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  1. Mary Winona Goodale: Birth: 1864 in Brownlee Ferry, Washington now, ID. Death: 1903

1. Title:   GEDCOM file submitted by Warren Forsythe (from myself downloaded after my computer died), Imported on 30 January 2015.

a. Note:   g was again in Idaho, Aug 2016 in Fort Hall ID at the Shoshone-Bannock Hotel on the Fort Hall Reservation Timothy Goodale (1810 NY-1867 Oregon) was mentioned, especially about July 1862 he led 700 pioneers from Fort Hall ID north of Snake River over to Boise ID area. Route called Goodale Cutoff for the 700 people establishing that variant to the Oregon Trail 1862, but occasional pioneers had taken a similar route previously--and was called Jeffrey's Cutoff before 1862; NEW RESEARCH was that Tim Goodale was murdered, in Netarts, Tillamook, Oregon in 1867; 2016Aug from MaryCooley42 on 1869 vs 1867 death date for Timothy Goodale born 1810 I don't have any documentation on Timothy Goodale's Death date. I got the year of death from the book "Rediscovered Frontiersman Timothy Goodale" by James W. McGill. It was published in 2009, by the Oregon-California Trans Association Independence, Missouri. On the back cover of the book is the statement "Rediscovered Frontiersman tells Goodale's adventurous tale until his tragic death in 1869". I haven't found the reference to his actual death in the book yet. The author appears to have deduced the year of death from the dates of other events. Goodale and his wife Jenny were reported to be at marriage ceremony on October 20, 1867. And then in 1870 Jenny appears in the Whatcom County census as living with Jacob Highbarger along with her daughter Winona. I have not read the book in a while and have been sifting through to find a mention of when and where his death took place. I will continue looking and let you know what I find. !email From: James McGill -- jwmcgill (at) Subject: Re: Tim Goodale Date: Saturday, March 04, 2006 11:51 AM Glad to know it is you, Warren, and that you are an OCTA member. We were in Vancouver, and I probably saw you, but just can't place your face with your name. We will not make The Dallas meeting, but will be in St. Joe in August. I am still pulling together the Goodale History. I am in contact with family members that came from Tim and "Virginia" Jennie's daughter, Mary Winona Goodale Hanson, 1864-1903. She was born at the Brownlee Ferry in hells canyon! There is a large family. The family side from Winona are all over eastern Washington, many in Stevens County. I have added some things to you internet site. Jennie and Tim were separated before 1870, and Jennie remarried and had 4 more children. There is a large offspring from her Highbarger marriage also, many around Spokane, WA. Jennie is buried in Spokane and Winona in Valley, Stevens Co. I will be sharing the whole history! Jim McGill ----- Original Message ----- From: James McGill Sent: Monday, February 27, 2006 3:35 PM Subject: Tim Goodale I saw your note on Tim (Mountain Man) Goodale on, with a mention of "Jenni," his Shoshoni wife. The Oregon-California Trails Association in the process of researching Tim and his family, and research and preservation efforts are continuing on the Goodale Cutoff. I now have an extensive history of the descendents of Tim and Virginia "Jenny" Goodale, and more from Jenny after her second marriage. Besides Tim's daughter she had 4 more children. Are you interested in communicating? Jim McGill James W. McGill Idaho-OCTA Preservation Officer OCTA Trails Mapping Chair 305 Melba Dr. Nampa, ID 83686 208 467 4853 - 250 6045 jwmcgill (at) !1999 Summer in OCTA Overland Trail vol 17 #2 p.24-30: "Tim goodale comes home" gives this mountain man's genealogy and shows that he led the Goodale Cutoff from Pocatello area to Boise Idaho in 1862, which became Interstate 84 route apparently. TIM gOODALE NOT RELATED TO WHITMAN MISSION COMPILATION. HE JUST OREGON TRAIL FIGURE WITH GOOD GENEALOGY IN ABOVE PUBLICATION, SO WE ADDED HIM; His father was Timothy Ware Goodale b. 1769 of Conway, Franklin Co now, MA and his wife Lydia Smith whose first child was apparently born 1797;
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