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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Hess: Birth: ABT 1813 in North Carolina. Death: BEF 1870 in Russell Co., VA

  2. Henry HESS: Birth: 1816 in Russell Co., VA. Death: JUL 1904

  3. MARY POLLY HESS: Birth: 13 NOV 1819 in Russell Co., VA. Death: 22 FEB 1924 in New Garden Township, River Moutain, Russell Co., VA

  4. William Hess: Birth: 1822 in VA.

  5. James Hess: Birth: ABT 1825 in North Carolina. Death: 1906

  6. Martha J. Hess: Birth: 1833 in North Carolina.

  7. PATTON HESS: Birth: 4 JUN 1833 in Russell Co., VA. Death: 29 SEP 1893 in Russell Co., VA

  8. Mathias [Matthew] Hess: Birth: 1835.

1. Title:   l
Page:   Birth and Place, Death and Place, Marriage
2. Title:   WCP [Stacy's Genealogy Endeavor
Page:   Johnson Gilbert
Author:   Barns-Born
3. Title:   1860 Census Russell Co. VA
Page:   2 746 746 Hess Henry 65 M W Farmer 663 N. C. X 3 746 746 Hess Polly 60 F W N. C. X 4 747 747 Hess Patton 28 M W Farmer 200 5 747 747 Hess Sally 31 F W 6 747 747 Hess Polly 8 F W 7 747 747 Hess Henry 7 M W 8 747 747 Hess John D. 5 M W 9 747 747 Hess Patton 4 M W 10 747 747 Hess Catharine 1 F W 11 747 747 Hess Patsey 4/12 F W
4. Title:   Dye, Mildred [Hess]
5. Title:   1870 Census Rusesll Co., VA
Page:   4/9/9 -Hess Patton/37/M/W/farmer/500/328/Virginia/X X X 5/9/9 -Hess Sally/42/F/W/keeping house/Virginia/X X 6/9/9 -Hess Mary/17/F/W/at home/Virginia 7/9/9 -Hess Henry/16/M/W/farmhand/Virginia 8/9/9 -Hess John/14/M/W/farm hand/Virginia 9/9/9 -HessRatten/13/M/W/farm hand/Virginia 10/9/9-Hess Catherine/12/F/W/athome/Virginia 11/9/9-Hess Elizabeth/10/F/W/at home/Virginia12/9/9-Hess Jacob/9/M/W/at home/Virginia 13/9/9-Hess Sally/7/F/W/at home/Virginia 14/9/9-Hess Caroline/6/M/W/at home/Virginia 15/9/9-Hess James/4/M/W/at home/Virginia 16/9/9-Hess Ellen/3/F/W/at home/Virginia 17/9/9-Hess Henry/70/M/W/at home/N Carolina
6. Title:   GEDCOM file imported on 7 Aug 2004.
Author:   Fairley & Deborah Lockhart
Publication:   [[email protected]]
7. Title:   Vernon Miller
Publication:   Rt 1, Box 26a, Raven, VA 24639 [email protected]
8. Title:   1880 Census, Russell Co., VA
Page:   Patton HESS Self M Male W 46 VA Farmer NC NC Sally HESS/Wife/ M Female W 50 VA Keeping House NC NC Henry HESS Son S Male W 25 VA Farm Hand VA VA Elisabeth HESS Dau S Female W 20 VA VA VA Jacob S. HESS Son S Male W 19 VA Farm Hand VA VA Sally HESS Dau S Female W 16 VA VA VA Caroline HESS Dau S Female W 15 VA VA VA James M. HESS Son S Male W 14 VA Farm Hand VA VA Elly HESS Dau S Female W 13 VA VA VA Henry HESS Father W Male W 87 NC GER NC Robert RAY Other S Male W 12 VA Farm Hand VA VA
9. Title:   1850 Census Russell Co., VA
Page:   1275 Henry Hess 57 Farmer NC Polly 51 Patton 17 Matthias 15
10. Title:   Henry Hess Cemetery, Russell Co., VA

a. Note:   World Connect Prdject. Rhoden- Vance Wife's name was Polly [b. 1799]. On 1880 census, he said his fathercame from Germany and his mother was born in North Carolina. Lived to be108 -The Heritage of Russell Co., 1786-1986, Volume1 Message on soc.genealogy.surnames by [email protected] list hisparents as John [born Germany] & Lucinda [BornNC] Hess of Rowan Co.,NC.-CVR is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.