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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Ann Cherry: Birth: 7 Feb 1836 in Morgan Co., Ohio (area used to form Noble Co. on 11 Mar 1851). Death: 3 Mar 1897 in Omaha, Douglas Co. Nebraska

  2. William Leamon Cherry: Birth: 17 Sep 1837 in Morgan Co., Ohio (area used to form Noble Co. on 11 Mar 1851). Death: 29 Jan 1864 in Civil War - near Woodville, Jackson Co., Alabama

  3. Francis Washington Cherry: Birth: 12 Aug 1839 in Olive Township, Morgan Co., Ohio (area used to form Noble Co. on 11 Mar 1851). Death: 31 Jul 1923 in Cairo, Alexander Co., Illinois

  4. Margaret S. Cherry: Birth: 5 Feb 1841 in Union Township, Morgan Co., Ohio (area used to form Noble Co. on 11 Mar 1851). Death: AFT 1925 in (after 1925 Iowa St Census) Morgan Co., Ohio

  5. Charles Milton Cherry: Birth: 2 Aug 1842 in Guernsey Co., Ohio (area used to form Noble Co. on 11 Mar 1851). Death: 24 Jan 1921 in Weeping Water, Cass Co., Nebraska

  6. John Wesly Cherry: Birth: 1844 in Ohio (Morgan Co., Ohio - area used to form Noble Co. on 11 Mar 1851). Death: 1848 in Ohio (Morgan Co., Ohio - area used to form Noble Co. on 11 Mar 1851)

  7. David Ringold Cherry: Birth: 14 May 1846 in Union Township, Morgan Co., Ohio (area used to form Noble Co. on 11 Mar 1851). Death: 25 Mar 1862 in Civil War - Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa

  8. Christopher Columbus "Tom" Cherry: Birth: 12 Dec 1848 in Union Township, Morgan Co., Ohio (area used to form Noble Co. on 11 Mar 1851). Death: 14 Jun 1937 in Des Moines, Polk Co., Iowa

  9. Florence Cherry: Birth: 18 Apr 1851 in Noble Co., Ohio. Death: 17 Sep 1924 in Grand River, Decatur Co., Iowa (res: Lineville, Wayne Co., Iowa)

  10. Rhoda Ann Cherry: Birth: 20 Mar 1853 in Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio. Death: 9 Feb 1936 in Peoria, Peoria Co., Illinois

  11. Roxie Olive Cherry: Birth: 29 Oct 1854 in Zanesville, Muskingum Co., Ohio. Death: 14 Oct 1936 in Norwalk, Warren Co., Iowa

  12. Wesley Cherry: Birth: 29 Apr 1856 in Greenbush, Warren Co., Iowa. Death: 2 Apr 1921 in Washington Co., Colorado

  13. Arthur Martin Cherry: Birth: 27 Apr 1858 in Greenbush, Warren Co., Iowa. Death: 14 Oct 1929 in Corydon, Wayne Co., Iowa

  14. Henrietta "Etta" Cherry: Birth: 14 Jan 1860 in Greenbush, Warren Co., Iowa. Death: 30 Jun 1928 in Spring Hill, Warren Co., Iowa

1. Source:   Death Certificate-- Warren Co., Iowa; War of 1812 Widow's Pension Application for Charlotte's mother, Mary Ann Nesselrode, states that from January 1815 to 1822 they lived in Muskingum, Ohio then to Olive Twp, Noble Co (Morgan Co bef 1851)
2. Source:   Death Certificate-- Warren Co., Iowa
3. Source:   Marriage License from Morgan Co., Ohio

a. Note:   Her middle name is Templeton per family tradition, but I have never see documented proof
 1860 Census - Greenfield Township, Warren Co., Iowa; P. O. Greenbush; pg. 800
 HH as of June 1, 1860 - Enumerated July 7, 1860 - #964-919
 Peter F. Cherry, 50, M, Carpenter, $200 / $150, Penn
 Charlotte, 49, F, Ohio
 Francis, 17, M, Ohio
 Margaret, 16, F, Ohio
 Milton, 14, M, Ohio
 David, 13, M, Ohio, attd school w/in year
 Columbus, 12, M, Ohio, attd school w/in year
 Florence, 10, F, Ohio, attd school w/in year
 Rhoda Ann, 7, F, Ohio
 Roxie O., 5. F, Ohio, attd school w/in year
 Wesly, 4, M, Iowa
 Arthur M., 2, M, Iowa
 Henrietta, 6 mos, F, Iowa
 1870 Census - Greenfield, Warren Co., Ohio; P. O. Fort Plain; pg. 334A
 HH as of June 1, 1870 - Enumerated August 10, 1870 - #221-221
 Charlotte Cherry, 52, F W, keeping house, $200 / -, Ohio
 Roxie, 15, F W, at home, Ohio
 Wesley, 13, M W, Iowa, cannot write
 Arthur, 12, M W, Iowa, cannot write
 Henrietta, 10, F W, Iowa, attd school w/in year
 1880 Census--Greenfield Township, Warren Co., Iowa; pg. 282B
 HH as of June 1, 1880 - Enumerated June 26, 1880 - #82-83
 Wesley Cherry, W M, 24, head, S, Farmer, Iowa Ohio Penn
 Charlotte, W F, 65, Mother, Wd, Keeping House, Ohio Fa: blank Mo: Germany
 1900 Census - Jefferson, Warren Co., Iowa; ED 134; pg. 8A
 HH as of June 1, 1900 - Enumerated June 19, 1900 - #152-152
 Thomas C. Cherry, head, W M, Dec 1848, 51, M 30 yrs, Ohio Penn Ohio, Farmer
 Hepsy R., wife, W F, Sept 1853, 46, M 30 yrs, 9/10 children, Ind Ind Ind
 Dora C., dau, W F, Jan 1879, 21, S, Iowa Ohio Ind
 Ellen P., dau, W F, Sept 1885, 14, S, Iowa Ohio Ind
 Maggie E., dau, W F, Jan 1888, 12, S, Iowa Ohio Ind
 Guy F., son, W M, Feb 1893, 7, S, Iowa Ohio Ind
 Lilie F., dau, W F, Dec 1895, 4, S, Iowa Ohio Ind
 Charottie T., mother, W F, Apr 1817, 83 crossed off 82, Wd, 1/1 child (very wrong), Ohio Germany Massatusetts (sic)
 1905 State Census - Jefferson, Warren Co., Iowa
 Card # / Name / P O Address
 836 Allen Cherry Lothrop
 837 Alta Cherry Lothrop
 838 Mabel Cherry Lothrop
 839 Evan Cherry Lothrop
 840 Charlotte Cherry Lothrop
 Subj: Obit
 Date: 11/29/2000 12:39:17 PM Pacific Standard Time
 From: [email protected] (Nelda Morton)
 To: [email protected] (Valerie Freeman
  I don't know if you have this or not but will send to you anyway.
  "The Advocate Tribune"
 Indianola, Warren Co., Iowa
  Thursday, February 21, 1907
  Mrs. Cherry, wife of Peter Cherry, deceased, died in Norwalk, February 11, 1907 of old age. She was eighty-nine years old.
  We are unable to give to State of her nativity and date of marriage, but have known her only since her coming to Warren Co, fifty years ago where she had made her home almost continuously. She was the mother of 14 children, 4 of whom with her husband, she gave to battle for her country early in the War of the Rebellion, 3 of whom besides her husband, sacrificed their lives before the ending of that tearful conflict.
  She was thus bereft in middle life with a young and growing family whom she reared to manhood and womanhood until they were able to care for themselves, since which time she has made her home with her children.
  The last time we conversed with her, not long ago, as we looked into her furrowed face, made so by time, labor and trouble, yet she was joyous and happy intimating that her race was nearly run that she was prepared and ready for the summons to call her home.
  Thus peaceful, painless and happy, a good, old Mother in Israel has passed away.
  After funeral services in Norwalk, her remains were laid away in the Linn Grove Cemetery by the side of those of her husband.
 Subj: Charlotte Cherry
 Date: 6/25/03 5:59:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time
 From: [email protected]
 To: [email protected]
  I've not talked to you for a while because I have been researching some of my husband's relatives. We don't know to much about them and they were a quiet lot, so I've had some fun with that, but now I am back researching my great grandmother Annie Childers.
  This is where the surprise comes in. I went to the Warren County Historical museum a couple of weeks ago and I found the listing for a marriage license for A M Cherry and Annie Childers (1978). The lady in charge, Mrs. Perhson, told me that if it was listed in the book, they would have a copy of the license at the Admin Building up town, and if I smiled nicely and gave them $2.00 they would give me a copy of it. Well, yesterday I went back to Indianola and looked up their license (hoping to find some info on Annie). When I found it, you won't believe what was pasted on the document. A note from Charlotte Cherry in her own handwriting stating that it was OK for Arthur to have a marriage license. That was so cool, I have a copy and would like to add it to the tree for everyone to see, but don't know how.
  Another puzzle I have is that she signed the note "Charlotte Cherry", and I found Charlotte Cherry in the 1880 census living with Wesley Cherry in Warren County so.... what happened to the Daggett marriage that was in 1867? Maybe that wasn't our Charlotte Cherry. She also mentions being born in Ohio, but doesn't list a birthplace for her father and I can't read the one for her mother. It is something that looks like it starts with a J.........y. So she is still a mystery to me.
  Well, must go. I need to continue my hunt for Annie.
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