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Taylor Polk: Birth: ABT 1780 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Death: 11 Dec 1824 in "Wilds", Polk County, Arkansas
Taylor Polk: Birth: 1800 in Tennessee. Death: AFT 1832 in of Muddy Fork, Howard Co, Arkansas
Thomas G Polk: Birth: 5 Dec 1825 in Salisbury, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Death: 14 Jun 1877 in Decatur, Alabama
Thomas Gilchrist Polk: Birth: 22 Feb 1791 in Raleigh, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Death: 16 Mar 1869 in Holly Springs, Mississippe
Thomas H Polk: Birth: ABT. MAY 1850 in Texas. Death: 1883
Thomas H Polk: Birth: ABT. 1850.
Thomas I Polk: Birth: 1785/1796.
Thomas Jefferson Polk: Birth: 28 Feb 1771 in Clear Creek, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Death: AFT. 1 NOV 1820
Thomas Jefferson Polk: Birth: 22 Apr 1805 in Robertson, Tennessee.
Thomas Malborough Polk: Birth: 11 Sep 1815 in Near Columbia, Maury County, Tennessee. Death: 18 Dec 1872 in Navarro, Texas
Thomas White Polk: Birth: 1 Apr 1784 in Sussex County, de. Death: 26 Feb 1794 in Sussex County, de
Thomas Polk: Birth: 1730/1732 in near Carlisle, Chester County (became Cumberland Co in 1750), Pa. Death: 26 Jun 1793 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina
Thomas Polk: Birth: 28 Jan 1703/1704 in Manokin, somerset County, Md. Death: 21 May 1781 in Broxson Twp., colletion County, South Carolina
Thomas Polk: Birth: 28 Feb 1757 in Anson County, North Carolina. Death: 30 May 1842 in Anson County, North Carolina, at Polk Mountain
Thomas Polk: Birth: 5 Dec 1770 in Tyrone County, North Carolina. Death: 1 Nov 1814 in Robertson County, Tennessee
Thomas Polk: Birth: 11 Jun 1737 in West Nantmeal Twonship, Chester County, Pa. Death: ABT. 1806 in Darlington District, South Carolina, probably
Thomas Polk: Birth: ABT 1755 in Anson County, North Carolina. Death: 8 Sep 1781 in South Carolina
Thomas Polk: Birth: 21 Feb 1792 in Nelson County, Kentucky. Death: 7 Feb 1872 in Gonzales, Gonzales County, Texas
Thomas Polk: Birth: 1 May 1777 in Cheraws Dist. South Carolina, now in Darlington County. Death: 17 Sep 1834 in Wilcox County, al
Thomas Polk: Birth: 1827 in Mecklenburg County, Tennessee.
Trusten Laws Polk: Birth: ABT. 1744 in Md. Death: 15 Jun 1796
Verlinda E Polk: Birth: 6 Sep 1892 in Texas. Death: 24 Jun 1893 in Texas
Victoria Polk: Birth: 1831 in San Augustine, Texas. Death: ABT 1867
Virginia Polk: Birth: 1736.
William A Polk: Birth: 1839 in Texas.
William A Polk: Birth: 1819 in San Augustine, Texas.
William B Polk: Birth: 1662 in County Donegal, Ireland. Death: 1740 in Whitehall, Somerset County, Maryland
William Charles Taylor Polk: Birth: 1819/1820 in Mo. Death: 2 Dec 1889 in Cherokee County, Texas, probably
William Hawkins Polk: Birth: 24 May 1815 in Maury County, Tennessee. Death: 6 Apr 1851 in Columbia, Maury County, Tennessee
William I Polk: Birth: ABT. 1825.
William J Polk: Birth: 14 Jun 1862 in Greenville, Mississippi. Death: 12 Apr 1902 in Decatur, Alabama
William Julius Polk: Birth: 21 Mar 1793 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Death: Jun 1860 in Buena Vista, Maury County, Tennessee
William Knox Polk: Birth: 1788 in Mecklenburg, Nc.
William Mecklenburg Polk: Birth: 15 Aug 1844 in Ashwood, Maury County, Tennessee.
William Nutter Polk: Birth: 20 Mar 1786 in Delware. Death: 22 Apr 1835
William R Polk: Birth: ABT 1847 in Lincoln Co, Tennessee.
William V Polk: Birth: 20 Oct 1809.
William Vincent Polk: Birth: 9 Mar 1822 in Memphis, Tennessee. Death: 16 Jul 1899 in of Madison Co, Arkansas
William Wesley Polk: Birth: 1760 in Anson County, North Carolina. Death: 1840 in Madison County, Mo
William Wilson "Stingy Bill" Polk: Birth: 10 Sep 1776 in York County, South Carolina. Death: 8 Oct 1848 in Walnut Bend Phillips County, Ar
William Wood Polk: Birth: 10 Dec 1850 in Bolivar, Hardeman County Tennessee.
William Polk: Birth: 1862 in Leon County, Texas. Death: 1886 in Eagle Pass, Texas
William Polk: Birth: 1700 in Whitehall,Somerset, Maryland. Death: AFT 17 Jan 1757 in Anson County, now Mecklenburg, North Carolina
William Polk: Birth: ABT 1725 in Charlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Death: AFT 1802 in Cabarrus, North Carolina
William Polk: Birth: ABT 1823 in Tennessee. Death: AFT 1850 in of Lincoln Co, Tennessee
William Polk: Birth: 30 Apr 1786 in Clear Creek, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Death: 1843 in Hardin County, Tennessee
William Polk: Birth: 1705 in Cecil, Maryland. Death: 28 Oct 1788 in Delware
William Polk: Birth: 9 Jul 1758 in Anson County, later Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Death: 14 Jan 1834 in Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina
William Polk: Birth: 11 Jul 1695 in Maryland, probably Somerset County. Death: ABT 1726 in Maryland
William Polk: Birth: 1744 in Somerset County, Maryland.
William Polk: Birth: 11 Dec 1752 in Maryland. Death: 1814 in Maryland
William Polk: Birth: 1745/1769.
William Polk: Birth: 19 Feb 1744/1745 in at "Polks Defense," near Bridgeville, Sussex County, Delaware. Death: 10 Apr 1801 in Sussex County, Delaware
William Polk: Birth: ABT. 1752.
William Polk: Birth: ABT 1774 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.
William Polk: Birth: 19 Sep 1775 in Cross Creek, Va. Death: 26 Apr 1843 in Knox County, Indiana
William Polk: Birth: 9 Aug 1786 in Coventry Parish, Somerset County, Maryland.
William Polk: Birth: 1737 in Sussex, Delaware. Death: 1796
William Polk: Birth: 30 Jan 1781 in Sussex, Delaware.
William Polk: Birth: BEF. 5 JAN 1789.
William Polk: Birth: 1738/1773.
William Polk: Birth: 17 Nov 1821 in Mecklenburg County, Tennessee. Death: 24 Jan 1898 in New Orleans, Louisiana
William Polk: Birth: 1 Feb 1839 in Hamilton Place, Maury County, Tennessee. Death: 5 Apr 1905 in Memphis, Tennessee
Zephaniah Polk: Birth: AFT 1700. Death: 10 Jun 1752
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Charles Polke: Birth: 26 Sep 1770 in Pa. Death: 25 Jul 1836
Christiana Katherine Polke: Birth: ABT. 1776 in Pa.
Edmond Polke: Birth: 1740 in Maryland. Death: 9 May 1825 in Nelson County or Bullitt County, Kentucky
Edmond Polke: Birth: ABT. 1772 in Pa. Death: 28 Jul 1861 in Chicago, Il
Hannah (Joanna?) Polke: Birth: 25 Dec 1765 in Pa. Death: 17 Mar 1842 in Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky
James Polke: Birth: ABT. 1784 in Nelson County, Kentucky. Death: 1850 in Kentucky
Mary "Polly" Polke: Birth: ABT. 1780. Death: 12 May 1868 in Bloomfield, Nelson County, Kentucky
Nancy Polke: Birth: ABT. 1777 in Pa. Death: 19 Mar 1875 in Bloomfield, Nelson County, Kentucky
Samuel Abell Polke: Birth: AFT 1787 in Nelson County, Kentucky.
Sarah "Sallie" Polke: Birth: ABT. 1778 in Pa. Death: 1825
Sarah Polke: Birth: 1736 in Maryland. Death: AFT 9 Nov 1807
Thomas Polke: Birth: 1742 in Maryland. Death: ABT. NOV 1807 in Nelson County, Kentucky
Thomas Polke: Birth: 1768 in Pa.
William Polke: Birth: 1738 in Maryland.
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Mary Polland: Birth: 1842. Death: 1925
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Amyas Pollard: Birth: 1616. Death: 1701 in d.s.p.l.
Anne E Pollard: Birth: ABT 1832 in Nottoway County, Virginia.
Anne Pollard: Birth: 1719/1736. Death: in Living 1791
Anthony Pollard: Birth: 1485/1540 in third son of his father. Death: 1575/1577 in Will dated 20 Dec 18Eliz, proved 26 Aug 1577
Anthony Pollard: Birth: 1437/1526 in heir of his father.
Anthony Pollard: Birth: 1541/1590.
Anthony Pollard: Birth: 1596/1622. Death: 16 Jun 1687
Anthony Pollard: Birth: 1524/1572. Death: 16 Jun 1589
Anthony Pollard: Birth: 1420/1497.
Arthur Pollard: Birth: 1578/1605.
Avice Pollard: Birth: 1437/1492. Death: in dead
Bethsheba Pollard: Birth: Aug 1879 in Alabama. Death: 1895/1920 in of Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory (now Oklahoma)
Birdie Pollard: Birth: 1851/1877.
Bridget Pollard: Birth: 1623/1631.
Clarissa "Clary" Pollard: Birth: 1761/1768 in Virginia; perhaps in Amherst County where she was married. Death: 1826/1828 in testate; Clarke County, Georgia
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