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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth HESS: Birth: ABT 1775 in Surry Co., NC. Death: AFT 1870 in Russell Co., VA

  2. John Hess: Birth: 1800 in Salisbury Dist, Stokes Co., NC.

  3. Mary Catherine Hess: Birth: ABT 1804. Death: 27 FEB 1888

  4. HENRY L. HESS: Birth: Jan 21 or 24 or 31 1793 in Rowan Co., NC. Death: 19 JAN 1898 in Rowan Co., NC

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2. Title:   WCP [Stacy's Genealogy Endeavor
Page:   Johnson Gilbert
Author:   Barns-Born
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4. Page:   it is true that the jacob hess, immigrant, also went by the name"john". I had a German friend tell me that "Jacob" was the same as"John" in America.
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Publication:   Georgia Bristol [[email protected]]
5. Title:   1790 ROWAN COUNTY, NC CENSUS
Page:   "HESS, John, Jur." 1 0 1 0 0 1076
Text:   1790 ROWAN COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA FEDERAL CENSUS =0D Fields: NAME -- Head of the household 1 -- Free white males of 16 years and upward, including heads offamil= ies 2 -- Free white males under 16 years 3 -- Free white females including heads of familes 4 -- All other free persons 5 -- Slaves Order of entry -- Order in which the names were transcribed
6. Title:   1800 Stokes Co., NC Federal Census
Page:   578 4 486 Hess Jacob 3 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 Salisbury Dist
Text:   ---------------------Begin ActualTranscription---------------------------------- WHITE MALES WHITE FEMALES 10 16 2610 16 26 Written Head of Household to to to to toto to to All Pg# Ln# Pg# Last Name First Name 10 16 26 45 45+10 16 26 45 45+ Others SLAVES REMARKS
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a. Note:   THE WAR AGAINST BRITIAN. HE REPORTEDLY STATED THAT HE WAS WITH GENERAL ROCHAMBEAU AT YORKTOWN WHEN CORNWALLIS SURRENDERED. APPLIED FOR A PENSION IN 1818. RUSSELL CO. VA HESS TAX & CENSUS RECORDS 1815 - 1850 Research done by Michael Dye: [email protected] Jacob Hess, Sr., according to the 1820 census, had four or possiblyfive sons, including Henry who is in his own household, three of whichare known, Henry, William & John. A fourth son is probably JacobHess, Jr. who most likely died prior to adulthood. The possible fifthson is not known for sure, but may be Samuel Hess. This possiblefifth son is somewhat dependant on a reading of the 1820 census. The1820 census has a column for males between the ages of 16-18 andanother column for males between the ages of 16-26. A strict readingwould mean that all males included in the 16-18 column would also beincluded in the 16-26 column. Jacob had one male in his HH between16-18 and two males between 16-26. Using the strict reading, thiswould mean that he had 1 son between 16-18 and one other son between18-26. These two sons, along with Henry & the son age 0-10 in the1820 census would account for four sons. However, it is unknownwhether the census taker always used this method. It is possible thatsome census takers placed all males that were actually between 16-18in that column and all males that were actually between 18-26 in the16-26 column. Using this method of recording the census, though notthe correct method, would account for the fifth son in that in thiscase Jacob would have had a son between 16-18 and two additional sonsbetween 18-26. The reason for this discussion about the actual numberof sons that Jacob had in the 1820 census is the appearance for oneyear of Samuel Hess in the tax lists in the year 1827. After 1827Samuel is no longer in the tax lists, however, a Samuel later appearsin Pike Co., KY and is there in 1840. Samuel died in 1849 in Pike Co.and his widow, Mary, and family is living there in 1850. Samuel'swidow is listed as being born in VA in 1850 while all children wereborn in KY. In 1860 and thereafter this family is living in RCV. Whatwould bring this family back to RCV? New info indicates that Samuel'swidow may have been a Ray. The Ray's were a RCV family who commonlyintermarried with the Hess family. In fact, John Ray had marriedElizabeth Hess, who I believe was probably an older daughter ofJacobs. The only thing with this line of thought, is the knowledgethat it appears the Hess family came to RCV abt. 1815. In 1820 JohnRay had children in his household who were born prior to this time. IfElizabeth Hess were in fact Jacob's daughter, then this would meanthat John Ray was probably previously married prior to his marriage toElizabeth Hess and had children from the first marriage. It is ofinterest that Samuel Ray's wife, Mary, was living among other membersof the Ray family in 1860. John & Elizabeth Ray were living in HH#769. Samuel & Mary's daughter Milla, Melia or Emily (listed as Millain 1850 census, Melia in 1860 census & Emily on marriage record), whohad married John T. Ball, s/o Jessee Ball, on 20 Mar 1859 in RCV, wasliving in HH #770. Samuel's widow Mary (listed as Polly) was livingin HH #771. Iradell Ray, who some believe was a younger brother ofJohn Ray, but who tax records indicate was more likely an older son ofJohn Ray, was living in HH #772. As additional evidence, John Ray hada daughter named Amelia, who married Henry Hess, Jr. and was alsousually shown as Melia or Milia in the census. This is an indicationof Mary naming one of her daughters after a probable sister. Also,Samuel & Mary had a son named William Patton. Patton was a RCV Hessfamily name. From all the above evidence, I believe it likely thatSamuel Hess was probably the fifth son of Jacob and that his wife,Mary, was a daughter of John Ray, probably from a first marriage andthat shortly after Samuel & Mary's marriage they moved to KY. And,that after Samuel's death, Mary moved back to RCV near her family.Jacob had one daughter according to the 1820 census who was probablyCatherine Hess Ball, w/o George Ball. He may have also had an olderdaughter, Elizabeth who, as above mentioned, would have been marriedto John Ray prior to the 1820 census. Henry Hess Sr., s/o Jacob Hess had six sons, 1 b. 1810-15, 1 b.1815-20, 2 b. 1820-25, 2 b. 1835-40 (1840 census) or 1830-35 (1850census) and five daughters, 1 b.1815-20, 2 b. 1820-25, 1 b. 1825-30, 1b. 1830-35 William Hess, s/o Jacob Hess, had probably eight sons, 1 b. 1820-25, 2b. 1825-30, 1 b. 1830-35, 2 b. 1835-40, 1 b. 1840-45, 1 b. 1845-50 andfour daughters, 1 b. 1820-25 (1830 census) or 1825-30 (1840 census), 2b. 1830-35, 1 b. 1840-45 John Hess, s/o Jacob Hess, had six sons, 2 b. 1825-30, 3 b. 1835-40(1840 census) or 1830-35 (1850 census), 1 b. 1845-50, it appears oneof the older two sons may have died between 1830 & 40 and fivedaughters, 2 b. 1825-30, 2 b. 1835-40, 1 b. 1840-45 Law Order Book 6, Page 45 June 2, 1818 CHILDREN OF JACOB HESS AND SUSANNAH CRYTE. 01. Henry, b. Jan. 31, 1793 in Rowan Co., NC, m. Catherine Ball,d. Jan. 19, 1898 in Russell Co., VA, age 105 years old 02. William, b. 1799 in NC, married Charity, 03. John, b. 1800 in NC, m. Lucinda 04. possibly Jacob, Jr. died before adulthood 05. possibly Samuel who married Mary Ray, dau. of John Ray 06. possibly Elizabeth who married John Ray, (father of Mary Rayabove, from Johns first marriage. 07. Catherine Hess who married George Ball JACOB HESS REVOLUTIONARY WAR PENSION REQUEST Law Order Book 6, Page 45 June 2, 1818 The following persons who reside in the county of Russell wishing tobecome pensioners under the act of Congress of the 18th of March last, entitled "An Act to provide for certain persons engaged inthe land and naval services of the United States", declared on oath as follows: Jacob Hess declared that he came into the United States with GeneralRochambeau the French General who came into the United States during the Revolutionary War in aid of this country; that heserved at the seige of Little York and was at the taking of Cornwallis; that he was taken to Charlotte Courthouse in this state towinter there; that he preferred this land of liberty to the country which gave him birth, and submits his claim to the liberalityof the court. He served two years as well as he recollects, and is now in indigent circumstances. It also appears to the satisfaction of the court that the afforesaidapplicants are persons of good credit as witnesses, and that they served in the Revolutionary War against the common enemy; and itwas also satisfactorily proven to the court that the said John Ferral, Leonard Pigman, Carlton Keeling, John Sykes, AbrahamChilders, James Berry, Charles Sexton and Jacob Hess according to the report of their neighbors previous to the passage ofthe said Act of Congress had served as soldiers in the Revolutionary War; All which is ordered to be certified to theSecretary of the Department of War.
b. Note:   From: "Georgia Bristol" <[email protected]> To: "The Hess Family" <[email protected]> Subject: Re: Marriages of Rowan County, NC, 1753-1868 Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 20:03:15 -0700 Hi, The Rowan Co., NC Marriages by Brent H. Holcomb lists: John Hess & Susannah Cryte, 19 April 1790: Martin Basinger, bondsman;C. Caldwell, D.C., wit. That is all the information listed. Georgia is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.