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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Gray: Birth: 1676 in Surry County, Va.

  2. Daughter Gray: Birth: ABT 1677.

  3. Daughter Gray: Birth: ABT 1678.

  4. John Gray: Birth: ABT 1680.

  5. Mary Gray: Birth: ABT 1681 in Surry County, Va.

  6. Priscilla Gray: Birth: ABT 1682 in Surry County, Va.

  7. Faith Gray: Birth: 1688 in Surry County, Va.

  8. Gilbert Gray: Birth: ABT 1690 in Surry County, Va. Death: BEF 18 Dec 1764 in Surry County, Va

Marriage: Children:
  1. Faith Gray: Birth: 1685 in Surry County, Virginia. Death: ABT 1720 in Bertie County, North Carolina

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a. Note:   ----- Original Message ----- From: To: Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2005 5:11 AM Subject: [southamptonhistory] William GRAY of Surry Co. Virginia, The information below was gleaned from secondary sources. It all needs to be checked. My interest was in the HOLT connection. Matt "It is not me who is crazy; it is I who am mad." - Ren Hoek Family Group Record ============================= Husband: William GRAY Birth: abt 1676/77 B: Death: bef 16 Jun 1736Surry Co., VA E: Occupation: Planter, Burgess, Sheriff SP: Marriage: bef 3 Mar 1701/Surry Co., VA SS: Father: William GRAY (b abt 1648/49) Mother: Elizabeth JARRETT ================================ Wife: Mary HOLT Death: BY 20 DEC 175 Surry Co Father: Randall HOLT (b abt 1629) Mother: Elizabeth HANSFORD Other spouse: John SEWARD SS: =============================== Children =============================== 1 M William GRAY Birth: 1703 B: Death: AFT> 1754 not in VA E: Occupation: Justice,Burgess,Vestryman SP: Spouse: Elizabeth LITTLEPAGE SS: 2 M Robert GRAY Birth: 1704 B: Death: 18 Aug 1781 Edgecombe Co., NC E: : SP: 3 M Joseph GRAY Birth: 1707 B: Death: by 13 Jun 177 Southampton Co., VA E: Occupation: Colonel of Militia SP: Spouse: Sarah SIMMONS (m 14 Dec 1729) SS: Spouse: Sarah (m abt 1748) SS: 4 M Thomas GRAY Occupation: AttorneyB: 5 F Lucy GRAY Birth: 1711 B: Death: JUN - FEB 177 Sussex Co., VA E: : SP: Spouse: Howell BRIGGS SS: 6 M Edmund GRAY Birth: aft 1710 B: 7 M James GRAY Death: 25 Sep Surry Co., VA B: Birth: AFT> 1710 : SP: Spouse: Sarah --- SS: ========================== Prepared 16 Feb 2005 by: Matthew W. HARRIS 930 S. Providence Rd. Richmond, VA 23236-2650 ======================== FAMILY NOTES HUSBAND NOTES: William GRAY General: 1704- Owned 1050 acs. in Surry Co. (Quitrents) 1713-14, 1723-26, 1730-34- Member of the House of Burgesses 18 Jun 1718- Sheriff of Surry Co. 19 Nov 1725- Deeded the 800 acs. orig. granted grandfather in 1652, by William Dennis of NC, likely widower of his cousin, dt of John GRAY (Surry 7:621) 16 Jun 1736- Probate of will, dated 10 Mar 1731/2 WIFE NOTES: Mary HOLT General: 5 Mar 1698/9- Appointed administratrix of estate of 1st husband, John SEWARD She is not listed in Boddie, "SVF", which gives a sister named Elizabeth, not listed in "Adventurers of Purse & Person". 20 Dec 1757- Probate of will, dated 31 Mar 1756 CHILD NOTES: William GRAY General: 29 Jun 1739- Patented 5000 acs. in New Kent Co., VA (Pat.Bk.18:291-92) 4 Dec 1744- As resident of New Kent, sold land inherited from father 1742- Justice of New Kent Co., VA 1742-47- Burgess representing New Kent Co., VA 1745-48; 1751-54- Vestryman of St. Peter's Parish, until reported in 1754 as having "Removed out of this Colony" (Chamberlayne, "St. Peter's Parish", pp. 287, 293, 306, 309, 316). CHILD NOTES: Robert GRAY General: 18 Feb-Aug 1781- Date given in "Adventurers of Purse & Person" for will, yet they also give 1777 as date of death. Check primary sources. CHILD NOTES: Joseph GRAY General: 26 Sep 1745- Purchased land in Isle of Wight Co from bro James of Goochland Co 1742-49- Burgess from Isle of Wight Co. (Leonard, pp. 79 & 81.) 1749- Justice 1751- Sheriff 1755-69- Burgess from Southampton Co. (ibid, pp. 85, 87, 93, 96.) 13 Jun 1771- Probate of will, dated 30 Aug 1769, naming 2nd wife Sarah CHILD NOTES: Thomas GRAY General: 19 Sep 1745- Admitted to practice as an attorney in Surry Co., VA CHILD NOTES: Lucy GRAY Death(1): General: Check primary source. Elsewhere is given "1764-71" as the range of Will Bk C. The will of William BROWNE II (p. Jan 1747) left, "To grandaughter, Lucy GRAY, daughter of William GRAY, 50 lbs." Boddie identifies this William GRAY as Burgess for Surry 1723-26; i.e., identical to husband of Mary HOLT, not --- BROWNE 25 Jun 1778- Left will, probated 18 Feb 1779 CHILD NOTES: Edmund GRAY General: 26 Sep 1745- As resident of Goochland Co., he sold to his bro Joseph land in Isle of Wight Co. given to him by their father, William GRAY CHILD NOTES: James GRAY SOURCES 1. Sussex Co., VA, Will Book C. PAGE: 323. ---------------------------------------------------- John Lucas of Eastern North Carolina Descendants and Related Families Entries: 64230 Updated: 2005-03-10 13:37:24 UTC (Thu) Contact: charles lucas Home Page: John Lucas This is all of my current information. If there are errors/additions please notify me. I would be happy to add your family to my tree if there is a connection. Contact: Tel: 914-833-9028; Fax 914-833-9055 . We have started a LUCAS SURNAME DNA PROJECT -results to date show a relationship between the Lucases of Wayne, Wilson, Sampson, Cumberland, Harnett, Robeson Counties, NC and those of Marlboro District, SC. Contact me for info. ID: I12225 Name: *Captain William Gray , Sr. 1 Sex: M Birth: 1648 in James City County, Virginia Death: BEF 18 NOV 1719 in Surry County, Virginia Note: The will of William Gray of Surry County is dated 03 June 1719, and proved 18 November 1719. He served as a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1710-1712. Father: *Thomas Gray , Ancient Planter b: 1593 in England Mother: Unknown Marriage 1 Elizabeth Jarrett b: in Surry County, Virginia Married: 1681 in Surry County, Virginia Children Daughter Gray Daughter Gray Gilbert Gray b: in Surry County, Virginia John Gray Mary Gray b: in Surry County, Virginia Priscilla Gray b: in Surry County, Virginia William Gray , Jr. b: 1676 in Surry County, Virginia **Faith Gray b: 1688 in Surry County, Virginia Sources: Title: Adventures of Purse and Person, 1987, page 339 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.