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Marriage: Children:
  1. Emiline Matthews: Birth: MAY 1850 in Madison, Illinois.

  2. Emily Matthews: Birth: 1852 in Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois.

  3. Rebecca Matthews: Birth: 1854 in Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois.

  4. George Jr. Matthews: Birth: 1855 in Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois.

  5. Laura Matthews: Birth: 1857 in Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois.

  6. Andrew J. Matthews: Birth: 1859 in Litchfield, Montgomery, Illinois.

Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Ann Matthews: Birth: 11 AUG 1823 in Of, Harris Grove, Harrison, illinois.

  2. Adaline Matthews: Birth: 1826 in Madison, Illinois.

  3. Solomon Matthews: Birth: 1828 in Saline Twp., Madison, Illinois.

  4. Melinda Matthews: Birth: 1832 in Madison, Illinois.

  5. Melissa Matthews: Birth: 1832 in Madison, Illinois.

  6. John Matthews: Birth: 1834 in Madison, Illinois.

  7. Melifia Matthews: Birth: 1834 in Madison, Illinois.

  8. Sarah Matthews: Birth: 1836 in , Madison, Illinois.

  9. Martha Jane Matthews: Birth: 1838 in , Madison, Illinois.

  10. James Matthews: Birth: 1840 in Madison, Illinois.

  11. William Matthews: Birth: 1842 in Madison, Illinois.

  12. Marinda Matthews: Birth: 1844 in Madison, Illinois.

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