "Boots" Farrar Mar 2009. 1800 Census, Oglethorpe Co., GA, Capt. Warters District, pages 14-16, line #’s given. #10 John Britton #11 Thomas Britton [husband of Susannah Bolling, dau of John/Ursula] #20 John Warters #21 Saml Warters #22 Nathan Edwards [son of Thomas, Jr. of Pittsylvania] #25 William Edwards [son of Thomas, Jr. of Pittsylvania, m Elizabeth Brittain sister of Thomas Brittain #11 above] #29 Thornberry Boling [son of John/Ursula Bell Bolling, Sr.] #30 Joseph Warters #33 George Y. Farrow [husband of Nancy dau of John/Ursula Bolling] #58 Reuben Radford #59 John Edwards #68 Catherine Farrow [could be Cate Lansford Farrar, widow of Stephen David Farrar] #71 Michael Bennett 1805 GA Land Lottery: In Oglethorpe Co., GA, registered were Catherine (widow), Phoebe (widow), George, S. John Farrar. None drew any land. 1806 tax list for Oglethorpe Co., GA, Wynn's Dt., Thornberry Boling, George Y. Farrar, John Boling, Senr, John Harris, Jr., John Boling, Jr. (LDS microfilm/Joyce Poole research) 1807 tax list for Oglethorpe Co., GA, Robert Pope's Dt., John Bowling, Jr., George Farrar, John Harris, Moses Bledsoe (LDS microfilm/Joyce Poole research) 1806 Oglethorpe Co., GA Registration List for 1807 Lottery. Farrar info in Underwood book stated that George acted as agent for Phoebe Farrar in the registration. (Who is Phoebe Farrar? She is not the Phoebe Harris who married Joseph Royall Farrar in VA, because that Phoebe died before 26 Sep 1774 when Joseph R. Farrar married 2nd Martha Gaines. Phoebe may be the widow of a Richard Farrar, son of Richard. Richard son of Richard may have died in an Indian massacre in SC in 1792. Some Suggest this is an indication that Phoebe is mother of George Young Farrar. 1807 Land Lottery: No Farrars in Oglethorpe Co., GA drew any land per index. 8 Sep 1808. Oglethorpe Co., GA Deed Book F, p149. George Y. Farrar sells to Theophilus Hill, both of Oglethorpe Co., GA,for $25.00 land on waters of Big Creek. Signed George Y. Farrar, Nancy Farrar. Wit:  Moses Bledsoe, William Ford,J. P.  Recorded 6 Jul 1810. (sent by Victoria D. Gonzales 3/2011) 1809. Clarke Co., GA, Robert Pope's Dt., Josiah Lansford paid tax for Catey Farrar. (Joyce Poole research of LDS microfilm) [This is probably Catherine Lansford Farrar, believed to be widow of Stephen David Farrar] 1809. Oglethorpe Co., GA. Lawsuit by Fielden Bell against George Y. Farrar & Leonard Young for failure to pay off a $375 note given to them by Aldin Mukilberry for the purchase of slave woman, Lucy. Mukilberry had signed over the note to Fielden Bell and Bell had been unable to get any payment from Farrar and Young. [Mukilberry is an inlaw family of George Brittain, Jr. m Nancy Brewer and moved to Perry Co., AL.] 1810. Clarke Co., GA. These are taxed in Read's district: John Boling [Sr. as Jr. is in Oglethorpe], Edward Boling, Henry Bolling for himself on Dove Cr., Henry Bolling for the heirs of S. Boling and Henry Boling for the orphans of S. Boling [S. for Samuel]. This must be John Bolling, Sr. because John, Jr. is taxed in 1808, 1809 and 1810 in Oglethorpe Co. John, Sr. was not taxed in 1811 in either Oglethorpe or Clarke Co., GA, but see 31 Dec 1811 below. He must have been living with his daughter Susannah Bolling & her husband Thomas Brittain in Clarke Co.(researched and xeroxed by Joyce Poole from LDS microfilm) George Farrow [Farrar] paid tax as executor of the estate of Thomas Brittain,deceased, in Clarke Co., GA, on the land Thomas had on Cedar Cr., waters of Oconee. 31 December 1811. Clarke Co., GA Return of the estate of Thomas Brittain, dec'd. Debit to William Edwards & George Y. Farrar, Executors of said estate (no amount) 1 Nov 1814. Clarke Co., GA Deed Bk G, p394. David Harriss and wife to Charles A. Redd, all of Clarke Co., GA, for $300.00, tract where said Harriss now lives, 170 acres. Signed by David Harriss and Elizabeth Harriss. Wit: H. Boling, William D. Harriss, G. Y. Farrar, JP. Rec. 11 Jan 1815. (JPP at courthouse 8/3/99) George Y. Farrar and Nancy Bolling moved after 1815 to Perry Co., AL, where many relatives also moved from GA and SC. However, George Y. Farrar in 1832 drew a Gold Lot in the GA Lottery from DeKalb Co., GA. The lot was in Cherokee/Bartow Co. One Nancy Farrar is on the 1830 census in Morgan Co., GA, per Boots Farrar, with no males, a female 15-20 and a female 40-50. Melba Dinger reported 9/16/2009: The earliest (only) record I have of George Y. Farrar buying 160 acres of land in Perry Co., AL [is a deed] from Thomas M. Wright 26 January 1835, ackn. by Moses Bledsoe, J. P.. and Benjamin Ford, J. P., recorded 14 May 1835. That was NW 1/4 of Sec 35, Twp. 20, Range 9. Boots Farrar stated that George Young Farrar patented about 480 acres in patent map 10 (Township 20 N, Range 9E, St. Stephens Meridian, in the area where the Farrar Cemetery and Osburn are located) Message 3/13/2009 from Betty Stokes. Boots Farrar, [email protected], had question about Brittain Farrar in connection with George Farrar and Nancy Bolling. "I know that he [George Young Farrar] died in 1838, (Alabama Notes, Vol. 4 p112 speaks of his intestate estate, with involvement by Henry Y. Sr, Samuel, Richard, Stephen and John Farrar) in 1838." [Boots Farrar also learned of an Epsey Farrar who was a Mrs. George Farrar, but this turned out to be another George Farrar, not George Young Farrar who married Nancy Bolling. One Epsey Farrar, widow Mrs. George Farrar, was on 1840 and 1850 census (possibly in Perry Co., AL?). This Epsey Farrar apparently had daughter Callie and son William G. Farrar. Could be related to George Young Farrar, but not directly concerning him.] "George Y. Farrar and his sons John S. J. [H.?] Farrar, and his brother Henry L. Farrar and [Henry's] son Richard Farrar" were neighbors in 1837 of William H. Brittain who homesteaded 40 acres in Twp. 20 N Range 9E in NE Perry Co., AL (report of Boots Farrar 6/4/2009; later in Sep 2009, Boots said Henry's son was Stephen Farrar. Not sure about this. The identity of William H. Brittain is not certain, either, but have his children from a database sent by Betty Stokes.] Boots Farrar stated that George Young Farrar patented about 480 acres in patent map 10 (Township 20 N, Range 9E, St. Stephens Meridian, in the area where the Farrar Cemetery and Osburn are located) George Y. Farrar's property included land where there is a cemetery, up near the south west corner of the Talledega Forest, in a small community named Osburn. [Boots sent a photograph of the gravestone.] The only marked grave is that of Nancy Caroline Bolling Hopkins (married to Solomon Hopkins). She was daughter of Samuel Bolling, Jr., son of Samuel Bolling and Abigail Choice of Laurens Co., SC. Nancy Caroline is ancestor of Melba Brady Dingler, who suggests that Samuel, Jr. bought the land which had belonged to George Y. Farrar in Perry Co., AL, and that Samuel Bolling, Jr. and his wife Elizabeth Townsend are also buried there, since there is no other obvious reason that Nancy Caroline would be buried there. George Y. Farrar family, 1830 Perry Co., AL, Page 59 is Image 34 of 91. George Y. Farrar is on the same page, some names down from Richard Farrar and just 2 names down from Thomas Oaks. The Oaks family from Orange Co., VA married into the Brittain family and also of the family of Isaac Oaks who is married to Lucy Wisdom, the 1/2 sister of Nancy Bolling, Mrs. George Y. Farrar).George Y.'s family consists of 1 male under 5 1 male 15-20 1 male 20-30 1 male 50-60 2 females under 5 1 female 10-15 1 fem 15-20 1 fem 50-60. It looks like a male son 20-30 may be married and the very young children belong to them. 1832. George Y. "Farrow" returned to Georgia and registered in DeKalb Co., GA for the 1832 Gold Lottery. He drew Land Lot 1258, dist 21, Section 2 of Cherokee Co., which Dist. was split between Cass Co. and Cherokee. Cass was changed to Bartow. Oct. Term 1838.  Perry Co., AL Minutes Orphans Court, Book C,p35.  Richard Farrar, Adm. Of estate ofGeorge Y. Farrar, dec’d, reported said estate insolvent.  (sent by Victoria Gonzales 3/2011)   Feb Term 1839.  Perry Co., AL Orphans Court Record Book B,p458.  Richard Farrar, Adm. Of estate ofG. Y. W. Farrar, credit for funeral expenses, $31.15.  Clerks receipt.  To Oswalls, receipt for advertising. (sent byVictoria Gonzales 3/2011)   4 May 1839.  Perry Co., AL Deed book E, p3.  Moses Bledsoe mortgage to Richard Farrar,slaves.  Wit:  Benj. Ford, J. P. (Sent by Victoria Gonzales3/2011) Per Boots Farrar 9/18/2009: George Young Farrar died 1838 intestate and insolvent (probably had more debts that he could pay. George's sons Richard (married Polly Oliver); Samuel B (married Jane Heard); and John Sanders J. Farrar (married Phoebe Bledsoe) also patented land nearby. Altogether the family of George Y. Farrar patented some 760 acres of land in that area of Perry Co., AL. It could be that by the time George died,he had been ill, the crops weren't yielding, there was bad weather, a blight of boll weavils and the family was living off of debt, mortgaging their homestead and thus he died insolvent. Jesse Farrar who married a Lee is a son of Abner Farrar and Catherine Carter, the widow Arrington (proof?). Thomas Farrar who married Tempy Lee is a son of Absalom Farrar. Thomas and Tempy lived in Jones Co., GA for 1820 census; he died shortly therefter, and she remarried. This per Boots Farrar 9/20/2009. [Abner and Catherine Farrar were members of the Hardman Baptist Church in DeKalb Co., GA in 1831. Minutes of the Church were published in GA Gen. Soc. Quarterly, 2012 issues. The church was located near Decatur, GA and close to the intersection of N. Druid Hills Rd. and Clairmont Rd.]
Note:   George Young Farr and John Sandeers Farrar are more than likely the son
b. Note:   e the son of George Young Farrar who married Nancy Bolling. George Y. Farrar appears on he 1840 census (Perry Co., AL). This information from the research notes of William Farrar 10/8/2013.
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