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Marriage: Children:
  1. James Polk: Birth: 1680/1714.

  2. Elizabeth Polk: Birth: 1695 in Whitehall, Somerset County, Maryland.

  3. William Polk: Birth: 1700 in Whitehall,Somerset, Maryland. Death: AFT 17 Jan 1757 in Anson County, now Mecklenburg, North Carolina

  4. Charles Polk: Birth: ABT 1703 in Whitehall, Somerset, Maryland. Death: 19 Mar 1753 in Frederick County, Maryland

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Marriage: Children:
  1. James Polk: Birth: 17 May 1719 in Somerset County, Maryland. Death: 1770 in Frederick County, Maryland

  2. David Polk: Birth: 1721 in Somerset County, Maryland. Death: 1778 in Somerset County, Maryland

  3. Jane Polk: Birth: 1723 in Somerset County, Maryland.

1. Title:   LDS Church, Family Group Record-Ancestral File
2. Title:   Mrs. Frank M Angellotti, The Polks of North Carolina and Tennessee, (Originally published by the New England Historical a

a. Note:   omerset County. When his mother Magdalen died, William being the eldest living son, under the then existing law of primogeniture, inherited the family home called "White Hall." William made "White Hall" his home, living there until his death. "White Hall" was a noted colonial mansion with large orchards of various fruits and a distillery. generous hospitality was practiced by William and his family at the mansion. William did not mention his two older sons, William and Charles, in his will. They likely received from their father what he estimated would be their fair share of his property, and then went out on their own. William to the Allegheny frontier of Pennsylvania around what is now Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and Charles settled on the Maryland frontier, at the North Bend of the Potomac, in Frederick county, MD. The will of William Polk, on file in Somerset Co, MD, is dated 23 Jan., 1739/40. The will reads as follows (the spelling, punctuation andcapitalization is exactly as shown in the will): "In the name of Gad Amen I William Polk of the County of Somerset and Province of Maryland being Sick and weak of Body but of perfect mind and memory, Blessed be God, do make ordain and Constitute this my Last Willand Testament, Revoking all other Wills by me heretofore made in mannerand form following Imp. First I bequeath my Soul into the Hands ofAlmighty God that gave it my Body to the Earth from whence it was takenthere to be buried with Decent like Burial at the discretion of myExecutor hereinafter named. Item I will that all my Just Debts be justlypaid. Item I give and bequeath unto my Son David two Negroes the onenamed Otten and the other Hannah together with Eight Barrells of Porkthat is now Helled in my House and Eight Barrows not under year Old andthe Advantage and Likewise five Sows and Piggs and the Baye Mare and coltand my Gray Horse and Feather Bed and Furniture belonging to it (Curtainsonly Excepted) one one Large Pewter Dish one Iron Pot about Eight Gallonsand one Small Iron Kettle and the one half part of the Still now standingon my Plantation together with five Sheep three Cows one with heryearling the other two with her two Year old steers one (unknown word)Bridles of (unknown word) make five and a half of yards of Linnin itsbeing ye half of a Remnant left in the House at the Decease of my Wifeand Ten Pounds in Paper Money and Seven Yards on Linnen which was made inthe House Last Summer a Waiscoats of Kersey for Oteen all to the properuse and befoof of him the said David Polk his heirs & Assigns forevertogether with the one half parts of my Coopers Tools. Item I give andbequeath unto my Daughter Elizabeth Williams one Negro Woman named Amythree cows with their yearlings Eight Barrows five Sows and Pigs and RedRug One Hundred Acres of Land Called or known by the name of Ramoth,Situate lying and being in the County aforesaid together with fiveBarrells of Pork all to the Proper use and behoof of her the saidElizabeth Williams her heirs and Assigns for ever together with one IronPot about Eight gallons Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter JaneStrawbridge Ten shillings Sterling to the only Proper use and behoof ofher the said Jane her Heirs and Assigns for Item I give and bequeath untomy grandson William Polk Son of James Polk one Negro Woman named Pleasantmy Grey Riding Mare Bridle and Saddle one Gun ye stock being Broke oneFeather Bed with Sheets, Blankets and Quilts together with Curtains andValians belong to its to ye only proper use and behoof of him ye saidWilliam Polk his Heirs and Assigns forever Item I give and bequeath theRest and Residue of my Estate both Real and Personal unto my Son JamesPolk whom I appoint Executor of this my Last Will and Testament to seethe same performed. In Witness wherof I have hereunto put my hand & Sealthe twenty third Day of January Annoque Dom 1739/40 Signed Seal published and declared William Polk (his mark) my Last Will and Testament in ye presence of Abraham Heath, Matthew (his mark) Heath, Chas. King February ye 24th. 1739/40 Comes Abraham Heath, Matthew Heath and CharlesKing subscribing evidences to the Will on the other side of this Sheet ofPaper and made Oath on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God that they sawthe Testator William Polk Sign and Seal and heard him publish pronounceand declare this Instrument of writing on the other Side of this Sheet ofPaper to be his Last Will and Testament and that at this time of his sodoing he was to the best of their apprehension of Sound & Disposing mindand Understanding and that they the said Abraham Heath, Matthew Heath andCharles King Subscribe their several names to the aforesaid Will in thepresents and at the request of the Testator William Polk Sworn before Nehemiah King Dep'ty Com'y of Somerset County Recorded in Leber EB No9 Folio 211 and 212 Test. Elmer Bayly" spelled checked
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