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Richard Medland Germon: Birth: 26 May 1856 in Bishopshull, Somerset. Death: 24 Mar 1942 in Braunton, Devon
Richard Medland Germon: Birth: 23 Jan 1785 in Moreton Hampstead, Devon. Death: 20 Mar 1845 in Moreton Hampstead, Devon
Susan Jane Germon: Birth: 1834 in Manchester, Lancashire.
Susannah Germon: Birth: 1824 in Moreton Hampstead, Devon. Death: 22 Mar 1906 in St Marychurch, Devon
Violet A. Germon: Birth: Jan 1881 in Brighton, Sussex.
Winifred Germon: Birth: 1901 in Tiverton, Devon.
Julian Gerrard: Birth: Bef 1676. Death: 1736 in Uppingham, Rutland
Gibbon: Death: Between 1890-1917
Arthur Augustus Gibbon: Birth: 3 Feb 1829. Death: 5 Oct 1907 in Kensington, London
Arthur F.V. Gibbon: Birth: 7 Aug 1866 in Belgravia, London.
Elizabeth Cecilia Montgomery Gibbon: Birth: 27 Jul 1865 in Kensington, London. Death: 13 Oct 1932
Florence Augusta Gibbon: Birth: 17 Dec 1872 in Kensington, London. Death: 23 Aug 1949
Mary Georgina Margaret Gibbon: Birth: 30 Jan 1868. Death: 3 Sep 1881 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Mildred Caroline Gibbon: Birth: 15 Jul 1878 in Kensington, London. Death: 1 Apr 1952
Montgomery Kerr Gibbon: Birth: 7 Dec 1869. Death: 26 Apr 1920
Elizabeth Ann Gibbs: Birth: 1801. Death: After 1851
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Charles Southall Gibson: Birth: 1803 in St Lukes, Islington.
Mary Ann Jane Gibson: Birth: 1829-1830 in Bermondsey, London. Death: 1911 in Camberwell, Surrey
Richard James Gibson: Birth: 1886.
Thomas Gibson: Death: After 1806
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Eli Gill: Death: Bef 1851
Mary Gill: Death: Nov 1712 in Deddington, Oxfordshire
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Arthur Henry Gillingham: Birth: 1875.
Betty Gillingham: Death: Bef 1990
Frank Hay Gillingham: Birth: 6 Sep 1875 in Tokyo, Japan. Death: 1 Apr 1953 in Monaco
John Rowley Gillingham: Birth: 13 Dec 1873 in Kobe-Shi, Hyogo-Ken, Japan.
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Dinah Gleason: Birth: 1844 in Stanhope, Durham.
Elizabeth Gleason: Birth: 1826 in Stanhope, Durham.
George Chapman Gleason: Birth: 1792 in Stanhope, Durham. Death: Bef 1861
George Gleason: Birth: 1836 in Stanhope, Durham.
Hannah Gleason: Birth: 1839 in Stanhope, Durham.
John Gleason: Birth: 1828 in Stanhope, Durham.
Mary Gleason: Birth: 1831 in Stanhope, Durham.
Sarah Gleason: Birth: 1815 in Stanhope, Durham. Death: After 1871
Thomas Gleason: Birth: 1816 in Stanhope, Durham.
William Gleason: Birth: 1834 in Stanhope, Durham.
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Barbara Glendinning: Birth: 1863 in Shotley Bridge, Durham.
John George Glendinning: Birth: 1872 in Shotley Bridge, Durham.
Margaret J. Glendinning: Birth: 1867 in Shotley Bridge, Durham.
Mary Ann Glendinning: Birth: 1865 in Shotley Bridge, Durham.
Matthew W. Glendinning: Birth: 1878 in Shotley Bridge, Durham.
Thomas William Glendinning: Birth: 1876 in Shotley Bridge, Durham. Death: Jan 1936
Thomas Glendinning: Birth: 1834 in Whittonton, Northumberland.
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Kate Goater: Birth: 1846 in Winchester, Wiltshire.
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Catherine Godfrey: Birth: 1815 in Steventon, Berkshire.
Martha Goldhawk: Death: After 1779
Mary Goldhawk: Birth: 1709. Death: 8 Oct 1781 in Camberwell, Surrey
Phyllis Goldhawk: Death: After 1779
Sarah Goldhawk: Death: After 1779
Christina Gladys Goodman: Birth: 21 Sep 1909. Death: 9 Mar 1992
John Goodyear: Birth: Bef 1773.
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Ernest Gordge: Birth: 1871.
Ernest Gordge: Birth: 1897 in Hammersmith, London.
Gus Gordge: Birth: 1899 in Hammersmith, London.
Victor Royal Gordge: Birth: 28 Jul 1901. Death: Apr 1993 in Hammersmith, London
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Elizabeth Gordon: Birth: Bef 1800 in Inverness.
Norah Gordon: Birth: 1904. Death: 27 Jun 1987 in Hexham, Northumberland
Charles Frederick Gore: Birth: Jun 1830-Jun 1831 in Bloomsbury, London.
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George W. Goulden: Birth: 1864 in Scarborough, Yorkshire.
Martha Goulden: Birth: 1794. Death: 18 Oct 1818
R. Gowland: Death: After 1939
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Alice Cecilia Graham: Death: After 1907
Clara Graham: Birth: 1858 in London. Death: Bef 1891
Esther Helen Graham: Birth: 1877 in Sunderland, Durham.
James S. Graham: Birth: Mar 1881 in Sunderland, Durham.
James Graham: Birth: 1839 in Scotland.
Martha Graham: Birth: 1877 in Sunderland, Durham.
Phoebe Jane Graham: Birth: 1873 in Sunderland, Durham. Death: 4 Apr 1954 in Totley, Sheffield
William Graham: Birth: 1875 in Gateshead, Durham.
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